Israel and EU Countries Bonding Through Natural Gas Concerns

With both European businesses and citizens having often been at the mercy of Russia when it comes to supplies of natural gas, a number of European Union (EU) nations have decided to come together with Israel to attack the problem. Their pledged move is to create the world’s largest undersea pipeline.


The country of Greece connected with Israeli and Cyprian interests to create a gas pipeline in the Mediterranean Sea that will stretch approximately 1,248 miles. Energy ministers from those countries and Italy, another potential partner, met on April 3 in Tel Aviv to discuss the framework for a plan that’s expected to cost in the neighborhood of $6.4 billion. Should only Greece be involved, the price is expected to drop to $5.3 billion.


The pipeline will start near oil fields in both Cyprus and Israel, with both countries seen by both Greece and Italy as more politically stable than Russia. In the latter case, the Russian government of Vladimir Putin has often used their vast supplies of gas deposits as a weapon against countries that need the commodity. At present, that reliance mostly is connected to the Nord Stream pipeline.


The Israeli connection became a reality after they discovered what became known as the Leviathan field in August 2015, which was considered the gas discovery of the decade at the time. The estimated minimum potential for this discovery from the Mediterranean is 900 billion cubic meters, though an additional 2,200 billion cubic meters could be available.


The pipeline would be built by IGI Poseidon, which is a joint venture between a pair of energy companies from Greece and Italy, DEPA and Edison, respectively. The pledge won’t fully begin to take shape until 2020, when the decision to invest will be made, and expected completion would be in 2025.


Some construction challenges could end up boosting the amount of money needed to complete the project, with infrastructure costs potentially compromising the supposed value of reduced gas costs. In addition, the current depressed market for gas would have to improve in order for the investment to pay off.



The Industrial Activity Of The Eurozone Marks A High Of 71 Months

Eurozone factories have generated the largest volume of employment in almost six years, according to the PMI index, which stood at 56.2 points in March from 55.4 in February.


The acceleration of manufacturing activity in the euro zone was led in March by the core of Germany with 58.3 points, its maximum of 71 months, the Netherlands with 57.8 points, its maximum in 2 months , and Austria, with 56.8 points, its best reading in three months, while in Italy the figure rose to 55.7 points, its maximum in 72 months.

In Spain, the PMI manufacturing index slowed in March to 53.9 points, its weakest reading in the last five months.


New orders for exports increased in almost all the countries covered by the study except for Greece, while employment in the euro area manufacturing sector grew for the thirty-first consecutive month. In fact, the rate of job creation accelerated in March to its record of almost six years.


On the other hand, inflationary pressures remained high at the end of the first quarter, when the purchase prices borne by the manufacturers increased at a rate close to the maximum of 69 months of February, which resulted in the largest increase in sale prices since June 2011.


In addition, the authors of the study found evidence of an improvement in vendors pricing power, including an increase in suppliers’ average delivery time, an indicator that measures supply chain pressures, Measured since May 2011, allowing sellers to raise their prices even more.


Chris Williamson, chief economist at IHS Markit, says that all key indicators of business activity – activity, new orders, exports, backlog and employment – are close to their six-year highs. That vendor delays send a warning signal about rising inflationary pressures.


As a result, the expert stresses that prices charged for ex-factory products have risen to the fastest rate since mid-2011, despite a drop in oil prices in March and a stronger euro dollar.


Miami Real Estate Agent Samuel Strauch Gives Insight Into Real Estate Developments In Florida and Panama

Samuel Strauch is a licensed real estate agent in Florida. Strauch is currently working for the Affinity Realty Group in Miami Beach. Strauch has over 10 years of experience analyzing the Florida real estate market. Strauch primarily serves the Miami, Aventura, Margate, and Hollywood Florida communities. Strauch has established a reputation for completing quick transactions.

Strauch is aware that many foreign investors see an opportunity to increase their revenue through real estate acquisitions in the United States. According to the results of a recent survey, the amount of foreign investors making investments in the United States real estate market is expected to rise over the next few years.

Strauch notes that areas such as Miami Beach have substantially increased their average price per square meter. The recent developments in infrastructure have positioned Florida as not only a great place to have a vacation, but also a business center. Real estate purchases in The United States continue to increase, and the country was recently named as the best opportunity for price appreciation, ahead of countries such as Spain and Brazil.

