Amazon Drone Delivers First Package

Three years ago, Amazon announced their plan to use drones to transport packages with the intend of lowering delivery times and costs. Now it has become a reality. The first flying delivery arrived at a costumer. After ordering the items online, the parcel arrived at its destination in 13 minutes.


Due to England’s lenient laws regarding air traffic and drones, Amazon decided to test their new service, Prime Air, overseas. The test phase started on December 7th. For right now, only a few costumers, those who live in close proximity to the Amazon warehouse, are eligible to receive their order by drone. As soon as the order comes in, the parcel is packed and loaded onto the drone. Then, the GPS- guided drone takes flight and follows a set path to the costumer’s address. After the drone lands, it releases the order and flies back to the warehouse.


There are certain limits to Prime Air. The size and the weight of the package are one, but also the weather plays an important factor. Drones will not deliver in rain or snow, and, for safety reasons, they only fly in daylight.

Don’t expect to see the groundbreaking service in the U.S. soon. It might take Amazon USA a while to overcome some legal hurdles before it can even run tests. Stricter U.S. laws are in place which are not in favor of the drones.

2016 Sees Fewer Layoffs at European Banks

In 2016, the European banks have laid off fewer people than in previous years. It is actually related to layoff backlogs created during previous job cut announcements, Reuters reports. In the second half of 2015 alone, major European financial institutions announced job cuts totaling 130,000.


At present, it is hard to find areas where headcount can be reduced without affecting profitability. Some banks may even add to their payrolls although few expect big additions. And layoffs are still going on albeit in smaller proportions.


When it comes to the struggling Italian banks, one of the largest ones, Unicredit, just announced 14,000 cuts as it seeks funds to improve its balance sheet by dumping toxic debt. In addition these job cuts, UniCredit will offer shares to the public in a secondary offering.


Bad debts aren’t the only reason for low profits. Tougher regulations as well as low and negative interest rates have taken their impact. When it comes to banks in the STOXX Europe 600 Bank Index, in 2007 these banks employed nearly 2.5 million people. Now, Reuters estimates, the figure is over 5% below that count. This means, there are well over 120,000 fewer jobs at these banks than almost 10 years ago.


“Banks seem to be reasonably content and comfortable with their size right now,” claims Richard Hoar, director at Goodman Mason, a recruitment firm. The compliance and IT departments are the places where most bank jobs are created now.2016 Sees Fewer Layoffs at European Banks

Murdoch to Spend Nearly $15 Billion on European Acquisition

Twenty-First Century Fox, a media giant controlled owned by Robert Murdoch, has agreed to acquire Sky, a pay-TV firm based in Europe, for nearly $15 billion, Reuters announced.


This will allow Murdoch to consolidate his media empire on two continents as he takes on Netflix in a battle for viewers. Overall, Sky has 22 million customers in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, and Italy. Under this deal, Fox will acquire over 60% of Sky, the rest of the shares it doesn’t already own.


“Sky is much more than a satellite distribution company, it’s a creative, commercial and consumer powerhouse,” claimed James Murdoch, Chief Executive of Fox. His father, Rupert Murdoch, had attempted to acquire Sky a few years ago but a hacking scandal at News of the World broke the deal. Now, it becomes less expensive to buy Sky since the value of the British pound has fallen about 25% this year against the American dollar.


To complete the deal, Fox will need to get regulatory approvals both by Britain and the European Union, plus appease a minority of Sky shareholders who think the purchase price is too low. On the other hand, if Fox decides to break the deal, Fox will have to pay 200 million pounds ($250 million) in fines. In order to make this deal happen, it is estimated that 75% of independent shareholders will need to vote in favor of the acquisition.

European Merger Deal Stalls

A merger deal talks between two large Danish companies have stalled. Denmark-based shipping giant, Moller-Maersk, and an oil and gas producer, DONG Energy, haven’t been able to agree on price, Reuters reports. The talks between these two companies have failed for the second time in two years.


It is not likely for the negotiations to restart any time soon, or at all. The disagreements as to asset valuations are too large. When it comes to oil and gas companies, much of their value depends on current commodity prices and forecasts. Oil has rebounded from recent lows, and OPEC will be cutting output, but oil prices aren’t expected to reach highs of several years ago for long time to come.


The merger would create a company worth over $10 billion. For many analysts this deal would be a good fit for these two companies operating in the North Sea region. Now, DONG Energy is likely to remain open to bids from other suitors. It was reported that several private equity firms, such as EIG Global Energy Partners, have shown interest in DONG Energy but there were no official comments. The company is looking to spin off its fossil fuels businesses and focus on alternative energy, specifically offshore wind.


Meanwhile, Moller-Maersk has been looking to either merge or spin off its energy businesses in a restructuring effort designed to focus on its core transportation and logistics businesses.


