Inflation in UK Raises

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Inflation in the United Kingdom is up to a twenty month high. Despite the obvious link to the Brexit vote there are other factors that are also in play leading to this rise in inflation.

Food prices are particularly up (10% during the year), but so are fuel prices (0.6% in July alone), and other consumer products. Fuels, alcholic beverages, and hotels all were big increases, while social housing rent and games all decreased.

The Brexit vote led to a sharp decline in the value of the British pound. Many economists have long been predicting economic problems for the United Kingdom as a result of the referendum vote to leave the European Union. Not only are there real economic costs with this exit, but also extensive unknowns in the vote as a result of the Brexit that are leading to economic dislocations.

Still the Brexit related inflation has lead to higher prices for consumers and the economic impact that this will have is currently unknown, though consumers are unlikely to have much disposable income as a result of these rising prices. Further, companies may try to control their costs by not allowing for raises for workers with some resulting impact.

The inflation data was actually better than expectations and has provided some bounce back in the pound as a result with the rate bouncing back to $1.30. The Bank of England is expected to provide more stimulus to the nation as a result of the Brexit but there is uncertainty to the exact amount and extent of this stimulus. The UK government is currently targeting an inflation rate of 2% per year and any movement from this is likely to impact their stimulus plans.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa: Of Panama And The Beauty That Surrounds The Small Country

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Every place in the world is reputed for something unique and there are elements that make it a favorite among visitors like Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. This is the case when you go to Panama. There are lots of sightseeing opportunities, but most importantly, the country enjoys a rich history, which most visitors enjoy reading and touching or seeing. Panama is a small country that enjoys both a coastal environment and a tropical climate.

It is a rich country that offers the beauty that comes with natural features for Figueroa. Everything you see or touch feels lively and makes you want to visit the place more than once. So, if you had plans of making a visit to places across the world, you may want to try Panama for several reasons as shown.

Initially known as Gran Colombia
The history of Panama is interesting to read. Initially, the country was referred to as Gran Colombia but this would change in 1821 when the country parted with their colonialists the Spanish people, who invaded the region in the early 16th century. Until 1903, Panama remained connected with Colombia at The U.S. intervened and supported their bid to leave the union and a treaty followed that authorized the Panama government to make the Panama Canal.

Least populated in Central America
As cited earlier, Panama is a small country and the population has not grown for many years. It is estimated that the country has maintained the rate of 2.6 children for each woman for decades and they have the lowest fertility rates in the region on WordPress. This has contributed to their small population that is estimated at 3.6 million. In fact more than 70 percent of people who reside in the country come from different jurisdictions.

Many bird species
The U.S. and Canada put together cannot surpass the number of bird species Canada keeps. The pristine climatic conditions and environment in Panama is a factor that has contributed to the growth of bid species within the country. There are also rare species in their forests and the government has invested well to keep these beautiful creatures alive.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa
As a leader in the business community of Panama, Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa has amassed massive followership and has been accorded respect for supporting young entrepreneurs across Panama. Figueroa has been selected by at least five Panama companies to work as their president and has also chaired several bodies that regulate business practices within the country.

London rents and home prices fall in August

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Rents in London fell in July 2016 per a new report. This decrease marks the first time in six years that they decreased.

Due to a decrease in the value of the pound in connection with Brexit many landowners are choosing to rent out their homes rather than sell them. The increase in the number of units that landlords are renting instead of selling has led to an flooding of the market that has lowered rent prices.

Overall, in the past year rents have decrease by half a percent the equivalent of seven pounds in London. In the rest of the country rents increase by 1.5% which is slow when viewed over the past few years. The decrease of rents in London has not occurred since 2010 when the country was still recovering from the recession.

Home sale prices have also hit a stumbling block with home prices down over two and a half percent from the prior month. This appears to be caused by the Brexit vote and the uncertainty and market dislocation that it caused. For the year, home prices are still up over two percent. The decrease in prices in the summer is notable as summer is when home prices typically increase rather than decrease. A slowdown in summer may be a sign that the rest oh the year will also be challenging for the real estate market.

London appears to be harder hit than the rest of the country due to a construction boom in the city over the past three years in addition to record increases in home prices after the recession in 2007 to 2009. Many experts are currently predicting further decreases in home prices by ten percent through the end of 2017.

Research Being Done On Cancer by Clay Siegall from Seattle Genetics

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Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases that people find themselves suffering. For one thing, there are many different types of cancer that people can find themselves suffering from. Many of them can be shared by all groups of people. Then there are some that are specific to the gender. As of right now, a lot of research is being done on the devastating disease in order to come up with more effective treatment. While chemotherapy and other established forms of treatment have been successful in treating different forms of cancer, there is still room for improvement when it comes to finding treatment that has fewer side effects.

Among the companies that is working on cancer research is Seattle Genetics. The president and CEO of the company is Dr. Clay B Siegall. He is also involved in Ultrgenix. His work in both companies has a lot to do with biotechnology. The purpose of his research is to come up with effective treatments for disease and treatments that are not easy to cure or treat. For instance, the different forms of cancer are in need of better treatment. One thing that Dr. Clay is well versed in is genetics. He has a Ph.D in Genetics which he received from George Washington University.

