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The Ever Shining Investment Star Of Paul Mampilly

Regularly featured on some of the main media networks including Bloomberg TV, Fox Business News and CNBC, Paul Mampilly has become a household name to many viewers. His reputation, however, as one of the most insightful investment advisors is not built solely on his media appearances. His great knowledge and long experience in the financial sector has made him one of the most sought-after professionals in the world of investment today.

A Strong Foundation

Paul graduated from Montclair State University with a BBA in Finance and Accounting. Later, he earned his Finance MBA from the Fordham Graduate School of Business. Among the firms he worked for in the early years of his career are Bankers Trust (where he was a portfolio manager), ING, Deutsche Bank, and Royal Bank of Scotland.

A Rising Star

Many companies with billions of dollars under their fold soon realized Paul’s great potential in bringing huge profits to their establishments. Among the firms that were lucky to have him with them is the Kinetics Asset Management. While handling its hedge funds, Paul managed to raise the value of the company’s assets to the 25-billion-dollar mark. This achievement in return was named by Barron as one of the best in the world. Read more on Crunchbase.com

Inspiring Investors

After working on Wall Street, Paul soon had enough of it. He realized that while he was doing great with the big companies, he was at the same time neglecting the small individual investor as well as spending little time with his family. Today, he has not only won a reputation as one of the most celebrated investment analysts who has helped many investors gain huge profits but also gets to spend a lot more time with his family.


Paul Mampilly may have left Wall Street but his star as one of the greatest investment advisors to walk the earth continues to shine. He founded Profits Unlimited, a company through which he offers valuable advice to people who would like to invest in tech stocks with the aim of helping them earn big while avoiding loss. Leading by example, he has made many investments including in Sarepta Therapeutics, a drug development company, from which he walked away with a 2,500 percent gain. He also realized huge gains from investing in Netflix. Among the prestigious awards he has taken home is the Templeton Foundation investment competition.

USHEALTH Advisors Offers Concrete Advise on Health Insurance

Real support calls for backup in crisis. When there is backup, a team is likely to succeed. That is why USHEALTH Advisors is committed to offering valid advice in terms of acquiring health insurance. At USHEALTH Advisors, the team believes that the success of the client defines the success of the company. USHEALTH Advisors focuses on funding different projects that target the health care sector. Through pre-qualified leads that generate sound health policies, USHEALTH Advisors uses marketing channels to reach out to clients who need assistance.




Just like the name suggests, USHEALTH Advisors initiates affordable insurance packages. The company is affiliated to USHEALTH Group. Under the management of the chief executive officer Troy McQuagge, USHEALTH Advisors combines the effort of sales managers with talent and passion. This is with the aim of providing insurance services to clients. With the progressive testing of advanced lead generation techniques, USHEALTH Advisors is better placed to offer insurance services that cater for different clients. The company is always monitoring the performance of the employees with the aim of administering appropriate health coverage.




When addressing the issue of strategic business partnerships, USHEALTH Advisors is a leading company in offering partnerships that promote business through personalized portfolios that encourage insurance sales. With a team of trained professionals, USHEALT H Advisors understands the importance of combining the effort of a team in advising clients. With the ability to create high-valued insurance plans, USHEALTH Advisors has managed to create a vast client base. Through this strategy, the company has retained many clients.




With the rising demands in health sector, USHEALTH Advisors values affordability and reliability when it comes to pleasing clients. The company operates on the basis of accommodating the different multiple needs of a client. Be it medical expenses coverage or serious medical issues and events, USHEALTH Advisors will offer concrete as well as viable advice for clients. The team is always ready to offer insight based on the client’s budget. Having been actively involved in the medical industry for approximately 50 years, USHEALTH Advisors is confident that clients enjoy being part of the company. For USHEALTH Advisors, customer is king. Customers define the operations of the firm. https://twitter.com/ushadvisors?lang=en