Todd Lubar Making A Difference In The Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry has many areas that comprise the total industry. Some real estate professionals prefer working in certain areas. With many areas of focus regarding real estate, real estate professionals can find an area that they enjoy and matches their business skill set closely. While a lot of people think about real estate as buying and selling houses or property, there are numerous aspects that real estate professionals can get into that do not require direct contact with buying and selling.

One of these areas is working with loans. The typical real estate deal usually involves a loan of some kind. Rarely do people have the total cash required for a loan and actually use the cash for the real estate purchase. In addition, the people who do not have the available cash turn to loans as a way of getting the money needed for the real estate deal.

A real estate professional who has made a name for himself in the real estate profession working with loans is Lubar. Starting his real estate career in the mid 1990s, Todd Lubar first real estate job was as a loan originator. He enjoyed the job and the work associated with loans, so he decided to set his career path in the real estate loan area.

For the next decade, Todd Lubar learned as much as he could about real estate and real estate loans. He performed well on the various jobs that he had during this time period. After almost a decade in the real estate profession, Todd Lubar decided to venture out on his own to start his own real estate company. The primary focus of his company concerned real estate loans. A particular aspects of the loan area that he wanted to help people with involved securing loans for people who had a hard time getting a loan through traditional loan processes.

With his real estate company, Todd Lubar became very successful. Over the following few years, he started other real estate companies. The focus of each company was loans, and he continues to run his real estate companies based on the same thoughts and concerns related to real estate loans.

UniCredit Seeking to Raise Billions

Italy’s largest bank, UniCredit, is looking to raise $14 billion in a huge public offering of its shares. The move is designed to improve bank’s balance sheet and shield it from a financial crisis. In fact, Italian banks sit on tons of toxic debt and could trigger another massive panic if they get into further troubles.


According to Reuters, UniCredit’s stock has lost half of its value this year. What has concerned investors are bad loans, relatively weak balance sheet, and issues with profitability. The secondary offering announcement comes together with plans to cut 14,000 jobs, which is 11% of its employees. In addition, 900 branches will be closed.


UniCredit’s Chief Executive, Jean Pierre Mustier, stated that the bank will use the funds to deal with its bad loans, so profitability and dividend payouts can get a boost in 2019. “We’ve taken some bold actions because self-help is always the best thing to do,” he claimed. He has also pledged to cut his salary this year by 40%.


UniCredit is the only Italian bank considered to be important when it comes to the global stability of the financial system. Such big banks are often deemed as “too big to fail,” since their defaults would cause other smaller banks to follow.


In 2019, UniCredit expects its profits to exceed $5 billion, substantially higher than nearly $2 billion last year. However, forecasts expect only 0.6 percent growth in revenues, with most growth coming from fees and commissions.

Ricardo Tosto: Steps to Finding The Right Legal Help in Brazil


Want to hire a reputable legal professional for effective and competent representation? Hire the right legal professional, and you can rest assured that the case will be taken care of in the correct fashion.

Start by getting recommendations from your friends, relatives and business associates. When you are dealing with a legal trouble, word of mouth is a proven way to find an effective lawyer or attorney.

Many people use this method to find the right attorney for their needs. If the people you know and trust know a quality legal counsel they will certainly be glad to provide you with the legal counsel’s contact details.

Additionally, look for lawyers and attorney’s groups that take care of the type of matter you are dealing with. Some of this involves Internet searching, but you can track down this type of information by contacting the appropriate Bar Association. These offices don’t usually make specific recommendations, but they can provide you with information about professional groups and association of law firms who focus in different areas, like employment law, health care law, family law, business law and more.

You want to make sure these legal professionals are reliable and provide excellent service. A great way to check out the reputation of a legal professional in Brazil, is by visiting online reviews of law firms in Brazil.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is well experienced in business litigation, and is one of the most remarkable lawyers in Brazil. He is exceptional at what he does and is well distinguished for his focus in helping his clients attain the best possible result in their legal matter.

Ricardo Tosto has catered to various businesses, corporations, entrepreneurs, institutions and individuals that need expert advice and guidance on business matters. He is highly knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of business and corporate structure.

Ricardo Tosto has tackled many high profile cases involving business dispute, breach of contract and other related problems in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto is an outstanding business litigation lawyer and is well respected by his peers and his clients.

Understanding White Shark Media


White Shark Media is a top Digital Marketing Agency. It offers online marketing solutions designed particularly for medium and small businesses. The Chief Executive Officer of White Shark Media is Gary Garth. He is responsible for overseeing all the operations of the Company. White Shark Media has been recognized as one of North America’s fastest growing digital agencies. White Shark Media attributes its growth and success to their campaigns reputation of engineering cost effective Search marketing while still offering first-class customer experience.


The CEO of White Shark Media says that the boutique agency of the company has assisted numerous businesses in the whole of America to expand their businesses by making use of the company’s online marketing traits and its set of proprietary marketing tools. The company also attributes its success to tracking all marketing efforts of all its clients in great detail. The company makes sure that it is fully accountable to its customers through Google Analytics integration, proprietary software, keyword-level call tracking, and competitive intelligence every month.


