Anthony Petrello Kind Heart In His Profession

Anthony Petrello is widely known for his kind heart and as the most paid CEO in the word. He has been a philanthropist on numerous occasions where he contributes to various charitable courses. Petrello has been serving as the Nabors Industry Limited as the chief executive officer. His company deals with oil drilling and contracting ventures. Throughout his working position, Anthony is fond of leaving a higher standard bar. He serves to the best interest of the company ensures that the results are paramount.

Anthony Petrello is a well-educated fellow just like the most successful. He graduated from Yale University in 1976 and went on to Harvard Law School to pursue a course in Law. Over the years, Anthony has worked hard to be successful in life. He believes in hard work, determination, and associating yourself with the right mind.

Besides contributing much to his professional life, Petrello has a passion for helping the community. In the recent past, he hosted Tommy Tune, a Broadway celebrity who has a large number of followers and fans. The superstar was welcomed to his home party through a memorable party that was organized and hosted in Anthony`s home. People and Tommy`s fans gathered for the party to receive him warmly. The celebrity performed his trending and most loved songs to his fans.

Anthony Petrello is widely known in Houston as the community servant and for his philanthropy work. Tony was born and raised in a low-income family, and that made him develop a giving heart. Anthony Petrello knows the challenges that the community face to acquire a successful career and excellent education. He was also in the same challenge until he received a college scholarship. From his kind heart, he decided to establish Yale Scholarship Program so that he can help those who are bright but cannot access quality education in the community.

During the Hurricane Harvey, most of the Nabors Industry Limited employees were affected. The CEO Anthony Petrello saw the need of supporting the victims and made sure they received their full payments while they were off from duty. The victims were also compensated with relief fund and food by the company.

Anthony has been successful. However, the health condition of his daughter Carena has not made him rest. Carena was born with periventricular leukomalacia (PVL) which later developed into Cerebral palsy. Petrello and Cynthia his wife have gone through struggles to make sure their daughter health is good. Their daughter sickness powered them to work handily with Texas Children`s Hospital and also Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute. They donate funds and support the two medical institutions` research on such diseases.

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