Barbara Stokes’ Work and Life

Barbara Stokes, a wife to Scott Stokes and a mother of three is on the forefront in humanitarian relief efforts. She is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Green Structure Homes located in Alabama. Her area of expertise is Disaster and Relief Construction. In the year 2001, Barbara Stokes graduated from Mercer University where she majored in Biomedical Engineering and Physics. She also studied Technical communication and thermodynamics, manufacturing and management, and structures and properties of materials. She used the knowledge acquired in these courses at GHS. Read this article at

Before she started working with the government under contract with FEMA, Barbara has worked for Boeing and Pisces Corporation. Her working relationship with FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) started when Barbara and her husband founded Huntsville company. The company worked closely with FEMA to provide safe permanent housing, state of the art designed house, providing commercial solutions, manufacturing and engineering techniques that cover both modular and on-site construction. So far, the partnership has worked tremendously to a point that the company has been able to not only provide credible housing but also created job opportunities in the state of Alabama and the surrounding counties such as Florida, Louisiana, Virginia, Texas, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Minnesota to mention a few.

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Other successes and projects that they have been able to achieve are, building housing for campuses, residential development, planning and installing utility facilities and military projects. One of the projects done for the military is building bullet- resistant guard shacks. All these projects have been done in support of FEMA’s mission. In the month of September 2017, GHS donated twenty-eight million dollar buildings contract to the government which purpose was to shelter the affected. The contract was to be completed in the month of March 2018.

A sneak peeks into this intelligent brains life; according to Barbara, a typical start very early in the morning and ends very late, mostly at night because of her tight schedule at work. With her busy bee day, Barbara Stokes tries to spend as much time with her kids through volunteering in their school. She believes that striking a balance between family and work is important. We can only describe Barbara Stokes as an intelligent CEO and a loving mom. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Neurocore: How Stress Affects Our Bodies

As we go through the aging process, our brains, as well as other parts of our body, begin to lose the abilities. Recent studies have found that diminishing bodies and minds are happening at an earlier age than ever before. There are a number of reasons why this could be happening. First, stress; one of the biggest stressors in the United States is diet. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Often times, the foods we eat are unrecognizable to our bodies. This causes our immune system to have a negative reaction. Since many of us are consistently provide our bodies with these foods, this is negative reaction is ongoing causing our bodies to be in a constant state of stress. Luckily, we are able to use techniques like brain training and being in-tune with our bodies and its needs to help fight these stressors. In order to do this, however, we need to understand how the mind and body relationship works. Neurocore recommends Neurofeedback as one of the ways to curtail a mental disorder. This is a less invasive, less risky and a drug –free method to keep the intellectual balance in check.

During fight or flight situations, a burst of adrenaline or cortisone increases our bodies blood glucose levels. This gives us the physical energy we need to get out of a situation. In these cases, the increase in hormones is not unhealthy because our physical response to the stimulus causes the hormones to disperse fast. However, when these hormones consistently spike without a physical response, it causes harm to our bodies and immune system. This, unfortunately, leaves our bodies vulnerable to environmental exposure, viruses, pollutants. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

Perhaps the largest threat to people who are habitually stressed, is the fact that they openly accept it as part of their life. The don’t do anything to try to relieve the stress, causing their bodies, mind, and immune system to be fatigued. However, there are ways to alleviate the seemingly constant stress.

The best way to alleviate stress initially is by lowering our heart rate which causes our brain to release endorphins which, in turn, causes the cortisol levels in our body to decrease. This is typically done by exercising, taking a number of deep breaths, listening to music that brings a calming feel. Another way is to make it a priority to get a good night’s sleep. Perhaps, most importantly, it is critical that we fuel our bodies with whole and nutrient foods.


How Matthew Autterson Finds Satisfaction In Selfless Service

Mr. Autterson, in the fiscal assistance market, contributed over two decades of time spent as the commander-in-chief for one of the greatest state-charted fiscal organizations across the entire nation.