White Shark Media was founded in 2011. It was co-founded by 3 Danish entrepreneurs who had extensive experience in online and offline marketing. Their primary purpose was to offer a first-class to their customers. They aimed to conquer the expanding SMB market in Latin America and the US by providing exceptional unprecedented services and products. The company combines a domestic and offshore presence with an employee base that is fully bilingual and talented. White Shark Media currently has more than 150 employees in three nations. The company masters Bing Ads, AdWords Search, Google Analytics, and Display Advertising. Google identified the rapid growth of the company invited in 2012. It then moved to Google HQ which was in Mountain View, California. Google also designated a support team to White Shark Media to intensively leverage its clients and growth.


Google awarded White Shark Media with the AdWordsTM Premier SMB Partnership in July 2014. This came as an honor for the company since Google had granted this privilege to a few agencies. White Shark Media has also been recognized by Microsoft and has become part of Microsoft’s selective Bing Ads “Authorized Reseller program.”


White Shark hopes to become more innovative and cost-effective in the future and has marketing solutions for a flat fee, no contracts, and full transparency. The company understands that one has to have experience, dedication, and creativity to make it in the Digital Marketing industry. The CEO of White Shark Media made this information available through



Equities First Holdings Is an Affordable Finance Strategy

Equities First Holdings is one of the rare companies that offer alternative financial services to businesses and other high-net-worth individuals in the world. The company, under the leadership of Al Christy as the founder and president, has offered non-financial and solutions to individuals and enterprises in the world. As a matter of fact, the company is here to provide risk evaluation criterion to all those in need of fast working capital at the quickest rates possible. For you to secure fast working capital, fast working capital is better. The company checks for the performance of the stocks in issue and evaluates the risk encountered to secure the loans.

For you to get a better approval, you can also use the bonds and mutual treasuries in funds to get a loan approval. For those individuals considered to be high-net-worth, they have the highest possibilities to secure the fast working capital. For you to get the most affordable interest rates in the world, Equities First Holdings services offer the most seamless way to provide liquidity amid this liquidity. The company uses stocks to issue the fast working capital in a way to offer the most attractive terms. Equities First Holdings has also gained popularity in the issuance of the stock-based loans in the world.

More than 615 transactions have been attached to form the biggest inception in this criterion. By 2016, Equities First Holdings has worked to issue more than $2 billion in 2,000 transactions in business. As a matter of fact, business ensures that customers enjoy the fruits of their labor. For this reason, the stock-based loans are better than any other container perception capability. For you to secure the most impending criterion entities, you can use the stocks and bonds as one of the traditional investment vehicles to get the loans.

Equities First Holdings has its main offices situated in Indianapolis. However, it has sought to expand its services to major parts of the world and continents through their offices in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Perth, Sydney, and London. The company has specialization in alternative financial solutions to allocate capital using stocks as collateral. Since 2002, the company has employed more than 50 specialists in the world of business and stocks to aid in reaching the masses. Each of their staff members has the capability and capacity to issue information regarding stocks. The company also rewards the loyal clients. For this reason, most of the come-back clients are those who experience the sweetness of the deals.

Your EOS Flavor Based on Your Favorite Favorite Taylor Swift Album

1989 – Pomegranate Raspberry

If this album speaks the most to your soul, you are not alone. This album showcases some of Taylor Swift’s favorite songs of all time. The confident and brilliant hits like “Blank Space” and “Bad Blood” that stayed in your head for weeks can only be paired with a lip balm flavor that is equally as loud and long lasting.

Red – Summer Fruit

Chances are, if this T-Swift album speaks to your inner diva, then you are probably just as much of a diva on the outside as well. Embrace it. Love it. Lick it off your lips, because this bold EOS lip balm is going to get you into some delicious “trouble.” You and your old lip balm? You are never getting back together.

P.S. It’s red.

Speak Now – Pearl Shimmer

For many Taylor Swift fans, this album is as “enchantingly” classic as the Evolution of Smooth special shimmer collection. The chic black ball adds a twist to your favorite balm routine, making your lips karaoke ready, which is good, because you know you are going to sing along to every word of “Mean” and “Mine.”

Fearless – Blueberry Acai

In a truly fearless flavor, Blueberry Acai will be your new guilty pleasure. Try to not fall as hard for this lip balm as you did for every song on this album. If this album has your heart, Well, you are most likely a true romantic, who deserves a lip care routine that can keep up with all of your wildest expectations. You and this lip balm? It’s a love story.

Taylor Swift (debut album) – Honeysuckle Honeydew

Only the true, die hard fans appreciate this album for the genius it is. Honeydew Honeysuckle is the only flavor that can truly match it for sweetness and charm.

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