Due to the uncertain global economic climate, Latin Americans are looking for a different way to receive a return on their investments while protecting their assets. In particular, many Mexicans view real estate in Miami as a great fallback option in the wake of the economic crisis surrounding Mexico. There are new challenges, business models, and integration options that Mexicans are pursuing in regards to investing in the United States. People are looking to find new real estate in areas that have seen high population growth. Strauch notes that Mexicans are looking to diversify their assets and establish unique investment portfolios.

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Panama has also become an attractive destination for people looking to invest in real estate, due to its stable economy and infrastructure. Strauch is excited about the market, as Panama continues to see strong economic and demographic growth.

Panama is going through a change, which is shown through the different areas of real estate. Many people who are heading to Panama are retired Americans looking to enjoy their free time. The cost of living in Panama appeals to many, especially Venezuelans who want to live in a country with a stable economy.

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Europeans and Canadians are heading to Panama to take advantage of the government incentives for residing in the country. Companies also have incentive to open offices in Panama. Many companies are investing in the canal, which will lead to new labor opportunities in Panama. Samuel Strauch notes that there are a large number of residential, office, and hotel projects in the works throughout Panama.

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As Brexit Gets Triggered, Companies Look to Leave the UK

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, officially has triggered the British negotiations with the European Union related to the UK’s exit from the common market. The negotiations will take two years, and could be potentially extended. The British will need to change multiple laws, which are currently entrenched in the system after 40 years as part of the EU.


The European leaders aren’t going to make this divorce easy. The British would like to exit smoothly while keeping access to the common market. But, Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, stated that before any trade talks take place, an agreement must be made about ways to severe the highly linked relationship.


This means, CNN Money claims, the Brits will not know for quite a while what kind of a trade deal they’ll get. If there’s no trade deal, WTO tariffs will apply. This uncertainty isn’t good for business. And some companies aren’t willing to wait.


Some operations and jobs are already being relocated to continental Europe. For financial institutions, for example, it is crucial to keep the so-called “EU passport,” allowing them to offer their services across the EU member nations.


“For planning purposes, we must assume a hard Brexit in which the U.K. loses its ability to passport into the EU,” claimed James Cowles, Citigroup’s CEO for Europe.


Another financial giant, JP Morgan, is looking to move some operations to either Dublin or Frankfurt. Meanwhile, UBS and HSBC stated that they could move some of their employees outside of the UK. At the same time, AIG is setting up a unit in Luxembourg.


Other industries are affected as well. When it comes to automakers, their executives need to reconsider keeping their manufacturing operations in Britain. For airlines, there’s uncertainty as well. If no replacement deal is reached for Open Skies agreement, flights between the UK and EU could get halted.


As Brexit talks begin, Britain is facing a block of 27 nations. It looks like the Brits don’t have an advantage here.

Finding Donors to Help Get Children Out of Poverty

Currently, Andrew Rolfe is the Head of Private Equity for a company known as TowerBrook. He is also their Managing Director. He also holds a position as the chairman for a non-profit that is known as Ubuntu Education Fund. This non-profit focuses on community health, education organization and also social welfare. The non-profit is based in South Africa.

The non-profit Ubuntu was founded by Jacob Lief. Lief is also the chief executive of Ubuntu. Lief decided that it was time for a new strategy for this non-profit group because although they had a lot of money flowing into them, they weren’t really changing any children’s lives. Lief decided that he was going to start telling donors no who put restrictions on how the money could be spent. Instead of focusing on donors and money, Lief started to shift his focus on finding what the best ways to help support the kids would be. Lief has started finding the funding for Ubuntu from individuals with net-worth and different family foundations. These donors have an understanding that donated money with tight restrictions isn’t worth the time of Ubuntu.

The Ubuntu Model is used to closely work with the different communities and the families within those communities to come up with a plan that is specialized for each child. This plan is to help them gain some stability as well as the health and the education that is needed to be able to get away from poverty. It can be difficult to find donors for non-profit groups that won’t put tight regulations on how the money is going to be spent. Some of the donors will say that their money can only be spent on certain programs while other donors want to be able to have input on the non-profit’s strategy and how the operations of the non-profit are managed. But Lief is doing the best he can do find donors who don’t put these limitations on the money.