Matthew Autterson finished with a B.A. in Finance in 1980 from distinguished college, Michigan State University. Before beginning his occupation at First Trust Corporation, an auxiliary of Fiserv, he served at the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program. After gaining valuable experience, he then entered into a modest sized group in 1982 who licensed a fresh Colorado State-chartered trust business as an auxiliary of New York-based fiscal services company Integrated Resources. Later, he developed into the role of president for Resources Trust Company in 1986. This company, as well as capital held by Integrated Resources, was purchased by Broad, which consequently became SunAmerica in 1989. in 1998, AIG obtained SunAmerica for almost $20 billion.


As well as holding a position on the Board of Directors of Falci Adaptive Biosystems (FAB), Matthew Autterson is a leader in Colorado’s industrial society. Mr. Autterson’s modern philanthropic activities consist of stewarding FAB along with investing several years at top positions within the Denver Zoological Foundation, the Board of the Denver Zoo, and the Webb-Waring Foundation. Mr. Autterson was a priorly associated with the Young Presidents Institution and World Presidents Institution and works on the Board of Directors of Denver Hospice as Chairman.


The Denver Zoo’s walkabout auction, dinner, and celebration lead by Sherri Koelbel turned out to be a record-breaking success, bringing in 2,500 attendees and funding an approximated $600,000 for the building of a merry-go-round at Denver’s zoo.


Koelbel connected much of this year’s victories to Matthew Autterson, corporate chairman, whose financial industry associations produced $50,000 in title sponsorships,


Up until it was exchanged recently, Autterson was head of Resources Trust. He and wife Lori are now concentrating on their kids while he considers his next business pushes, he stated.


As a Board Representative, President and CEO of CNS Bioscience established in 2013 by Scott Falci, M.D. Mr. Autteron serves with CNS which is a clinical-stage drug advancement organization concentrated on neuropathic pain.


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Freedom Checks: A Review of Matt Badilai’s Investment Strategy

You have probably seen the viral video by now. A man appears on screen holding up a large check and making promises of millions. These so-called “Freedom Checks” are being pitched by a man by the name of Matt Badiali. Now, it may seem too good to be true, but Matt Badiali is actually making some fantastic points. Visit the website to learn more.

Real Wealth Strategist

Matt Badiali runs a newsletter under the banner of Bayan Hill Publishing (one of the largest underground investment publishing companies) and boasts an impressive amount of subscribers. His members-only newsletter aptly named Real Wealth Strategist which has over 100,000 subscribers. The $49 publication has been working wonders over recent years. Currently, many of his picks are up anywhere from 34% to 52%. Of course, no-one is perfect, Badiali has made a few bad picks, one of them going as low as -16%. Overall, however, Matt has been making gains for his readers.

About Matt

Matt Badiali is a prolific advisor in the natural resources world. He has rubbed elbows with T. Boone Picks — the oil legend — and traveled across the globe working with some of the biggest names in natural resource investment. After years traveling around and learning more and more about the hidden world of natural resources, Badiali settled won with Bayan Hill Publishing and started accruing users to his publication which, so far, has been seeing incredible gains.


Freedom Checks

So what about these Freedom Checks? Freedom Checks aren’t as mysterious and complicated as they may seem. Freedom Checks are referring to Master Limited Partnerships (or MLPs). MLPs are business that can remain free from federal taxes as long as they pay out 90% of their profits to shareholders. Established in 1987 under statue 26-F, MLPs have been around a while. MLPs are taxed far differently than normal stocks and investors get massive tax breaks on MLPs because they are treated as a return of income not return of capital. Almost all MLPs work in the oil and gas industry in one way or another though there are a few that exist outside of this industry.