Dr. Clay Siegell is focusing his training and research on targeted cancer therapies. One of the hopes for people who are involved in this type of research is that they come up with something that is effective enough to treat cancer with very few side effects. Another good thing would be to have the ability to treat cancer at any stage. Often times, cancer happens to go undetected until it is well advanced due to the technological limitations when it comes to detecting cancer. Dr. Clay Siegell and Seattle Genetics is working on bringing forth solutions to this issue so that more people can overcome cancer.

Unilever Continues to Expand

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Unilever, the British and Dutch conglomerate company is continuing to expand into new business lines.

This week, Unilever announced that it would be acquiring Blueair, a Sweedish company.

Blueair is a company that specializes in developing air purification systems that are used in homes and businesses. The company is small and only has about $100 million of sales last year. Blueair has been around for 20 years and sells their units in over 60 countries worldwide. They are considered to be a company that offers a premium product that is particularly useful for asthma suffers who are having difficulty sleeping due to allergens and other particles in the air.

Unilever did not disclose the price of the acquisition and it is unlikely to add a significant amount of revenue to the company, in the short term. Unilever had over $50 billion in sales during the calendar year for 2015. However, in a statement by the Company, Unilever is noting the growth potential for the company given the increase in the amount of air pollution in the world and increasing concerns that many have for air quality and their health. For Blueair, the increased financial backing by Unilever is likely to help them to expand greatly and capture an increasing amount of the market for these high quality filters.

Unilever has been making a number of strategic acquisitions lately. Unilever recently purchased the Dollar Shave Club company as a way of competing with other consumer product companies Gillette and Schick. While this acquisition for $1 billion was likely larger than the acquisition for Blueair, both acquisitions show a commitment towards expansion and growth into new business lines.

Barclays Moving Back to Basics

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Barclays, the British bank, is trying to move back to its roots in order to simplify its business model and eliminate many of the challenges that it has had in recent years.

There have been many steps that Barclays has tried to take as it tries to resurrect some rather moribund profits. One of these steps is selling non-essential business lines that it has labelled “Barclays Noncore”. Included in core businesses is the British banking unit and US investment bank which is earning over ten percent in return on equity. Compared to the company overall which is earning just under 6%, this core business is truly the most profitable portion of the bank and worth holding onto. Barclay’s managers are citing these statistics to indicate how strong their core businesses are doing and why this is their ongoing focus.

Barclay’s is expected to earn over 1 billion pounds from the sale of the noncore business but has not determined what it shall do with these proceeds. The noncore business has over 45 billion in assets on hand and relates primarily to a derivative based business model. While these derivatives are mostly non-complex “vanilla” derivatives that are not overtly risky, they are simply not as profitable as their core business.

Another divestiture is the disposal of their credit card business in the Iberian peninsula which has experienced much market turmoil in recent years and will reduce the expenses that the company has.

Overall, in addition to making Barclays a more strategic bet on the British economy these moves will also make Barclays easier for investors to value which should add some stability to their stock price.

George Soros Donates Millions to Save Refugees

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George Soros is a Hungarian – American successful entrepreneur. He announced his plea of donating $500 million to companies and startups established by refugees and migrants including businesses and initiatives that accommodate refugees. After fleeing Hungary and settling in England in 1947, Soros committed to working with international companies that work in close cooperation aiming at making refugees comfortable. Soros and partners help refugees to calculate investments and in his recent announcement, he indicated that he would be a benefactor. According to Soros, it is essential for him and his team of investors to seek a variety of investors in various sectors to spread viable risks.

Soros explains the importance of finding digital technology which seems like a convenient way of offering solutions to isolated migrants in Europe. Since refugees face communication problems and have issues getting in touch, the availability of digital technology will ease communication. In recent research by the U.N High Commissioner for Refugees and Accenture, mobile phones, and internet connections are essential to refugees on Besides, food, shelter, health care, safety and water border the vital docket for migrants.

The investments from partnerships and Soros will be primarily monitored by George Soros’ nonprofit organizations. Besides, they will be satisfied with the intention of creating high-quality goods and services to benefit migrants and refugees. According to an article published by Wall Street Journal magazine, Soros’ core concern is to assist refugees and migrants fleeing to Europe. He, however, adds that he is equally keen on benefiting migrants from across the world.

The recent research according to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees at indicates that over 65 million people across the world flee their homes in search of peace, comfortable lives including education for the 21.3 million under age children. Besides, 1.3 million migrants are known to have applied for asylum in Europe in 2015. The rising numbers of migrants and refugees to Europe spiked conflicts within European countries because most natives treat migrants and refugees as a threat.

