College Sports Betting Tips You Should Apply To Emerge Successful

Betting on college football is an interesting activity if you understand the sport and are informed about the teams well. Many people who earn big from betting don’t just wait for luck to give them results, but they spend time researching and learning about the sport and teams in general. To become a good bettor in college football, you need to understand which websites offer sure college football odds like Although there is a lot of information about teams and games online, not every website that posts reviews offers honest and perfect information. This means you need to only pick information from verified sites like, which have for many years been offering odds for all games. If you are interested in college football betting, then you need to keep the below facts in mind to avoid losing. Money management is vital One of the mistakes bettors make is to blindly bet without applying a strategy to secure their wallets from unnecessary expenditure. Such betting habits lead to losses and may be a letdown if you are confident you can make profits from betting. One of the rules about betting that you should never forget is that while betting you should only engage an amount that you can afford to lose. Anything more than that is courting problems and you may end up frustrated. As a beginner, stick to low bids until you get used to betting. Do your homework Before you can place any bets on games of your choice, you should first research to know the strengths and weaknesses of the teams. Things change fast so a team that performed well two weeks ago may end up losing in days to follow. Some of the things you should look at to make a decision is the mood present in the team and the relationship between the managers and players. Also consider the profile of each individual player to know whether there are chances the team will scoop victory in a match. About Created in 1995, is an online platform that publishes accurate sports information. It is one of the most preferred websites for college football odds and has been offering real-time statistics about teams and players. The site also offers sportbook lines as they continually change and has been publishing team records and information about arenas/stadiums. Additionally, you can access live-game chat that comes with updated scores on

Lawyer Geoffrey Cone and Tax Havens

The recent media coverage published concerning New Zealand foreign trusts sounds like a movie thriller that involves moneyed individual, exotic lands, and complicated financial deals. However, everything to do with tax is boring and annoying.


New Zealand is not a tax haven and it never was and never will be. The OECD contains a list of tax havens and New Zealand definitely has never appeared or featured on the list. The important particularities of a tax haven include imposing no or only nominal taxes, laws that hinder the exchange of data or information with the various government as well as the lack of transparency. Hence New Zealand does not qualify in either of the grounds.


The 2002 OECD Model agreement on tax matters supports the international exchange of information to execute and govern domestic tax laws. New Zealand featured on the OECD white list as one of the first countries which considerably implemented the agreed tax standard across the globe.


New Zealand has dominated leadership in tax transparency through handling foreign trust with integrity and also providing relevant information to various governments over particular requirements placed by trustees.


In 2006, after pervasive consultation, Michael Cullen introduced new rules under a meticulous regime that indicate that a New Zealand habitat trustee of a foreign trustee is therefore required to produce a foreign trust disclosure form (IR607) by the IRD and also record financial and other significant data for tax purposes.


The records and data include title deeds, particulars of settlements and distributions, facts of the trustee’s assets as well as liabilities and also the trustee’s transaction records including trustee receives and spends. The trustee must also contain information on accounting systems, codes and charts if the trust carries any business.


All reports must be recorded in English and kept in New Zealand; failure to maintain the records may attract substantial penalties. In 2011, the enactment of world standard money laundering legislation enhanced these powers.


In various countries, individuals settling a trust are required to report the settlements of funds to central banks, revenue authorities and other relevant authorities. This hence gives the revenue authorities adequate information to gather details of a particular transaction or trust.


New Zealand has never competed with tax havens such as the US and other countries but thus apply to similar taxation regulation in accordance to their foreign trusts. The tax companies in New Zealand are therefore expected to meet the high standards and ensure that the reputation is not ruined by the rogue operator.


Geoffrey Cone is a lawyer specialized in taxation and trust affairs. He graduated from University of Otago New Zealand with LLB honors. He started practicing law in Auckland in 1980; he later moved to Christchurch. In Christchurch, he served as a partner and the chairman of partners in one of the most popular law firm. In 1991 he established his law firm, Cone Marshall limited.

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Adam Milstein, Successful Real Estate Agent, and Philanthropist

Adam Milstein, Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties in California, a private commercial real estate investment firm, is a philanthropist as well. He is extremely active in a large number of organizations that help to strengthen the Jewish people.Born in Haifa, Israel and spent his younger years in Kiryat Yam and Kiryat Motzkin. He served in the Israeli Defense Forces and saw action in the Yom Kipper War. After he completed his service in the IDF he enrolled in Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology, and graduated in 1978 Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in economics and business.