Tammy Mazzocco Sells Lots of Real Estate

Tammy Mazzocco works very hard at her real estate business, and she achieves very good results working with families in the Pickerington, Ohio area of Central Ohio, But there is more to it than just that because her real joy is helping families find the house that will fit their budget and family lifestyle.

It can take a lot of time and effort to find just the right home, but Tammy is passionate about putting people’s circumstances ahead of her issues and letting them know that she is going to help them. People are in a vulnerable state when purchasing a new residence. This step is one of the largest, if not the largest financial commitment of their lives, so naturally, they are sometimes nervous.

Tammy is especially conscious of their time and investment. People are very aware of how they are treated and a little extra tender, loving care is important. When people feel that you have their best interest at heart, they tend to want to do business with you, according to Tammy.

Tammy Mazzocco began her career in real estate as a secretary for various real estate companies. She gained excellent experience in the administrative portion of the business this way, and she got to see firsthand how the financial end worked as well. In 1999 Tammy decided to take advantage of the financial opportunities the business offered and signed with the RE/MAX agency in Pickerington, Ohio in the Central part of the state.

Today, Tammy arrives early to the office gets the office duties out of the way quickly so she can start scheduling appointments to show people houses. This is where she likes to spend most of her time because if she can get face to face meetings in this manner, she will usually sell a house.
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Orthopedic surgery deals with conditions involving skeletons and muscles in the human anatomy. However, orthopedic surgeons sometimes use nonsurgical ways to deal orthopedic issues as well.

There are orthopedic procedures that seem common when handling orthopedic problems, even though every doctor sees different cases that would require a different kind of approach during treatment. Here is a list of the most common procedures;


Complete Joint Replacement

Most of the individuals that have this procedure are the ones that were previously found to be suffering from acute arthritis. Surgeons analyze joints that are damaged which sometimes are found deep within other body joints during this procedure. They replace the broken parts with plastic and metal to bring back the movement of the knee and other standard functions.


Replacing the Shoulder completely

Though it sounds painful, this process helps patients get better over a period, and reducing the pain they experience in the joint that they frequently use such as the shoulder. Damaged parts of the bone and cartilage are replaced with implants; either metal or plastic


Surgery of the Spine

A lot of problems may lead to the spine needing surgery. Among the many reasons as to why people seek help is due to continued back pains that hinder their daily lives. As long as the patient decides to undergo spine surgery, they eventually experience reduced pain, which in turn increases the rate of activity, physical fitness, and overall productivity.

Spine fusion is the most common type of back surgery. It involves the joining of spinal bones known as vertebrae, which eventually prevents movement between bones of the spine and hinders the nerves from stretching.


Dr. Gregory Finch

Dr. Greg Finch worked for two years with other renowned surgeons in the US, the UK, and Germany. That was after he gained his FRANCS (which stands for Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons) this is awarded to the doctors that have been rigorously trained for several years in matters to do with spine surgery.

Dr. Finch is currently working at Sunshine Coast Hospital Health Service and the Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (SMISS), a Spine Society North America. He specializes in Minimal invasive spine surgery and disc replacement.

Interviewing Antony Toma of Nine9

Antony Toma, the CEO OF Nine9, has an excellent listening habit. which makes him excel as an entrepreneur. This is a company that deals with models and actor, giving them the skills they need to take on the challenging modelling and acting world. The following is part of an interview giving more details on Nine9 Talent Agency and Toma’s experience.

The genesis of Nine9

Nine9 was born when Toma was in the grocery business and was busy looking for a franchise and the only thing he could find was in the modeling and acting industry. He purchased the franchise and embarked on learning all about the business. His inexperience forced the franchise under after some time from which he was forced to build his own company from scratch. His resilience and ability to make the best business decisions is was has made him such a success now. Read Nine9 Blogs Here .

Typical day for Toma

Begins his day by preparing and dropping the kids to school. He then gets to the office and goes through the day’s schedule. He then answers emails, checks social media content and handles things that come up. He also attends meetings where he equips his staff with tools to maintain quality service.

