Anthony Petrello’s Impressive Grasp on Leadership Is Difficult For Even The Greatest Of Business And Civic Leaders To Follow

When anyone wishes to become a leader, one prime example, stands out in the mind of the budding executive: that is Anthony Petrello. Petrello likes to go by his nickname of Tony. His humble and unassuming personality is, yet, another strong character trait.

Anyone who knows Mr. Petrello, knows fully, that he possesses the type of leadership that brings a company to the forefront of the world. He is currently responsible for leadership as it pertains to Nabors Industries Ltd., a holding company of Nabors Exchangeco (Canada) Incorporated. Tony has led the company since October 28, 2011—in his position of CEO. He has held the post of President of the Company since 1992. He provided leadership as the firm’s Chief Operating Officer, in 1991.

Nabors Industries Ltd., wherein, Tony provides leadership, was incorporated on December 11th of 2001. The company owns as well as operates land based drilling rigs, within the continent of North America. The corporation, additionally, provides offshore platform work-over and drilling rigs, within the U.S. and several global markets. Nabors Industries Ltd., performs drilling and rig services, by way of four different world areas. Segments of the global market include—U.S. Drilling; Canada Drilling, International Drilling and Rig Service.

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Additionally, Nabors Industries Ltd has an impressive inventory of rigs and other equipment, ideal for the service of drilling. The inventory is inclusive of four-hundred and thirty active marketed rigs, for use, with regard to drilling operations that are land based. The rigs are used in the U.S. and Canada, as well as twenty other nations. There are around forty actively marketed rigs, available for offshore drilling operations, within the U.S. as well as various global markets.

Nabors Industries, Ltd., is a provider of drilling technology and drilling equipment and, service performed, at the well location. The services are various. Such services include that of disposal, construction, maintenance, directional drilling, rig instrumentation, well logging, transport needs, the engineering aspect, and data collection, as well as other ancillary services. Nabors Industries, Ltd., additionally, produces and leases or sells rig equipment and Top Drives.

The leadership responsibilities, attached to such an industry giant, is best aligned with a formidable leader–as Mr. Petrello, well-represents.

Anthony Petrello, worked in the capacity of Managing Partner, of the law firm, Baker McKenzie, from 1986 to 1991. Baker McKenzie, was established as Baker & McKenzie in 1949. It is a multi-national firm. It is ranked, as of August 2016, as the 2nd largest global law firm in the world. It employs thirteen-thousand employees, inclusive of six-thousand and forty-five fee earners, and four-thousand lawyers—on a full-time basis. It has seventy-seven offices in forty seven nations. Mr. Petrello worked out of the New York office.

Additionally, Tony Petrello has been Chairman of the Board of Nabors Industries, since June of 2012. He has served in the capacity of the company’s Deputy Chairman from 2003 to June 2012. He has been Director of Stewart & Stevenson, LLC since February 28, 2011 and Nabors Industries, Ltd., since ’91.

Stewart & Stevenson, LLC, wherein, Tony Petrello is a Director, produces oil-field equipment, inclusive of truck, trailer and skid-mounted fracturing blenders and pumpers. It manufactures units for chemical aditives, cementing, nitrogen pumping and more.

Mr. Petrello served as a Director for

Anthony serves as a Director for Texas Children’s Hospital, Incorporated. Texas Children’s Hospital is a specialized institution, in that it is focused on Pediatrics. It is located within the Texas Medical Center. The Texas Medical Center is in Houston, Texas.

During his academic training, Anthony Petrello, attained his law degree from Harvard Law School. As nearly everyone is well aware: Harvard Law School, also referred to as ‘Harvard Law’, is one of the professionally based graduate schools of Harvard University. It is located in Cambridge Massachusetts and was established in 1817. It is the oldest run law school, within the U.S. Additionally, it is considered one of the world’s most prestigious schools.