He worked with his father expanding and growing their real estate development and construction business. He moved his family to the United States and attended the University of Southern California to graduate with a Masters of Business Administration degree. From there he began working a commercial real estate sales agent.Hagar Pacific Properties are specialists in acquiring industrial, multi-family and retail office properties with an eye to rehabilitating them.

They manage and own almost 100 properties across the United States. There are 10 million square feet of commercial and industrial properties and 3,000 apartment units and a portfolio in excess of $1 billion.He and wife Gila are the founders of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation which is responsible for charitable and philanthropic services that cover a wide range of different organizations that help to strengthen the Jewish people.

Adam has three principals that pertain to his philanthropic philosophy in respect to his organizations. They give not only financial help, their time and expertise to every organization, project, and program that they support.With the Life Path Impact, he finds funds and develops programs that engage their target audiences and help to guide them through the many stages of life. They do this by creating programs that are tailored to childhood, young adults, and some phases of adulthood.

Philanthropic Synergy provides funding along with guidance that assists different philanthropic organizations in order to help them to have an impact by developing programmatic partnerships and synergies that interact with other non-profits that are working toward a shared goal.


Laidlaw & Company Goes Against Regulations

Laidlaw & company is a banking and brokerage firm that offers their services full time. Laidlaw’s clients comprise of private investors as well as public investors. Laidlaw is headed by James Ahern, the Chief Executive Officer and Mathew Eitner, managing partner and head of capital markets. The firm has been offering their services for many years. The brokers in the firm offer investment techniques and manage their customer’s range of investments in addition to giving them advice on how to go about their investments.
Registration of a brokerage firm is interpreted as the firm accepting to put the interest of the client before anything else according to the regulations laid down by FINRA. However, this is not the case in Laidlaw. The company has built itself a reputation of going against rules for their operations. They hire brokers from dissolved businesses and organizations. Clients have been complaining about the company’s brokers causing great losses to them instead of growing them.
One of these complaints is from Remalda, a clinical firm dealing with the production of medicine for chronic pains. The firm accuses Laidlaw of leaking confidential data to the public about the Remalda that led to the loss of confidence from its investors. They also claim to have been misled and misrepresented by Laidlaw costing the firm a fall in the stock prices. The incident saw Remalda experience high losses and thus filed charges against the investment firm. Since the case is still ongoing, the court has ordered Laidlaw not to release any information until the case is settled. Remalda would be in a position to save the firm and win back their shareholders if they win the case. They aim at gaining back the investments lost.
Remalda case is only part of the many cases facing the investment company. But, the company still survives despite the load of cases and investigations being done do determine the truth

IAP Worldwide Has Grown To Provide Much More Than Logistics Support

IAP Worldwide is known for their world renown logistics solutions and facility management services, and they have earned themselves a big reputation for exceeding the expectations, no matter what scenario. Since first launching, the company has greatly expanded on their available services and are more reliable than ever. From working on spacecraft, providing disaster relief, and supplying the United States Government, IAP Worldwide has come a long way since their beginnings in Irmo, South Carolina as a logistics company.

IAP, also known as Ingenuity and Purpose, has developed a specific tactic on when it comes to dealing with their clients and approaching their problems, as they aim for total customer satisfaction every time. They treat each clients and situation as a unique one, as if it were their own problem, this way they can exceed the expectations of the customer, and in turn build a big and trustworthy reputation. This is a large part of what allows IAP Worldwide to come ahead of the competition in the industry, with their unique methods and innovative ideas that are applied with the highest precision to get the job done.

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The company has long been building their relationships and collaborations with other companies and individuals, and as such, they treat all their customers like assets that are helping the company to expand and grow. This helps them actively improve on their services and see how their customers adjust. Because they make the problems of their clients their own problems, the have become known for being supportive and ensuring every situation ends on a positive note.

IAP Worldwide employs more than 1,600 individuals today, all of which are dedicated to the company’s mission and satisfying their customers. With this many members on their staff, they are capable of supporting their clients throughout hundreds of locations in dozens of countries around the world. This includes both public, private, and government agencies as well as individuals. IAP Worldwide recently acquired several new companies, including DRS Technologies, to further expand their reach and services, which covers logistics, procurement, facility management, engineering, transport, supplying armed forced, and much more.

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The Flavor Leader: Evolution of Smooth

Did you know that lip balms of today are far more advanced that years of the past? Did you know that all lip balms aren’t created equal? Most balms on the market only use a few ingredients, but market their products as total protection. This is false advertisement at it’s finest and you don’t do your research, you’ll surely fall prey to these false claims. Even the flavors of many top brands are synthetic which gives you an unnatural taste. Instead of wasting your hard earned money on inferior products, try a brand such as Evolution of Smooth.