Bringing ideas to life

He writes ideas down and thinks through them before proposing it to his team. They discuss the idea and come up with what works for the business.See Photos Here .

About Nine9

Nine9 is a company on a mission. It focuses on helping actors and models take over the entertainment industry through offering tools, support, and opportunities that present platforms for those they represent. Nine9 at Facebook .

Nine9 began in 2003 with a mission of providing tools and resources for all aspiring models and actors. It is a leader in casting talent. It is equipped with latest technology and qualified staff that will get your career running. for more .

Samuel Strauch Forward Thinking Real Estate Expert

Samuel Strauch is a dynamic and successful real estate expert based out of Miami Beach, Florida. He has extensive experience in successful real estate acquisition, brokerage and management. His ever curious mind contributes to his well rounded real estate perspective. While Samuel is a well versed real estate expert, he also has a wide variety of personal and professional experiences. These experiences allow Samuel to provide exceptional guidance and perspective to his clients.

Samuel Strauch began his career in banking, and later joined his family’s real estate company where he first developed his real estate skills. In 2002, Samuel founded a company with a focus on real estate in South America and Florida. In this capacity he learned valuable entrepreneurial skills and was also responsible for integrating a number of complementary platforms into his business. The business is still operational and profitable. For the last fifteen years Samuel Strauch has worked at Metrik Real Estate, headquartered in Miami Beach, Florida.

With a curious mind and a passion for learning, Samuel Strauch has also embarked on numerous endeavors, which contribute to his personal and professional success. He is an active investor in many web technologies. He founded a self development company, called, which is a social site that connects individuals to learning and self development. He has also invested in a number of restaurants.

In his personal life, Samuel Strauch has a keen interest in art work. He also considers himself to be an avid photographer. He is a health advocate who enjoys recreational cycling as well as personal meditation. Samuel is enthusiastic about living an active and engaging lifestyle and wants to use his many areas of expertise to supplement human growth and development. As he once said, “even the smallest actions have the potential to become the biggest sources of positive change”. There is no doubt that Samuel uses his actions, both big and small, to bring about enormous change in his many areas of expertise.

A master of many crafts, Samuel Strauch is a lifelong student with many year’s of real estate expertise. His many personal and professional accomplishments separate him from his peers and allow him to provide real estate advise that is well rounded and based on many levels of experience. He is a sought out industry expert, who will unequivocally provide valuable insight and experience into any real estate deal. Samuel Strauch has a positive record of successful experiences, which make him an asset to any real estate project.



Hiring UKV PLC to Help With Wine Investments

Wine is one of the most popular beverages in the world. Every day, millions of people enjoy a glass of wine with dinner or simply to relax. While most people that drink, wine do so socially and for fun, wine can also be a great investment. In fact, those who invest in wine successfully will often earn a higher investment return than those that simply only invest in the stock market. These returns have only continued to grow in recent years as people in emerging markets are continuing to see the value in wine investment, which has helped to increase value and demand. For those who are looking to invest in wine, it would be a good idea to work with UKV PLC.

UKV PLC is an online distributor of high-end wines. They specialize in providing their customers with only the most luxurious and highest end wines in the world and can provide a wide range of services to their clients. These services can help someone to build a substantial portfolio of collectible wine, which will appreciate over time.

One of the most important services that the company can provide is the consultation of wines to purchase. Those that are looking to invest in wine will find that it can hard to choose from one bottle to the next. UKV PLC can help you work to determine what you want your portfolio of wine to consist of and provide you with a list of current options that would help to match your portfolio demands. UKV PLC is then able to work with vineyards and brokers from around the world to ensure you can receive the bottle that you want. In most cases, the company can provide you with full ownership of the wine. However, in a situation where supply is very limited, UKV PLC can facilitation a shared ownership program with others across the world.

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While @UKV PLC is known for providing services to those that are looking to invest in wine, they also can help those that want to enjoy the wine find the perfect bottle. UKV PLC has a team of experts and professionals that are aware of all luxurious productions and vintages from across the world. Based on this, they can help you to find the perfect bottle. The company will also be able to provide you with information about how to store the wine, how long it should be stored until it is consumed, and what food it should be paired with.

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