German Chancellor Takes a Harder Stance on Brexit

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The European business community is seeking to retain some of the free trade agreements currently in place with the United Kingdom, but German Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned that this should not be the case in light of the current Brexit climate.


Chancellor Merkel was firm as she made comments to a forum of European business leaders gathered in Berlin for a conference. The opinion by the German and European Union leader was delivered just as clearly as that of British Prime Minister Theresa May, who a few days earlier had hinted at her preference for breaking completely away from the single market that EU member nations currently enjoy.


One of the greatest problems that the UK is facing after the referendum to leave the EU is that many business leaders are concerned that trade will suffer along with the British economy in the post-Brexit era. There are some hopes that some free trade deals could be salvaged for the sake of financial continuity, but Chancellor Merkel has reminded business hopefuls that the EU works under certain fundamental principles, which include freedom of movement.


It is precisely that freedom of movement between EU nations that the people of the UK have voted against. Prime Minister May is preparing to establish new immigration controls to tighten the UK’s borders, and she has also mentioned that the nation will no longer be within the European Court of Justice. Chancellor Merkel correctly believes that the post-Brexit stance by the UK does not conform to EU principles that are essential to the single market trade agreements.


Chancellor Merkel’s words come in the wake of a realization by EU leaders that the UK does not appear to be interested in making some concessions to stay in the single market in a way similar to Norway, which is not a full EU member but is able to trade as one due to its respect of the four basic freedoms, which grant free movement of goods, services, people, and capital.


In the UK, the business atmosphere has started to become divisive as some investment firms in London are making plans to set up shop in European financial centers such as Frankfurt.

An Insight into the Legal Woes Faced By Laidlaw & Company

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Reputation is an integral component of any successful business relationship. However, a breakdown in trust can ruin the reputation of both firms and contribute to further consequences. A sneak peek into the business relationship between Laidlaw and Relmada Therapeutics attests to this prevailing ideology. The latter is a clinical firm specializing in the production of drugs for chronic pain. On the other hand, Laidlaw is an investment company based in the U.S.

Relmada has filed a lawsuit against its former employee, Laidlaw & Company, at the U.S District Court of Nevada. The litigation is based on breach of confidential information about the plaintiff as well as defamation claims. Furthermore, the plaintiff is pursuing financial compensation arising from legal fees incurred in the presentation of the allegation. Laidlaw’s principals, James Ahern and Matthew Eitner, had previously been issued with an injunction due to the dissemination of false information.

Business Relationship between the Two Companies

Laidlaw has served as the plaintiff’s chief investment banker since December 2011. The accused acted as the financial advisor in Relmada’s merger with Camp Nine. Successful supervision of the transaction attests to the competency exhibited by Laidlaw. As the relationship progressed, the contracting parties discussed the possibilities of attracting new investors to the company. However, the association turned sour when Laidlaw demanded more terms than they had agreed upon.

The controversy is traced back to the board elections when the accused demanded a five-board-member representation from the election. However, their employer was unwilling to meet such ludicrous demands.

About Laidlaw & Company

Laidlaw is a financial investment enterprise specializing in a broad scope of services to customers. Such services include acquisition financing, IPOs, divestitures, financial restructuring and capital raising. The company focuses on meeting the needs of Fortune 500 corporations and high net worth individuals.

The company credits its success to a highly talented team at its disposal. This elite team consists of Mr. Hugh Regan who serves as Executive Director of Investment and Mr. Craig Bonn who serves as Senior Managing Director. Laidlaw should cease from defamation as a means of achieving their goals. They should adhere to the law when filing complaints.

Seattle Genetics Looking to Expand with Clay Siegall

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Vice President Joe Biden recently visited the Puget Sound research community, causing them to be in the headlines again. Seattle Genetics is trying to add 12 more new drugs and hire 100 employees to expand the Cancer research group. Currently the company only has one drug in trials, Adcetris. This drug is an anti-body based drug with less harmful side effects than chemotherapy. This drug is in 70 trials against various lymphomas.

The drug is actually in a phase 3 trial against Hodgkin lymphoma, which means it is the first drug used against newly diagnosed or untreated lymphoma. The drug’s goal is to fight lymphoma. In the US and Canada, the drug earned close to 226 million dollars. The company’s partner, Takeda Pharmaceutical, sells the drugs in markets outside the US and Canada.

Adcetris is merely one of over a dozen drugs the company has in research. They want to take another drug, 33A, to phase 3 trials as well. This drug is used to trat acute myeloid leukemia. The company is working on another breast cancer drug and two bladder cancer drugs.