Tony Petrello holds a B.S. Degree and M.S. Degree, in Mathematics, from Yale University. Yale University is known, far-and-wide, as a private Ivy League University. It is located in New Haven Connecticut. Historically, Yale was established in 1701, in Saybrook Colony. Its purpose, at the time, was to train Congregationalist Ministers. It is the 3rd oldest institution, devoted to higher learning, within the U.S.

As far as recent announcements, Tony Petrello, speaking on behalf of Nabors Industries, on 10/25/2016, stated that: Increasing demand is exerting upward pressure with respect to pricing of top end rigs. However, the fleet average margins remain under pressure due to expiry of long term contracts. (Words not verbatim.)

Nabors Industries has seen significant utilization increases in the lower forty-eight states of the U.S. However, spot market pricing continues to remain competitive. The company stated that its working rig count, had rebounded to that of an average of fifty in its third quarter. The preceding statistic is an increase of thirteen percent from that of the second quarter. (Noted–October, 2016)

As is evidenced, by the information presented above, Tony Petrello, possesses atypical leadership skills. He is resourceful, insightful; a visionary, and logically-sound. However, are those all not the qualities of a truly exceptional leader?

Europe Rubbing the Silicon Valley the Wrong Way

If the phrase ‘biting the hand that feeds you’ could be any more relevant, it definitely describes the situation between Europe and Silicon Valley tech companies. News companies in Europe may start charging search engines for their content snippets, and this has a future consequence.

The EU commission opts to empower European media companies with the right to charge for their republished content. It means they can bill companies like Google or Facebook whenever they republish news content from Europe on their feeds. According to the EU, this levels competition ensures that everyone is getting their fair share of the advertising limelight.

Here is an interesting twist: anyone familiar with how search engines and social sites work knows they are a vital source of viewer traffic. Republishing snippets, by Google or Yahoo, means more traffic to one’s website. The very media companies in Europe rely on features like Google News to gain readership and clicks. So to start charging for such a huge favor is blatantly biting the hand that feeds you.

Nonetheless, the EU commission feels justified about passing the new regulation as it safeguards the sustainability of media companies in Europe. With the advent of digital online platforms, brick and mortar media houses are facing publishing hurdles, and rely on both search engines and social media to pull most of their traffic. This is no regard for the EU, not when tech companies are controlling the advertising platform and leaving only morsels to their in-house media companies.

Though both parties feel confident with the argument they are bringing to the table, the outcome is certain for one side. Europe doesn’t have to look further than Spain if they need a glimpse of what is to come. Spain passed the same law a while back to remove the presence of tech companies in their companies. Immediately traffic to the publishing house dropped by 14% and things never went back to how they were before.

A smart decision that EU media companies should make is introducing robot.txt files to their content. This way, they will prevent search engines and social sites from republishing their content at the same time leaving this option open. There is no use in burning the entire bridge.

Why Did Justin Bieber Delete His Instagram Account?

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber has just deleted his Instagram account after a series of attacks from his fans and heated exchange of words between him and his ex- girlfriend, Selena Gomez. Apparently, Bieber spent most part of his weekend trading words with Selena Gomez on Instagram, which prompted a few of his fans to abuse him.

The drama started when Justin posted a picture of himself and his new girlfriend, Sofia Richie. Some of his fans did not take it lightly and began posting negative comments about the two. Bieber could not handle the heat from his fans and threatened to make his account private if they continued to hate on his 17-year old girlfriend. This is just one of a series of rants between Justin and his fans.

Selena Gomez’s comments about the situation made things turn to the worse. Gomez, who is his ex-girlfriend, apparently told Bieber to stop posting the pictures if he can’t handle the hates. Consequentially, Bieber did not take Selena’s comments lightly and responded with retaliatory remarks alluding that Selena used him to become famous. The two former lovebirds continued firing shots at each other. At one point, Selena said that Justin Bieber cheated several times despite her forgiving him several times.