Matt Badiali isn’t necessarily coming up with anything new here, but he is giving investors insight on which MLPs to invest in. Badiali thinks that since oil imports are going down and exports are increasing, MLPs in oil and gas are going to be paying bigger and bigger dividends in the near future. So, treat Badiali’s advice as more investment advice from an expert in natural resources and less as a mysterious magical check, and you could jump onboard the MLP train. A train which Badiali and other experts think will see massive gains in the future. Freedom Checks is basically Badialis way of telling you what MLPs to invest in. Learn more about Freedom Checks at

Cassio Audi Impressive Career in Music

Finance professionals command a lot of respect in all parts of the world. The people who have gone for careers in finance are doing so well, and most of them earn a lot of money at the end of the month. Some of the most successful individuals in the market have invested in finance, and they have earned very good returns. Cassio Audi is among these professionals. The Brazilian has earned his reputation because of the numerous steps he has made in finance in the recent times. Cassio Audi was born in Sao Paulo many years ago. Although he is highly respected when it comes to financing matters, the businessman has also had a great background in music. Many years ago, before the investor could venture into finance, he was a reputable musician who was doing so well in his musical career.

Several years ago, when Cassio Audi completed his education, he felt that he was interested in music. The passion for music motivated him to start his career in music, and he has never regretted the decision. When he decided to join the music industry, Cassio Audi did not know what the future had in store for him. At first, he was interested in the drums, and he helped his team perform in so many events. The businessman was one of the key members of a musical band that was known as Viper. The band served the Brazilians for several years, and it performed and introduced music that was not available in the country for so many years. The other Viper members gave him the support he was looking for, and this played a very important role in his musical career.

A career in music can be complicated for anyone. According to the businessman, the Viper music band had to practice for very long hours and travel to many parts of the world so that they could perform for people and earn some money. The band was so committed to its activities, and this is the primary reason it wrote several songs that were accepted by people in the country. Viper got its musical inspiration from the music revolution that was taking place in England and other parts of the world.

Michael Burwell Is One Of The Top Businessmen In The Financial Sector

Michael Burwell was named as the new chief financial officer of Global advisory insurance and reinsurance that he is to replace Roger Millay who had plans of retiring on 2nd October 2017. John Haley who works at Willis Towers Watson as the chief executive officer was the one who commented on the news. Saying that they are excited to have Mike join the team. The company was at a critical point because of the evolution. The skills that Mike has in understanding the managing, leading and driving the complex situation in getting results. They are confident that with his skills in finance, transactions, and transformation he is the right person for the job in achieving the long-term goals. Allowing the company to achieve their full potential as Willis Towers Watson.


Roger has been working with the company for long, and because of his tremendous leadership, he has positioned the firm for future success. The Willis towers company focuses on broker solutions, where they will get involved with the client in protecting themselves from risks so that to enable growth. In 1828 was when the company was founded and over the years it has been able to grow where it has ventured into 140 countries while the number of people they have employed is 4000. Their core business is being able to protect companies and individuals from any risk.


For 31 years, Michael Burwell has been a successful businessman who has worked with Pricewaterhouse Coopers. In the company, he served in so many sectors. At first, he started as the auditor for the client’s insurances practices in this position he worked for 11 years. He later moved and started a partnership in 1997 which lead to the start of the transaction services practice. After he was appointed 2008, Michael further worked being the chief financial officer while still attaining the position of vice chairman. Go Here for related Information.


His 31 years of career constituted of him being in the audit department for 11 years and 12 years in the department of transaction service advisory. Also, he worked at the section of valuation and pre-merger. Again, what was seen in this role is nothing else but success and still maintaining the so many positions like senior relationship partner, chief financial officer and head of the transaction. Besides, Michael Burwell is a holder of the CPA from Michigan State University, where he studied for the Bachelor of Art in business administration.


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Anthony Petrello Kind Heart In His Profession

Anthony Petrello is widely known for his kind heart and as the most paid CEO in the word. He has been a philanthropist on numerous occasions where he contributes to various charitable courses. Petrello has been serving as the Nabors Industry Limited as the chief executive officer. His company deals with oil drilling and contracting ventures. Throughout his working position, Anthony is fond of leaving a higher standard bar. He serves to the best interest of the company ensures that the results are paramount.

