Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Fund Bring Education to the Needy

Jacob Lief founded the Ubuntu Education Fund so that he could help bring education to the impoverished children of Port Elizabeth in South Africa. His noble goal was always to help out those who needed it, giving back to the most needy among us. The Ubuntu Fund has been making great strides over the years but recently Jacob Lief came to a startling conclusion: they weren’t doing enough. Despite massive donations the non profit wasn’t able to get as much funding out as they needed. The problem? Too much money was caught up in red tape. This brought Jacob Lief to approach his board, including investor Andrew Rolfe, in order to find a solution.


The solution, it turns out, is what we now know of as the Ubuntu model. The Ubuntu Model seeks to give control back to those that work within the non profit. The Ubuntu Model focuses primarily on getting donations from high net worth individuals who are willing and able to let the non profit, Ubuntu Education, have as much control as they actually need. Non profits can only operate with their funding in ways that their benefactors approve of. This obviously can create an issue when too many benefactors get involved, thus slowing down and miring up the whole process.


Andrew Rolfe and Jacob Lief fully believed in the Ubuntu Model and that is why it was able to take shape so quickly. Now the Ubuntu Education Fund is focusing solely on acquiring their investments through these high net worth individuals, turning away red-tape laden offers from other sources. While this has caused the Ubuntu Fund to lose some donations the result has been simple and effective: more donations are getting where they need to go, irregardless. Andrew Rolfe and Jacob Lief can say with pride that now more children in South Africa are getting the help that they deserve and need.


Andrew Rolfe has been playing a part on the Ubuntu Fund since 2011. Over the years Rolfe has donated upwards of $100,000 to the fund in order to help bring the charity to fruition. His work alongside Jacob Lief is surely changing lives.


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