On September 20th, 2016, George Soros released a statement concerning his anticipated donation to the refugee and migrants funding. In his speech, Soros addressed the issue of over ten million people fleeing their homes and countries seeking economic stability and independence. According to Soros, had there been an implementation of effective policies to govern refugees, there would be no suffering. The poverty stricken nations contribute to refugees’ miserable lives. Inclusive of reasons for fleeing their countries is civil war and oppressive regime which contribute to the hazardous living environment.

About George Soros
George Soros is a philanthropist and humanitarian involved in making the lives of refugees comfortable. He is a self-made billionaire famously known for savvy investments. The billionaire was born on August 12th, 1930, in Budapest after which he relocated to New York City and began his charity works.

Russia’s Economy is Resilient

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Russia’s economy is facing numerous challenges, the least of which is not economic sanctions put against the country by the United States as a result of their seize of Crimea. However, despite this and other challenges, Russia’s economy has been resilient.

The Russian economy contracted by less than 1% (0.6%) in the 2nd quarter, as measured by the GDP of the country and is slightly better than a 1.2% contraction in the 1st quarter. While various hedge funds have been betting that the Russian economy would now be flat, or even positive, the fact that the Russian economy is now stable is seen as a positive factor.

In addition to the economic sanctions that the Russian economy is dealing with, the country is also experiencing challenges that are relating to the global drop in oil prices that have hit the country hard as a result of the global glut in oil. Russia is a major exporter of oil and the revenues that Russia generates through oil exports make up a significant portion of their revenues.

Russian government officials including Finance Minister Anton Siluanov are citing internal structural reforms as the cause of the economic stagnation that the country is facing and downgrade the impact that the external factors such as concessions and oil prices are having on the market.

Still, Russia is beset by rising inflation and unemployment rates of 5.8% which are higher than the past few years. Demand for labor may be leading to lower unemployment rates but the statistics in state controlled Russia may not be as trustworthy as in other Western economies. As such, the eventual recovery of the Russian economy may still be hamstrung by wage and price pressures.

Aging European Population Sinks Productivity Rate

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As if the Brexit hasn’t caused enough of a stir in European markets, the International Monetary Fund has just announced pessimistic research linking the increased age of European citizens with the decrease in their productivity. By 2036, the percentage of the European workforce that will be aged 55 to 64 will increase from 15% to 20%. According to the chart found on, the forecasted total factor productivity for the euro zone will be a mere 0.8% because of reduced productivity of their aging population.
Productivity in workers typically increases as they acquire work experience, but then peaks when the worker reaches their 40s or 50s. After they have reached a certain age, their productivity levels plummet. Poor health is a major cause of poor productivity. When workers’ absences accumulate, during sick days or even short term medical leave, employers must scramble to find and train qualified temporary replacements. The second major cause of low productivity in seniors is outdated or even obsolete skills and areas of expertise.
Europe has twenty years to prepare for the upcoming age drop. Already many countries have adequate health care systems that will help prevent, detect and treat diseases in order to keep their aging population as healthy and productive as possible. In order to remain competitive, European companies must encourage continuing professional development programs to keep workers’ skills current. Also, they should create mentoring programs linking senior workers to new hires. This will help inexperienced workers become more productive quicker, and stop the older workers from becoming too disconnected with modern skills. Combined efforts to combat the effects of aging on productivity should allow the TFP in the euro area to reach its full projected 1% increase.

How to Become a Model

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It is not easy to become a successful model. Some of the individuals who want to become models give up their dreams early, just because they believe they are not good enough for the runway. If you are planning to become a mode, keep the following in mind.

Stop making excuses
Aspiring models keep making excuses as to why they have not been successful. You must remain confident and very aggressive towards your plans if you want to succeed in this career. Without positive energy, it will be hard to achieve any of your goals.

Take action
When making any important decision in life, this is a crucial step. However, many individuals neglect this step. Many aspiring models think about it, but at the end of the day, they do nothing. The people who have been successful in this career have sacrificed their time and effort to get where they are today. All you have to do is take action.

Practice your poses
There are several great models in the world, and all of them are known for their great poses. Experts say that the way a model poses speaks volumes about them. Use Google and other sites to search for poses and emulate them. Whenever you are doing any poses, ensure that your face, legs, and arms should be involved.

Get a good photographer then search for an agent
Most models start searching for an agent even before they have good photographs from a reliable photographer. You must get a professional photographer who is good at their job, and they should charge you an affordable amount. However, remember that good quality photographs take time. A coach will also help your journey to become a model. They will hold your hand all through, ensuring that you reach your destination without problems.

Brown Agency is a successful modeling agency. The commercial modeling agency was started fifteen years ago, and it is headquartered in Austin. The modeling agency is believed to be owned by Justin Brown, and it is one of the fastest growing commercial modeling agencies in the United States. The agency was to establish market standards in Austin and other parts of the world. The company has managed to employ a big number fashion models in the country. Despite the high completion, The Brown Agency has remained one of the best agencies in the country.

Justin Brown serves as the president of the commercial modeling agency. Under his leadership, the institution has been successful. When selecting the models, the institution picks the most talented individuals, trains, and prepares them to be ready for the competitive market. This explains why it has managed to do so well over the years.