Unfortunately, the Sunday did not end well for Justin Bieber and his fans. While he was on the receiving end of the insults, his fans were unlucky too. He eventually deleted his Instagram account. Just like he had threatened. Selena later uploaded a picture with a collage of fans surrounding her. She thanked her fans for sticking with her and letting her do what she loves most in a short text below the photo.

Bieber and Selena have been in a rocky relationship since 2011. They have been on and off a couple of times but eventually broke up in 2014. Bieber is currently dating Sofia Richie, the daughter Lionel Richie. She is 17 years old and currently a model. Selena has been on and off with a couple of boyfriends, but rumors have it that she is dating Samuel Frost.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit of Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker holds the position of Managing Member of Madison Partners, LLC. Madison Partners is an investment firm, with a focus on real estate and early stage Bio Tech enterprises.

Prior to his associated with Madison Partners, Becker the Chairman & CEO of Zinio, LLC. Zinio is classified as the world’s largest digital newsstand. He held that position from 2012 to 2015.

Prior to becoming a part of Zinio, Becker was the Chief Executive Officer of NaviSite. NaviSite trades on NASDAQ and provides a variety of internet technology services as well as hosting for business enterprises in the United States and United Kingdom. He held that position with the company from 2002 to 2010.

NaviSite maintains offices in the US, UK and India and provides data center hosting together with cloud-based application management. Before coming to NaviSite, Becker was a senior advisor with the iconic Vera Wang fashion company. According to, he held his position for 7 about years.

Becker has more recently become involved in real estate investing. This includes condominium developments in New York City and Miami. He credits his involvement in real estate investing, together with his time at NaviSite and Zinio with inspiring him to start Madison Partners.

At the present time, he is involves with the final stages of completing a number of townhouses located in New York City. In a recent interview by LA Times, he said that he is also in the planning stages of building a luxury condominium development, in the Tribeca neighborhood in New York City.

When asked what habit is most important to him as an entrepreneur, Becker explains it is the ability to balance drive with critical thinking. He also notes that he is tried to start many businesses through the years, including numerous ventures that failed. He stresses the importance of making certain that a person learns as much as possible for failures in their own careers.



Equities First Holdings- Impacting the Financial Industry

Equities First Holdings is a unique LLC that specializes in providing securities based lending services to individual and business investors. During their decade and a half of existence they have been able to attract an amazing team of veterans from the financial world. This organizations commitment to excellence and dedication to providing satisfaction, is just part of the reason companies would benefit from working with Equities First.

Started back in 2002, Equities First Holdings keeps its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. There is also a satellite office in New York. This company is a stock-based lender. The company engages in a straight forward process that allows them to gain fast access to liquidity. Since they began business in 2002, Equities First Holdings has completed nearly a thousand transactions for clients ranging from global companies to wealthy individuals. They take pride in evaluating the risk and future performance of the market and then providing a loan based on those current circumstances.

Equities First Holdings specializes in providing alternative financing solutions. In particular they give clients alternative financing solutions. This allows their clients to meet their personal and professional goals. With their unique approach Equities First is able to provide capital against shares traded on public exchanges around the globe. As of today the company has completed more than one billion dollars in transactions. There are among the best at offering customers high loans to value at low fixed interest rates.

Equities First Holdings is a company with a specific focus and outlook. They have been able to provide financial services to many people over time as a result of their unique approach. They should continue to make an impact on the industry for many more years to come.


Britain Is Open For Business According To Prime Minister Theresa May

Theresa May has her hands full, according to many economists. But May is not fazed by the doubters that say the United Kingdom is going to stumble economically, due to the Brexit decision. UK’s prime minister reassured political and business leaders that Britain will be open for business after the departure from the EU is completed. May’s speech at the Davos Economic Summit was prompted by the European Union reports that post-Brexit trade deals with the UK would be difficult.



Before the Davos Summit, May outlined Britain’s plans to exit the EU. May confirmed the fact that her country was destined to leave the EU, and that any new deal with the European Union would require a parliamentary vote. The prime minister also said Britain would walk away from talks if the EU did not sanction the Brexit agreement. Britain is prepared to incorporate a new trade and tax plan after it quits the EU, according to a spokesman for Prime Minister May.