The company, which currently has 800 employee, is looking to hire 100 in the US over the next 5 years, and 20 in Switzerland. These new hires will be focused in the operations department, not research. Siegall, the company CEO, has very ambitious goals. He has said they have room for over 350 employees, but they will focus on 100 for now.

Clay Siegall is the Chairman and CEO of Seattle Genetics. He co-founded this company in 1998, with the goal of creating more cancer treatment drugs. Their main drug is an anti-body focused drug, ADCETRIS.

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German Court Paves Way for Canada-E.U. Trade Pact

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Germany’s top court on Thursday turned back an effort to delay a new free trade deal between Canada and the European Union, dealing a major blow to the measure’s foes. Those opponents had appeared to be gaining political ground in recent months, but Thursday’s ruling allows Germany’s government, led by Chancellor Angela Merkel, to agree to the deal this month.


Opponents of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, commonly referred to as CETA, had argued that some provisions of the deal undermined democracy. Environmental and labor activists strongly oppose the deal and argue that it could lead to the erosion of settled European law protecting consumer rights and enshrining protections for natural resources.


In court, opponents had argued that several provisions of the deal would undermine democracy and clash with the German constitution. They asked the Federal Constitutional Court, Germany’s highest judicial body, to bar Merkel from voting for the deal when it comes up for consideration at an European Union summit next week. Since EU rules require unanimity, a German vote would have killed the deal.


The Federal Constitutional Court rejected those complaints, however, and will allow Merkel to vote for the deal when it is considered. That will pave the way for a signing ceremony in late October and formal ratification of the agreement next year.


The court’s ruling was not a total win for the deal; the justices attached some conditions the German government will have to follow to ensure CETA’s implementation does not affect any constitutional stipulations about democracy.


Massive opposition had been mounted in recent months to both CETA and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), a similar trade deal with the United States. While CETA will likely proceed, TTIP appears imperiled by opposition in Europe and from Republicans in the United States, led by Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump.


However, European free traders have hailed Thursday’s ruling as an important first step in setting new rules of the road for globalization. “It is… a step toward regulating globalization,” German opposition leader Sigmar Gabriel said, according to the New York Times.

8 Tips For Finding A Rental In Panama

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According to Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa, buying property as an investment cannot be considered as a source of passive income. It is challenging and time-consuming in Panama just like anywhere else in the world. Investor education paired with caution play a vital role in purchasing the right property in Panama. The tips below will help you purchase property that will maximize your investment.

1. Buy Below Market Value

Emphasis on buying a house for a price below its market value to make a profit when selling. This statement on should apply more so if you’re buying a house on a mortgage. Purchasing a house below its market value also allows you some price freedom when renting it out.

2. Choose the right neighborhood

Panama has a broad market condominium for both medium and high-income residents for Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. There is property along the beach, mountains, and even islands. Therefore, do research to understand value of Panama property to the location

3. Understand the Laws Governing Property Ownership in Panama

Read “The Rental Rules In Panama” to familiarize yourself with the laws governing property ownership

4. Consider the Type of Services Available

Services such as private parking are some of the things to consider. Other services to consider include gym, pool, security, social areas, etc.

5. Inspect Structure Integrity

In Panama, the quality of building varies. Even in new neighborhoods, some developers are known to skimp on labor, and that affects the overall quality of the building. Therefore, it is important to dig up a little history on the developers of the property.

6. Managing Rental Property

If you’re not a full Panama resident like Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa, it is worth considering hiring a company to manage your property. It is important to do regular visits to the property and maintain communication with the tenants to avoid running into problems.

7. Bigger Is Not Always Better

In Panama, bigger is not always better. Instead, consider the number of bedrooms, restrooms, if you will rent it out furnished or not, etc. those are some of the price determinants in the region.

8. Public Utility Bills & Services

Utilities such as energy and water vary from one tenant to another. Therefore, it is important to stipulate if these bills will be covered in the total rental cost.

About Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is Venezuelan native currently residing in Panama where he works. He serves as an executive in five different companies in Panama holding titles such as President, Director, and Treasurer. He is a seasoned member of the Panama business community where Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is mentoring young people become leaders and empowers the local communities to develop economically.

OSI Group – Leading Foodservice Provider Company

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The OSI Group is a leading foodservice company which produces food products for their customers whom are typically restaurants or restaurant chains. There are many different products which the company produces, which are usually derived from meat. The company has also been in the process of acquiring another foodservice company, called Baho Foods. The acquisition is designed to give OSI Group the advantage that they need in order to expand their base in Europe. The company has a 60 year history of being in operation and providing it’s services to companies around the world. The company has a presence around the world and has chosen to expand it’s presence through their recent acquisition.