Nick Vertucci: Teaching Techniques in Becoming Wealthy

Nick Vertucci has been traveling around the United States and Canada offering seminars about how to become wealthy in the quickest way possible by doing a single task: real estate flipping. Real estate flipping is the act of buying a cheap property with the aim of renovating it and selling it in the market as quickly as possible. With the rise of real estate property prices across the United States and Canada, looking for a place to live becomes more difficult. Today, owning a house in the United States and Canada would require someone to have hundreds of thousands or even millions in their bank accounts, and poor families and newlyweds are having a hard time looking for a nice place to live. According to Nick Vertucci, through real estate flipping, families can own a house for a lower price, and it would also help those who are selling the property to gain more money from the transaction. The number of people who does not have any jobs in the United States continues to rise, and the promises that real estate flipping provides is really enticing.

Based on the lectures of Nick Vertucci, people who are interested in real estate flipping has to be aware of several things to consider before doing a transaction. First, they must be able to find properties that are being sold at a cheap price, because of – one, it is very old; and two, the family living inside the house just wanted to move away as quickly as possible. Once a property has been bought at a fairly low price, the real estate flipper can start the renovation. They have to focus on the plumbing system inside the property because it is the first thing that potential buyers would check. They can also renovate the floors, the ceilings, the walls, and they can also add additional furniture just to make the property look presentable. Then, after the renovation, real estate flippers must partner up with a real estate professional to find a potential buyer. They would sell the property at a higher price, but would still be cheaper compared to the standard market prices. Those who purchase properties that are being sold by real estate flippers include newlyweds, lower to middle class families, and those who just wanted to move as soon as possible to a fully furnished property.

Nick Vertucci has been transforming lives through his caravans across the United States and Canada. People who have signed up for his training center have started to do real estate flipping, and yielded positive results. Nick Vertucci is hoping that through the techniques that he is providing, more people will be interested joining him and together, become wealthier. https://www.linkedin.com/in/nick-vertucci-43aa7066

Troy McQuagge: The Innovative Leadership that Transformed USHealth Group

Troy McQuagge, the CEO of USHealth Group, is known for transforming the firm into world-class insurance solution provider through innovation. He has more than three decades of experience in the insurance industry, especially in the sales. It helped McQuagge to understand various complexities related to the insurance servicing and customer concerns. His insights and commitment to providing highest quality service to the customers helped him to become the CEO of the insurance firm. McQuagge looks for ways to diversify the insurance solutions as he understands that each customer’s priorities are different. He works closely with advisors of the company and looks for real-time issues along with solutions.


In 2010, Troy joined USHealth Group as the CEO of its Advisor group, USHEALTH Advisors. He redesigned the Advisor group of the firm keeping sales, profitability, and increased customer engagement in mind. McQuagge created an excellent supporting platform for USHEALTH Advisors that included training, advancement, and sales support services. His initiatives converted USHEALTH Advisor program to be one of the best career paths in the insurance sector, leaving other players far behind. Additionally, his perfectly designed compensation plan for the advisors ensured bringing their best out of the box. Interestingly, it also ensured greater customer engagement, satisfaction, and a spike in sales numbers.


McQuagge’s initiatives in USHEALTH Advisors helped him to promote as the CEO of USHealth Group in 2011. In the role, he framed the long-term growth of the firm by capitalizing its highly skilled and dedicated employees of it. His strategic plan included better customer experience through world-class service. McQuagge oversaw the operations of the company and ensured that the numbers are beaten in every quarter and financial year. In 2014, he was promoted to the President of USHEALTH Group for registering highly successful fiscal results. It should be noted that the company made the highest sales growth trajectory in the past four years along with record profit. Further, the stock value of USHealth Group currently stands at a price more than ten times the price of 2010 – the year McQuagge joined the firm.