Anthony Petrello is a well-educated fellow just like the most successful. He graduated from Yale University in 1976 and went on to Harvard Law School to pursue a course in Law. Over the years, Anthony has worked hard to be successful in life. He believes in hard work, determination, and associating yourself with the right mind.

Besides contributing much to his professional life, Petrello has a passion for helping the community. In the recent past, he hosted Tommy Tune, a Broadway celebrity who has a large number of followers and fans. The superstar was welcomed to his home party through a memorable party that was organized and hosted in Anthony`s home. People and Tommy`s fans gathered for the party to receive him warmly. The celebrity performed his trending and most loved songs to his fans.

Anthony Petrello is widely known in Houston as the community servant and for his philanthropy work. Tony was born and raised in a low-income family, and that made him develop a giving heart. Anthony Petrello knows the challenges that the community face to acquire a successful career and excellent education. He was also in the same challenge until he received a college scholarship. From his kind heart, he decided to establish Yale Scholarship Program so that he can help those who are bright but cannot access quality education in the community.

During the Hurricane Harvey, most of the Nabors Industry Limited employees were affected. The CEO Anthony Petrello saw the need of supporting the victims and made sure they received their full payments while they were off from duty. The victims were also compensated with relief fund and food by the company.

Anthony has been successful. However, the health condition of his daughter Carena has not made him rest. Carena was born with periventricular leukomalacia (PVL) which later developed into Cerebral palsy. Petrello and Cynthia his wife have gone through struggles to make sure their daughter health is good. Their daughter sickness powered them to work handily with Texas Children`s Hospital and also Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute. They donate funds and support the two medical institutions` research on such diseases.

Michael Burwell Provides Great Support To New Company

The insurance and risk management industry is a very important industry as it provides a great risk tool to individuals and organizations all over the world. One of the leading insurance and risk management companies in the industry today is Willis Tower Watson. While Willis Tower Watson is considered a much younger company compared to its competitors, it has continued to grow and develop over the past decade due to its ability to provide great service. Much of the success of the organization is due to its senior leadership team that has provided great guidance due to the amazing experience that it has. Over the past few months, Willis Tower Watson has added a new member to its senior executive team that will provide even more support to the organization going forward.


In the past few months, Willis Tower Watson announced it hired a new Chief Financial Officer. the company recently announced that it had hired Michael Burwell as the CFO of the organization. He ended up joining the organization in September of 2017 and was immediately announced as the replacement of the outgoing CFO who was retiring. The addition of Michael Burwell to the senior executive team was a huge addition for the organization due to the experience that he was bringing to the company.


Over the course of his career, Michael Burwell has had a lot of success working for a big public accounting firm. Michael Burwell has more than 31 years of experience working for Price Waterhouse Cooper. In this time period, he has held a variety of different senior leadership positions for the organization. This has included overseeing some of the largest global divisions that the company has. During this time, he also was able to provide guidance to Willis Tower Watson and is very familiar with the company and industry.


Now that he is the CFO of the organization, Michael Burwell will be able to provide a lot of direct service to the organization. As the head of the financial division of the company, he will have direct impact on financial reporting, financial projections, and a variety of other financial needs that will help to ensure the organization is successful for years to come. This will help to provide great service and will ensure it continues to be compliant with all financial obligations in the future. This will ensure regulatory success and compliance going forward. Go Here for related Information.




A Close View Of InnovaCare Health And Its CEO Rick Shinto

It has been over 20 years of offering great and well-managed healthcare services in InnovaCare which has the best health plans all over Puerto Rico.This leading healthcare provider has been under the leadership of Chief Executive Officer Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides, who serves as the Chief Administration Officer.