Many of their products are meats, however meats aren’t the only things that they produce. OSI Group first and foremost produces naturally cooked bacon and they pay close attention to their quality. On top of the bacon products, they also produce sausage patties for breakfast foods and hot dogs/sausages of all kinds. For those whom would rather pork/beef, that is an additional option which OSI is able to provide – everything from meatballs to Salisbury steaks and beef barbacoa. In addition to these sausages, they sell chicken and beef including beef patties which are very popular with many customers around the world. OSI Group have a presence in 3 regions: Americas, Europe, and Asia/Australia which have been able to benefit from the company’s global reach and thus lower food prices.

For those whom like pizzas – many of their products have a basis in dough. They can even fully assemble sandwiches in mass quantity. Finally, OSI Group also sell other favorites such as soups, salsas, chili, and beans. These are favorites and are very popular among guests of restaurants and other places. Those whom favorite many businesses know whom has the best salsa, soup, or sauces. That is the reason why it’s important for you to consider what kind of food you’ll be looking to get from the restaurant.

The OSI Group is a major part of the food supply chain as a producer of fully customized products. They have a global network of manufacturing and supply chain. They even consult with their customers to help with their many different areas of expertise which they are able to provide to their clients.

The company also has many different opportunities for those whom might be interested in pursuing a career in the food industry. They can use people of all skillsets, whether those skills are in accounting or human resources on, or even production. These jobs can lead to a great career in the food industry, which will include many different opportunities to grow and learn as you’ll need to develop and learn from your skills. Whatever your area of interest is, there will be an opportunity for you within the company to learn and to grow.

Steve Murray, the Outstanding Business Leader

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The future of CCMP Capital remains uncertain following the exit of the president and CEO Stephen Murray. CCMP Capital, which is a private equity firm based in New York City, had been led by Mr. Murray, since 1999. The company specializes in buyouts and equity transactions. In 2014, it raised a whopping $3.6 billion. Mr. Murray and Greg Brenneman were two of the top executive members of CCMP Capital, who had been listed for that fund.

CCMP Capital in brief

CCMP Capital was previously known as Chase Capital Partners, at the time Mr. Stephen Murray took over as President. Due to a series of mergers and acquisitions, the firm underwent a sequence of name changes before becoming independent in the year 2006. In a typical sense, CCMP invests a minimum of $100 million of equity for every transaction. The company places major emphasis on sectors such as health care, energy, and industrial sectors. Mr. Murray’s last board seats included LHP Hospital Group, Octagon Credit Investors, and Crestcom International among others.

Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray was a resident of New York City and grew up in the vibrant neighborhood of Westchester County. He was a graduate of Boston College, who earned an economics degree. Besides that, Stephen Murray also went an extra mile and attended Columbia business school where he obtained business administration master’s degree.

Professional Milestone

His brilliant professional work kicked off in 1984 where he worked as a credit analyst at the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. With the acquisition of Manufacturers Hanover in 1991, a merger was formed with the chemical venture partners. The new corporation again merged with Chase Manhattan Corporation to form Chase Capital Partners.

The three mergers saw Manufacturers Hannover become part of JPMorgan. Mr. Murray became head of buyouts in 2005, and two years later, he was named CCMP president. Murray also had a spot on the board of many firms such as AMC Entertainment, Pinnacle Foods, and Generac Power Systems.

Murray’s Sudden Demise

In the wake of March 2015, Stephen Murray passed on. It is quite unfortunate as he appeared to be quite full of life. At only the age of 52, Murray had a whole life still ahead of him. The sudden news shocked numerous representatives at CCMP Capital on Patch including the succeeding president, Greg Brenneman. He expressed his sincere condolences to the wife and sons of the late Mr. Murray on behalf of the company. His positive contribution is what has made CCMP to be what it is today.

Magnises and the Man behind this Brilliant Idea

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“Magnises” a word with no real meaning or subtle translation but to Billy McFarland, the title appeared bold and fitting to his latest brilliant idea and he was right!

A social club of sorts, Magnises is a benefits platform aimed at bringing those millennials together whose paths would not normally otherwise cross due to the varying differences in their professions.

McFarland’s idea may seem a bit revolutionary and I guess to some degree it is but the concept is quite simple actually. McFarland created a platform where its members are exposed to great deals, special events and even surprise benefits that strike a particular appeal to its membership demographic, all provided through negotiated partnerships that are mutually beneficial to all parties. For example, for a relatively modest annual membership fee you might happen to be dining at a Magnises partner’s restaurant and be surprised with a complementary bottle of wine or as a member you might be invited to an exclusive Magnises mixer.