His contributions to the USHealth Group helped him to grab many industrial recognitions as well. He was named as the Most Innovative CEO – 2016 in insurance sector by CEO World Awards. It should be noted that the prestigious award recognizes executives with leadership, organizational performance, innovation, CEO case studies, new products or services, milestones from major industries, and corporate social responsibility. Organizations around the world, including private, public, non-profit, for profit, and more, can submit their nominations for the prestigious award. McQuagge said that it was a testament to the commitment to innovation and excellence of the Group. He also praised the captive career agents of the firm for their relentless work that supported him to secure the award.


Interestingly, McQuagge also became a Gold Winner at the CEO World Awards – 2017 as well. And this time, the award was given for his corporate social responsibility initiatives inside the firm. The company’s “Month of HOPE” was chosen as the best CSR initiative among the companies of strength from 100-499 employees. It should be noted that the program saw the active participation of more than 1000 agents and employees, and that translated into changing lives of more than 170,000 people through various charitable activities across the country. Interestingly, McQuagge personally oversees the activities of HOPE – the nonprofit wing of USHEALTH Advisor.


Tory also grabbed the prestigious One Planet Awards – 2016 for professional and business excellence. The Award program is designed to recognize leaders with business and professional excellence in every industry. Interestingly, the efforts of McQuagge also helped the USHealth Group to claim a number of awards and recognition as well. His customer service drive and sales initiatives helped the insurance provider to claim the 11th Gold Stevie® Award in 2016. The award is given as a recognition of the outstanding customer service and excellent sales experience USHealth Group gave to its customers. It should be noted that there were more than 2,300 nominations for the award from various organizations.


Mr. McQuagge started his career in 1983 with Allstate Insurance Company, and he continued with the firm for more than a decade. In the year 1995, he joined United Insurance Companies Inc. in its Student Insurance Division. McQuagge was promoted to the President of UGA, the insurance agency of UICI, in 1997. It should be noted that Troy helped the firm to register record sales during the period. In the year 2006, the firm was acquired by some private investors, and the name of the company changed to HealthMarkets. Also, McQuagge was asked to lead all the marketing and sales efforts of the firm. As the President of the company, Troy led the Agency Marketing Group of HealthMarkets to make sales over $1Billion in 2007.


While coming to the education, McQuagge completed his graduation in legal studies from the University of Central Florida. He has a deep compassion to the struggling communities of the society and supports various initiatives that are aimed to uplift them. As a leading executive in the insurance sector, McQuagge offers both his time and money to various philanthropic organizations. He collaborated with Semper Fi Fund, HopeKids Dallas, HopeKids Phoenix, and Crisis Nursery Phoenix and contributed funds to them. McQuagge worked as a volunteer labor to Phoenix of New Orleans and as a community volunteer for Trinity Habitat for Humanity. Troy currently lives in Coppell, Texas, and he is interested in the educational and cultural aspects of the city. https://www.ushacareers.com/hope/

How to Earn Decent Life by Joining the USHEALTH Advisors

Are you a small scale trader in America? Are you a self-employed and would want to buy an insurance policy? Worry no more. The USHEALTH advisors are here to ensure that you get a variety of cheap, affordable and quality health coverage that matches your expectations. Can you picture yourself buying a significant insurance policy on the following areas, against a critical illness, dental packages, life insurance as well as short term accidents? If you want to have all these in a single package, then USHEALTH Inc. is where you should consider buying an insurance policy.



These are some of the services that the USHEALTH advisors will be offering to you. The program will ensure that the consultants give you the services that you need. To them, your satisfaction is the number one concern.



The USHEALTH advisors are determined to rewrite their success story. They believe that the only way to personal satisfaction is by attaining a good relationship with their prospective clients. As such, the firm has developed an entire department, equipped it with the necessary technology and human resources to ensure that your concerns are effectively and efficiently addressed. The advisors work in collaboration with other departments in the organization. They are in constant communication with the sales and marketing group, to ensure better identification of the best possible leads in the market. With an increasing database, the advisors are assured of at least getting a prospective client in a day.