Dr. Richard A. Shinto has worked in diverse areas and has a well-proven record in leadership and management positions. He began his career journey as an intern and pulmonologist in Southern California. He has served as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Medical Officer (CMO) in Medical Pathways Management Company. He served in NAMM and Cal Optima Health Plan as CMO. He has also served as Chief Evecutive Officer and President of Aveta Inc. of North American Medical Management, MMM Healthcare, as well as PMC Medicare Choice.


He has received various awards for example; The Ernst &Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012. He is actually the driving force behind the success of this organization.


Ms. Kokkinides served as COO of Aveta Inc. and Touchstone Health HMO Inc. She also served as the Vice President of Care Management and Disease Management at AmeriChoice. She has diverse experience in Government programs and also in Managed Care Industry. Visit This Page for related information.


At InnovaCare Health, every operation is tailored and governed by three main approaches namely: the integrated approach, innovation, and optimized structures. It basically operates a couple of Medicare plans specifically in Puerto Rico: MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare Choice. The plan has over 200,000 members and a network of over 7,500 service providers. In addition to that, it has two plans for Medicaid which is within Puerto Government Health Plan (GHP). Currently, InnovaCare health plans are the only ones that are accredited by NCQA.


Every healthcare organization that is looking forward to being successful must have some strategies that ensure that the society is well all the time. InnovaCare has designed an integrated approach that aims at keeping the community health and strong by specializing inconsistent health improvement of their population while maintaining an excellent collaboration with the patients. Innovative tools are the other approach that has been the cornerstone of InnovaCare. They provide accurate information on the quality, utilization, and finances that help in measuring, monitoring and guiding their physician partnership. Their structure is designed in a way that they collaborate with various leaders and their physicians are trained to offer great healthcare.



Jeff Yastine Is More Than An Editorial Director At Banyan Hill Publishing

Jeff Yastine has been with Banyan Hill Publishing since 2015, when he joined the organization as an editorial director. While that may seem like a milestone in a journalist’s career and it’s certainly something of which Jeff can be proud, it doesn’t compare to his career as a financial journalist. Through the years, Jeff has covered some of the biggest events in our history, giving his interpretation on how they affect the world of finance. Read this article at

In addition to serving as an editorial director, Yastine also works as the editor of Total Wealth Insider. If that’s not enough, Jeff also writes for Sovereign Investor Daily and Winning Investor Daily, two of Banyan Hill’s most popular publications. Mr. Yastine’s articles cover a wide range of business and financial topics, focusing on stories that will be of particular interest to investors.

Even before joining Banyan Hill Publishing, Jeff Yastine had a prolific and impressive career. From 1994 through 3010, Jeff was an anchor on PBS Nightly Business Report. During his time on the news program, Yastine interviewed such financial notables as Warren Buffet, Michael Dell, and Sir Richard Branson. In addition to his list of esteemed guests, Mr. Yastine also shared insights into investments from small cap growth stocks to big business retail stock news.

In his career, Jeff also covered the burst of the housing bubble in the 2000s and warned investors to be wary of the dot-com bubble within that same era. He also wrote about the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010 and Hurricane Katrina, five years earlier. While the events themselves were certainly newsworthy, Yastine distinguished himself by exploring how these events would impact the financial sector. It was this approach that helped Jeff earn a reputation for his pointed insights into economics. Follow Jeff Yastine on Facebook.

Banyan Hill Publishing isn’t the only organization to recognize Jeff’s journalistic talents. In 2007, he was gifted with the Business Emmy Award for a piece he wrote about the failing and underfunded roads in America. Mr. Yastine was also on the 2002 team, which was awarded the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants’ Excellence in Financial Journalism Award. That award was in response to a 30-minute expose on the financial industry’s bond system.

As Jeff Yastine moves forward with his career at Banyan Hill Publishing, he’ll likely receive more honors for his in-depth writings. That, however, is insignificant, when compared to the pride Jeff feels in publishing quality writing that benefits his readers. It’s his dedication to investors and entrepreneurs that makes Jeff Yastine such a talented writer and a great asset to Banyan Hill.