The big question after the exit from the EU is finalized is, how will Britain do in the global market when the EU is not there to call the shots? And the answer, according to May, is the UK is capable of making its own trade deals and always has been. The Brits have been talking to countries like Brazil and Argentina ever since the Brexit vote, and some members of the EU want to keep their own economic ties with Britain.



But now that Trump is president, there is speculation that trade between the U.S. and the UK could be a challenge. Trump is pushing for better trade deals with all trading partners, so it is unclear what a U.S./UK partnership will look like going forward. But May is not worried about trading with the United States. She said Britain can survive and flourish even though Trump is in the White House.

George Soros View on the Political State in USA

The 86-year-old Hungarian immigrant recalled his childhood memories when German’s Adolf captured Hungary in the days of World War II in 1944. After slimly escaping jaws of death, George Soros went to England for studies in 1947 at London School of Economics. Here he was inspired by Karl Popper, a philosopher, and developed his philosophy concerning political regimes that rule the world. Some leaders are elected to work for their beloved country and citizens diligently, and on the contrary, there are those who are elected to be dictators on Politico. He subscribes to the former political regime and a diehard critic of the former.

George states that the current times are very challenging because dictatorship on Forbes is on the rise both in closed and open societies, making the society members be enchanted and left to feel that democracy has been stolen from them. George Soros gave an example with the US after snatching superpower status from the Soviet Union; it has tried globalizing world markets though disadvantaging developing states because they cannot get an equal share from their business partners from developed economies. The returns earned by developed nations do not reach every citizen due to lack of equality policies on This is what happened with the crumbling EU that was voluntarily started with good will from every member until late 2008 when the sense of inequality among the member countries started cropping in, and every member mutually blamed one another as either a debtor or a creditor. Germany lead the disintegration by coming up with policies that served narrow egoistic interests.

With the election of Mr. Trump, the world democracy is tittering on the slippery bank, and only salvage is constitution and institutions. Trump will collaborate with other dictators like Russians Putin to exploit resources without significant development, and also use their influence to ruin good trade blocks like EU.

In a different occasion at World Economic Forum held in Switzerland, George Soros reiterated his believe that if Trump and his advisers won’t change and support an open society, then they will fail in their tenure. George Soros described a leader in support of a closed society like Mr. Trump as a dictator or simply a mafia. He added that Trump did not anticipate for a win in the polls and was also still trying to come to terms with the outcome. For that reason, he is unprepared to run the States and apparently, the cabinet comprises of incompetent retirees. Lastly, Mr. George Soros predicted China taking advantage of Mr. Trump policies and rising to the top due to its open society and good image in international relations.

Andrea McWilliams: A Lobbyist and Political Fundraiser

Andrea McWilliams is graceful, conscientious, persuasive, tenacious and above a strategist. She pays close attention to the details in every project that she handles which has helped her achieve her goals. She has developed a unique experience that has helped her attract great attention from both the private and public sectors.

Andrea McWilliams has been termed as a force to reckon by different media channels like Fox News, CNN, Wall Street Journal, BBC and NPR among others. Her work and profile have been shared on different publications in Texas.

Andrea McWilliams has been honored by different organizations for her work. She was listed in the Austin Business Journal’s Profile in Power. She was also the finalist for the Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce Businesswoman of the Year awards in 2016.

She has been honored by the Girls Scout of Central Texas with the Woman of Distinction award. Andrea McWilliams also received the Austin under 40 Awards. In 2017, she received the Austin Fashion Week Award under the Style Setter category. She was being honored for her contribution to the local nonprofit organizations.

Andrea has established herself an expert in her field through her various positions. Before launching her own company, she was the chief of staff at the Public Strategist Inc. Together with her husband, they founded the McWilliams who is a government affairs consultants.