The USHEALTH advisors are open to any person who wants to join the career. While here, the firm will train you on the best skills and practices that will convince an interested client buy what you are selling. The training is premised on various marketing and managerial skills. If you take your classes seriously, you are assured of a successful venture out there. The classes range depending on your level of competencies, you can choose an in-house training or through the website. Pick the best training model that better suits you.

The advisory team has one common philosophy. The success of an individual advisor translates to success for all, whereas the converse is also. Therefore, the USHEALTH advisors are committed to ensuring that all the trainees are equipped with the necessary survival tactics out there in the field.



The firm has also made massive investments in technology. These investments are aimed at increasing the sales volume while checking on cost. The result of this intervention being higher returns in the end. All the recruits are assigned an e-commerce store account, the medium they will be using to reach to the prospective clients. The advantage of the site is that increases your total earnings. If you are a hardworking sales agent, you can get your payment in a week’s time.


Nick Vertucci Is Changing The Lives of Real Estate Students Every Day

Nick Vertucci is the founder of The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA), which was founded in 2013 to help students realize their goals through real estate investing. The system taught at the school relies on three important steps to see the goals of any real estate investor come to fruition. The first step, “Get In!” teaches students the importance, value, and different ways of finding the best deals in real estate and the importance of buying low so they can resell at a higher price. The second step, “Get Out!” teaches students all about rehabilitating, renting, or wholesaling properties that have been purchased so they are ready to make a profit when they are flipped. The third step, “Get Paid!” is self explanatory and covers the final check cashing, money earning part of the entire real estate process.

Nick Vertucci started out life with a loving family that had a hard time getting by all of the time. His father passed away when he was just ten years old, which left his mother working long, hard hours to provide for Nick and his siblings. Nick, himself, was living in a van at the age of 18 barely getting by when he moved on to becoming his own boss by selling computer parts. After the year 2,000 dot com crash, he lost most of his business but recovered after a friend of his introduced him to real estate. After attending a three day real estate training seminar, Nick took what he learned and begin to succeed in the real estate world himself. After becoming a millionaire, Nick decided to start teaching others to do the same thing.

At NVREA regular everyday people can learn everything they need to know about the buying and selling of real estate. Nick Vertucci has created something amazing there, and also has put together a community of investors and private lenders that offer up millions of dollars to the students that attend so they can close real estate deals to help them along in their career. Nick wants to ensure that every single of the students that attend NVREA has a chance to get their hands dirty and experience what it is actually like to purchase different properties, rehab them so they are ready to be sold, and then take part in the actual process of selling the property that they worked so hard to get ready. https://www.facebook.com/nvrealestateacademy/

Agora Financial: Analysing, Reviewing And Publishing About Investment Opportunities

Agora Financial is a company that functions as an independent analysis unit for investors so that they can have the proper information regarding the places that they want to invest in. Not everyone has a degree in finance or economics, and for some, knowing which are the right places to invest into can seem like a hard job. For those people, Agora Financial comes in as solutions. The company is dedicated to putting out content that educates their audiences about the different aspects of finance and does so in a way that is easy to understand and applicable. They also give out information regarding the companies that one should invest in, and ones that will help the investor reap significant benefits in the future.




Agora Financial puts out their content through a variety of mediums. For those who feel like they would learn better on an audio visual level, the company has its own YouTube channel on which they regularly put out videos explaining the different aspects of investments and the field of finance. They also have their newsletter for those who prefer to read up on investment opportunities rather than watching it. Through these mediums, Agora Financial provides its audience everything that they would need to know to be well versed in the financial field to be a smart investor.



Agora Financial uses only that information that they collect from in house analysts. They have financial analysts traveling all over the world to the sites of potential investment opportunities so that they can know for a fact if they are good to invest in or not. They analyze the entire company and then publish it so that their audiences can know about it too. Agora Financial has been used as a source by numerous large media outlets like The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Daily Telegraph and also television channels like Fox Business.