There is exclusivity to Magnises as well. Membership is not automatic and there is said to be a waiting list for many of the application which have received preliminary approval. McFarland insists that a strict profile criteria of its members must be maintain to ensure that the level of enthusiasm for Magnises never diminishes. The number of members must also be in concert with the partnerships Magnises has establish in order to protect its integrity.

Magnises is not Billy McFarland’s first homerun however, he’s been hitting business successes since as early as age 13. It was at that young age the he created a service that matched websites to designers.

McFarland’s first major success story could not be put on hold long enough for him to finish college. The idea was so compelling to him that the 19 year old entrepreneur dropped out near the end of his freshman year to found Spling. Spling was a tech driven ad platform aimed at assisting brands to improve their media presence through the optimization of their content presentation. The concept was not really new but McFarland clearly had what it took to put together a sellable package and raise the capital necessary to get Spling off the ground. And in 2001, as founder and CEO, Spling was officially launched, proving that it is as much about the execution as it is the concept.

Billy McFarland and Magnises are two success stories that have most certainly captured the right people’s attention. Chic Metropolitan Magazine calls McFarland “The Money Man for Millennials” and Bloomberg has labeled him a “Mastermind”. No doubt there is a very bright future ahead for Mr. McFarland.

The Growth of Seattle Genetics thanks to Clay Siegall

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Seattle Genetics is most commonly known as a biotech company specializing in cancer treatment and monoclonal antibody based therapies for cancer treatment. The company is based in Bothell, Washington, United States. Once considered a small company, Seattle Genetics have recently made a few changes for an upward growth and expansion of the company.
After receiving a great deal of interest from investors, Seattle Genetics decided to increase its offering. The proceeds of the offerings will be spent on the expansion of the company as well as advancing the development of their drugs.
Seattle Genetics plan on hiring a minimum of one hundred new employees a year for the next five yeas. By the year 2020 the company should have a total of 1,300 employees. As the company continues to grow, space will serve an important role in the future of Seattle Genetics. To accommodate the increase in staff, Seattle Genetics plan on occupying other spaces to lease, specifically in the Canyon Park area of Bothell, Washington.
One huge factor in the success of the biotech company is their medical drug Adcetris. As Seattle Genetics works tirelessly to improve their medicine, the ultimate goal is to have Adcetris treat more than just cancer. Adcetria has grown in recent days turning a positive profit of 55.1 million dollars in sales.
Many biotech companies struggle with turning profits. Seattle Genetics explain s the overall goal of the company is longevity and a quality medicine. Profits will begin to progress as the company grows and the popularity of Adcetris increases.
The CEO and Chairman of Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall has worked efficiently in progressing the company into one of the leading biotech companies in Washington. Since the company’s opening in 1997 he has helped secure more than $330 million through both public and private financing. Clay has also helped Seattle Genetics secure many beneficial collaborations with other companies. Clay serves on various biotech and medical related boards including Washington Biotechnology and Biomedical Association.

Huge Equity Firm CCMP Loses CEO

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CCMP is a private equity firm that is based out of New York City. They are a huge firm and they cater to many different people in their business on They have worked hard to make sure that they are one of the best and they have continued to make sure that they stand at the top of the ratings. Less than two years ago, they raised over 3 billion dollars in a period of only five months. This is a record accomplishment and something that no other private equity firm is able to say about the business that they do.

The CCMP company works with many different people but private investors are one of their biggest groups of clients. These people are the ones who fund the majority of money for the company and they are the ones who make sure that they are getting the most out of the equity firm on Since the private investors are their biggest business, they work to make sure that they cater to these people and that they are able to help the businesses that they work with to become better both financially as well as in the way that helps the business to improve.

Stephen Murray worked with the company and was a popular person within the company. As the CEO of CCMP, he was responsible for many different things that involved the different sectors of the business. In 2015, he abruptly left the company and retired from his position as the CEO. This was seen as an early retirement and came as somewhat of a shock to the people who closely followed him. It was later announced that he had retired for health reasons. Less than a month after his retirement from CCMP, he passed away.

CCMP was disappointed that he died. There were many people who worked at the company who liked him even though he was the CEO. They were saddened with his death. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was also the member of many different board of directors for different companies throughout the United States. When he died, he left these positions open and left people wondering what would happen to the positions. While people liked him, his death was somewhat untimely. Many were not aware that Stephen Murray was even sick until he resigned from his position and many people had to scramble to make sure that they got the positions filled and things continued to run smoothly. 

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