Andrea McWilliams has participated in different philanthropic work. She has served as a board member of different organizations like the Elizabeth Ann Seton Hospital, the Austin Children in Crisis, Rise Across Texas Challenge, Ballet Austin among others.

McWilliams is a business mentor to other young women in Central Texas. She does this in partnership with the Austin Business Journal. She has also co-chaired in the Marathon Kids Gala in Austin.

Scottish National Party Pushing For Independence From The UK

The Brexit vote was one of the top news stories in Europe, and around the world, in 2016. The UK desire to leave the European Union finally became a reality. But not everyone in the UK is happy about leaving the EU. Scotland has been called the stepchild of the United Kingdom for years, and the Scottish National Party wants to do something about that title now that many of the Scots want to stay in the EU.



Scotland has been neglected, and dictated to, by the right-winged Westminster government for years. Now that there is an opening in terms of change, the Scottish National Party wants to make the best of that change by pushing for independence. Scotland is not an equal partner and never has been, according to a Scottish National Party international affairs spokesman. The party wants to protest the Article 50 proceedings. Scotland plans to put 50 substantive and serious amendments in front of the UK’s legislature.



But not everyone in Scotland feels a break from the United Kingdom is the right thing to do at this point in time. Scotland economy is dependent on oil, and oil prices have not rebounded enough to sustain economic growth.



British Prime Minister May wants to begin the Brexit departure by the end of march 2017, but there are hurdles to overcome. It could take years before a complete break from the EU is accomplished. During that time Scotland, as well as Ireland, could make the process even more complicated. Ireland’s financial situation is just as bad the Scottish economic situation.



The Brexit exit from the European Union could cause a breakdown in the long-standing relationship between England, Scotland, and Ireland. England doesn’t want the UK to fall apart, but that is a possibility, according to some London insiders.


UK Council Cuts: Austerity Economics or Just a Load of Rubbish?

Ever since the Brexit referendum in 2016, the UK news media has largely focused on topics such as Prime Minister Theresa May’s handling of negotiations with the EU and the threat of funding cuts to social care as part of future austerity measures. Months before Brexit, however, cuts were already being felt at the council level, and British families are already smelling the consequences.


The budget cuts at councils across England have resulted in drastic reductions to waste collection services, a most unpleasant situation that is being handled in less than decorous ways.


Back in November, a report broadcast by Good Morning Britain revealed that homeowners in Greater Manchester were forced to pay hundreds of pounds each year for private dustmen to empty their bins. The problem is that bin collection has been reduced to just once a month in many councils, which means that furry creatures are now emerging to feast on the food recycling items mixed in with the uncollected rubbish. It is worth mentioning that these homeowners are still paying full council tax despite the cuts.


It is worth mentioning that council leaders have tried to put a positive spin on the smelly state of affairs claiming that the cuts are not only economising but also motivating residents to recycle. This lip service was put to rest by a December report by The Telegraph, which revealed that British recycling has been on the decline since the cuts started. According to data compiled by the Department for Food, Environment and Health, UK recycling was down by 0.6 per cent last year, meaning that only 44.3 per cent of rubbish was recycled, down from 44.9 per cent.


To add insult to injury, fly-tipping has sharply risen in places such as Sunderland and Newcastle, where council cabinets have collected more than £400,000 worth of fines against residents caught littering and fly-tipping. According to the Chronicle Live in Newcastle, fly-tipping incidents totalled 900,000 across the UK from 2014 to 2015. If anything, the increase in fly-tipping is eating into the council budgets since they have to send out dustmen on special assignment to look for tippers and clean up their mess.


The situation is even worse at councils such as North Somerset and Basingstoke, which are squeezing residents with new charges for dumping plasterboard at £10 per sheet. Other councils are planning more charges for any rubbish outside of discarded packaging from the weekly shop.


It is safe to say that quite a few people are vexed over the aforementioned developments. A few months ago, an activist walked into the Washington Civic Centre in Sunderland and dumped a load of litter at the lobby in protest.