For more information on Agora Financial follow them on Facebook.

A Quick Look into Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Role in TechStyle Fashion Group

Any lover of online shopping must have heard or come across TechStyle Fashion Group; the United States based online subscription fashion retailer. Formerly known as JustFab Inc., TechStyle Fashion Group deals with all items you can ever find in a lady’s wardrobe, ranging from shoes, jewelry, clothes and denim to mention but a few. The shopping experiences are personalized to meet the members’ preferences.


Under TechStyle Fashion Group, there are other five online subscription services of established brands. These brands are FabKids, JustFab, Fabletics, and ShoeDazzle.


The humble beginnings of TechStyle Fashion Group


As previously mentioned, TechStyle Fashion Group began its operations under the name JustFab Inc. The company was officially founded in March 2010 by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. Later on, in September 2011, Kimora Lee Simons joined the team as the president and creative director. It was in August 2016 that JustFab Inc. changed its name to TechStyle Fashion Group.


TechStyle grew to international levels after receiving funding worth $33 Million and $76 Million in 2011 and 2012 respectively from Matrix Partners and other brilliant companies such as Technology Cross over Ventures, Rho Ventures, and Intelligent Beauty. Their operations went beyond the borders of the United States to other countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany.


Acquiring membership in TechStyle Fashion Group


To qualify as a member, an individual has to pay $39.95 each month and which is automatically conferred upon making a purchase. The registration process is all about completing surveys and stating one’s fashion preferences.


About Adam Goldenberg


Adam Goldenberg has been an entrepreneur since his teenage years. He once served as the youngest COO of a publicly traded company. He is presently the co-founder of JustFab Inc., a company that has witnessed rapid growth in its operations since its inception in 2010 and has provided employment opportunities to more than two thousand people.


According to Mr. Goldenberg, JustFab proliferated because it built brands online and in high growth categories. He is passionate about his job because it allows him to meet smart people and do things which have never been done before.


About Don Ressler


Don Ressler is famously known for his role in co-founding JustFab Inc. which later changed its name to TechStyle Fashion Group. Later on, in 2015, he proceeded to form Fabletics together with Kate Hudson. Fabletics is currently a subsidiary of JustFab. Fabletics previously specialized in women’s wear but has now expanded also to accommodate men’s wear. https://viewpoints.matrixpartners.com/

The Fascinating Role of Avaaz in Global Activism

What is Avaaz?

Well, the name Avaaz is unique for a global activist organization whose aim is to use an online platform like the internet for the good of humanity. Avaaz ensures pertinent issues that relate to humanity like catastrophes, civil wars, and social injustices are addressed.

The uniqueness of this word is because of the transcendence of groups of people that the organization aims to reach. Avaaz is a term used in many languages in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia to denote voice. It carries the meaning that the organization has obligated itself to express the concerns of people to make the people’s lives comfortable.

Avaaz has its headquarters in the US. Their mission is simple and straightforward. From 2007 when it was established, its mission has remained to organize citizens so that they can voice their issues and concerns through activism. As such, Avaaz comes in handy to offer the appropriate support that the citizens may require to have their voices given an ear.

Achievements of Avaaz

The areas of support by Avaaz relate to climate change, disease outbreaks, civil wars and other emergencies. The Syrian civil war, Avaaz took upon themselves the responsibility of training activists who would mobilize the people till justice and peace was realized. Further, Avaaz also provided communication and internet equipment in Syria during that period worth $1.5 million to strengthen the protesters and eliminate barriers that would hinder their concerns from reaching the appropriate people.

In 2009, Avaaz set up proxy servers that would allow the citizens to upload videos in public websites during the Iranian presidential protests. Further, in 2011, Avaaz planned and mobilized the setting up of no fly zone over Libya that formed the incentive that hastened military intervention. Thereby promoting global peace and cohesion for the good of all humankind.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/avaaz