Evolution of smooth has the widest flavor range of any brand and uses some of the best ingredients in lip care. This is a premium product that fuses the ingredients to give you the benefits of more moisture, enriched vitamins, and convenience. Let’s not forget the flavor. EOS lip balm has mastered their products with the right balance of taste and practicality. Forget those boring brands that host boring flavors as (EOS) gives you:

  • Lemon Drop
  • Lemon Twist
  • Pomegranate Raspberry
  • Cherry
  • Sweet Mint
  • Medicated Tangerine
  • Blueberry Acai

What other brand gives you so much pleasure? The taste of the lip balms are natural as well as the other ingredients. Consumers will get the best of both worlds, but back to the flavor options, did I mention Blackberry Nectar, Strawberry Sorbet, Honey Suckle – Honey Dew, Watermelon, Coconut Milk, Vanilla Mint, and Summer Fruit. Click for photos and further information.

Flavor isn’t a choice, it’s a necessity and Evolution of Smooth is setting the bar very high. Go ahead and dump those bland lip balms and join the (EOS) revolution.

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Clay Siegall and the Fight Against Cancer

Clay Siegall is an important name in the medical world, chiefly for his work on cancer research and what he has done for the progression of locating an identifiable cure for the illness. Siegall is the co-founder of Seattle Genetics, a scientific firm located in Seattle, Washington, that focuses its attention on cancer research. Founded in 1998, Siegall and Seattle Genetics have entered in to a number of powerful alliances with different pharmaceutical companies, such as Pfizer and Genentech. These alliances mean a dangerous future for cancer cells.

Seattle Genetics is a biotechnology company that is focused on developing and utilizing advanced anti-body based therapies for the treatment of cancer. Their research is so highly regarded and respected that multiple companies in the medical and pharmaceutical world look to them to lead the way for a much better tomorrow.

Seattle Genetics is created under the idea that integrity, mutual respect and scientific excellence can help to shape a better tomorrow. Teamwork means that the work load is shared, and Seattle Genetics is a wonderful example of this concept, with each scientist employed by the company providing excellent levels of research and reliability for one another. Seattle Genetics products can be found within over sixty five countries across the world, making it the leader in what they do.

Clay Siegall, through Seattle Genetics and their research, provides incredible new innovations to the world in the fight against cancer. He has molded his company into something that can truly be cherished, and there is no doubt that the fruits of his labors will continue to progress and make drastic changes to how future research on cancer treatment is based.

The Interesting Story of OSI Group

OSI Group, a privately owned company, is a meat processor industry based in America, with its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, US. It was founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky, a Germany immigrant as a family market for meat in Illinois. In 1917, Otto grew the business into a wholesale meat company and moved it to Maywood, Chicago. The company adopted the name “Otto & Sons” in the year 1928. For many years, Otto & Sons offered high-quality meats to and established a great local reputation.

In the year 1955 McDonald’s opened a store in Illinois and endorsed Otto and Sons as their exclusive meat suppliers. Ray Kroc, the McDonald’s architect, and CEO established a fast personal relationship with the Otto Kolschwsky’s sons over time. Otto & Sons continued to supply meat to McDonald’s restaurants and other local hotels. By the year 1975, the business had grown in both size and prosperity and changed its brand’s name to OSI Group. It remained the sole supplier of beef to McDonald’s which had expanded geographically.

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In 2011, OSI Group was listed by Forbes as the 136th biggest private company in America, with 3 billion USD annual revenues. And in 2016, it was number 58 on Forbes list, at 6.1 billion USD.

OSI Group operates in the United States with subsidiaries in Chicago, West Chicago, Geneva, Iowa, Oakland, Utah, West Jordan, Fort Atkinson, Riverside, Wisconsin, and California. The industry produces various private label food brands and supplies them to various foodservice businesses and retailers. Currently, the company has over 60 branches in 16 countries across the world.

In August 2016, OSI Group acquired Baho Food, a Dutch producer of deli meats, snacks and other convenient foods that served both the retail segments and food service businesses. The main aim of acquisitions Baho Food was to give OSI Group a wider presence in Europe. The company’s brands and products complemented the OSI’s current brands, hence broadening its capabilities to serve the ever emerging needs of their customers.

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Baho Food had five subsidiaries, with manufacturing firms in Netherlands and Germany. The five companies include; Gelderland, Vital Convenience, Frischwaren, Bakx Foods, Q Smart Life and Henri van de Bilt. They served customers from 18 countries.

The managing director of Baho Food, John Balvers together with his team remained part and parcel of OSI executives. They developed strategies on how to run the newly merged companies.

OSI has been the largest supplier of both fresh and processed meat to North America, Asia, Eastern and Western Europe, and Pacific regions. It is also the exclusive supplier to China’s largest fast food store such as Subway, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, and Papa John’s Pizza. Its main products include; bacon, meat patties, fish, poultry, pizza, dough and vegetable products.

Under the leadership of the Illinois Tycoon Sheldon Lavin, the chairman, and CEO of the 60 years old OSI Group, all OSI’s facilities have been awarded for proper safety and health risks management, and also for being environmentally friendly.As of 2016, the company had 20,000 skilled employees.

To learn more about OSI Group’s unique processes and capabilities, visit their website.

A Look At Businessman Todd Lubar

A Snapshot Of Todd Early Lubar’s Career

Mr. Todd Lubar began working in the real estate industry in 1995. He became fascinated with the business early on. This, coupled with the fact that he had a strong passion for helping others succeed, let to Todd deciding that real estate would be his lifelong career. Todd Lubar’s first position in the real estate field was as a mortgage loan originator with lending company Crestar Mortgage Corporation. There he learned the basics of how a mortgage worked and how to conduct a credit check to see if a person was qualified to receive a home loan.

At Crestar Mortgage Corporation, Todd Lubar worked with a variety of financial professionals. He worked alongside and developed relationships with certified professional accountants, financial advisors, insurance representatives and real estate agents. Todd was able to quickly grasp how many sides there were to the real estate industry and what made it successful.

The year 1999, saw Todd Lubar make a breakthrough in his real estate mortgage lending career. Mr. Lubar obtained a position with equity in the Legacy Financial Group. Having a controlling stake in the company, allowed Todd Lubar, to extend his lending capabilities. With access to company credit, Todd was able to act as an intermediary between outside real estate investors as well as be a direct lender himself on real estate projects.

After a few years, with the Legacy Financial Group as an equity partner, Lubar formed his own business. He called it Legendary Properties, LLC. It was a residential real estate development company. With his own firm, Todd Lubar was able to purchase old and dilapidated properties and renovate them. Then he sold them for a profit. He was able to complete 200 such deals where he renovated and resold residential property. His company bought, renovated and resold single family homes and multi-family homes such as apartments.

Working in the renovation business where he flipped homes for profit, Todd Lubar developed a strong understanding of all of the trades people involved in the construction and renovation of a home. He had worked alongside electricians, plumbers, engineers, landscapers, architects and HVAC mechanics. His success at Legendary Properties, LLC. enabled Todd to get a credit line of more than $20 million dollars from financial institutions.

Quality British Wine Vintners and Merchants

Enotria & Coe is one of the older UK vintners companies, with over 125 years of experience in the industry. They have won the awards On Trade Supplier of the Year 2012, Educator of the Year 2013, New World Wine Merchant of the Year 2014, and Fine Wine Merchant of the Year 2015. Their wines come from vineyards from all over the United Kingdom. There are over 1750 wines in in stock in their online store as well as 1272 spirits. They host wine tasting events in London with their most recent one being at the Women of Wine on Song in October.

Capital Vintners ( is one of the newer UK vintners, having only been operational since 2005. They currently hold over 6500 different wines in their in Surrey and Tilbury. They have wine producers from Bordeaux, Champagne, Burgundy, Côtes-de-Rhône, Super Tuscan and Napa Valley. They have been a member of the London International Vintners Exchange. Their selection of wines are primarily high priced or vintage items that are priced anywhere between £500 and £40,000.

Shawbury Vintners is another company that is relatively new to the world of UK Vintners, having been open since only 2000. Their products are primarily supplied from small boutiques and wine producers. They have an assortment of wines from Argentina, Chile, Spain, Portugal, Italy and others.

Eton Vintners, from Windsor, have been trading wines from the UK since 1989. They have a selection of over 600 wines and include wines from under-represented producers. They offer vintage wines as well as cases of budget friendly wines. They also offer mixed cases of wine at reduced prices, starting at only £49.95.

The Merchant Vintners Company ( have been trading and distributing wines since 1965. Their focus is on expanding and distributing wines from smaller family-owned wine businesses. This UK-based vintner company is comprised of 20 different member groups that each have equal shares in he company.