Gregg Secker entrepreneurial journey


Gregg Secker is a businessman, philanthropist and an international inspirational speaker who resides from London, England. He majored in the field of agricultural and food science from the University of Nottingham. After graduation, Gregg Secker worked at Thomas Cook financial services as a trading technologist.Here, he was responsible for building foreign exchange trading systems. As a technologist, he was ever diligent, and he had excellent work ethics. This facilitated Gregg Secker to create a virtual trading desk.


A virtual trading desk is an online forex trading system. This innovation was a huge career boost for Gregg Secker. Besides, he was recognized by the British Telecom Award for his innovation in the e-commerce sector. Later on, he worked at the Mellon Financial Corporation, where he served as the vice president until 2003.He retired from the corporate world to become a full-time forex trader. Being a full-time forex trader not only earned him a lot of wealth but also gave him time to mentor young entrepreneurs and also launch his company, Knowledge to Action Group.


Gregg Secker, as an inspirational speaker


In spite of all his successes, Gregg Secker has always been a mentor. Apart from his mentorship programs at knowledge for action, he is also an international inspirational speaker. He is a regular at major media stations where his expertise in market directions is highly regarded.In 2009, Gregg Secker spoke at a seminar filled with all the elites in the trading sector. Besides, he boasts of sharing a stage with Tony Blair. Besides, he has spoken in many seminars alongside renown inspirational speakers such as Robert Kiyosaki.




Gregg Secker is a man who always seeks to improve the quality of life of people, especially from his community. In 2010, he launched a non-governmental organization that partners with youth programs to; instill life skills among youths, improve education levels in his community and to foster leadership skills among young adults. Besides, he started a program to build over 100 residential homes for the Philippines’s who had been hit by the typhoon Yolanda.


In every aspect of his life, Gregg Secker has remained to be diligent and a responsible businessman. He started a youth mentorship program that has helped many. Furthermore, he has positively influenced the lives of the many Philippines who had been struck by the typhoon.



Andrew Rocklage: Innovator and Entrepreneur

Andrew Rocklage is a Boston Area Entrepreneur with an eye for the innovative. Before graduating from Suffolk University Law School, Rocklage earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Management and Economics from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, through the Isenberg School of Management. After completing law school, he became the owner and operator of Sky Zone Trampoline Park, located in Boston.


Sky Zone is trampoline park with a twist. Rather than just a warehouse-like building full of trampolines, Sky Zone is a full service sports facility. They offer everything from trampoline workouts, to birthday parties, to ultimate Dodge-ball. Of particular interest is their Warrior Course; an over the top obstacle course reminiscent of American Gladiators. Sky Zone focuses on providing excellent customer service in order to create repeat customers.


Sky Zone’s Boston location opened in Hyde Park in 2010. It was the first trampoline park to open in the Boston Area. Over the past several years, Sky Zone has remained at the top of the Trampoline Park market due, in no small part, to innovative and forward thinking policies.


Rocklage’s background in sports management made him uniquely qualified to help this business realize its potential. Rocklage was instrumental in implememnting Sky Zone’s policy of hiring only the best and most qualified team members. Because of this policy Sky Zone is more than just a place to jump up and down. Team members are focused on ensuring that each customer has best experience possible.


No stranger to the Boston legal and business communities; Rocklage held a number of positions before opening Sky Zone Trampoline Park. Rocklage honed his legal skills as a law clerk at Avery, Dooley & Noone, LLP. Prior to that he occupied a similar position at Doherty, Wallace, Pillsbury & Murphy P.C. He was a legal intern for the Boston Red Sox and a public relations intern for Major League Lacrosse. These positions increased Rocklage’s understanding of the ins and outs of satisfying a large customer base.


By no means a traditional attorney or businessman, Andrew Rocklage brings forward thinking enthusiasm to every project he is involved with. In addition to his role at Sky Zone Trampoline Park, Rocklage has worked as corporate counsel for EPIRUS Bio-pharmaceuticals. He also has experience in the technology sector which has helped him maintain his status as an innovator in all of his business pursuits.


Andrew Rocklage has built his career on legal and business acumen combined with a unique ability to understand his customer base. His focus on innovation can only improve his already impressive success rate. As his career progresses, he is certain to become even more of a force to be reckoned with in the business community.


Andrew Rolfe Efforts for Providing Education Funding without Restrictions


The CEO and founder of Ubuntu Education Fund, Jacob Lief, raised a substantial amount of money throughout the United States with the aim of aiding needy children. Speaking at the World Economic Forum held in Devon, Jacob was also sure to note that the rich used their money for adventures and bad things while the poor swim in poverty. To him, this is the most terrible thing affecting the society. He also noted the social evil where the money flows in the pockets of the rich but doesn’t benefit the lives of the general masses or impact the lives of poor children.


Jacob’s Vision for Ubuntu Education Fund


Together with Andrew Rolfe, the foundation’s board of directors chairman, they envision changing the way nonprofit organizations work. They plan to have a world where the poor and rich dine together in the form of unified education. Andrew Rolfe’s main agenda is to improve social healthcare and welfare for children in Cape Town. Unlike many non-profit organization, Ubuntu Education Fund has said no to donors who give numerous restrictions while giving their money.


Ubuntu Education Fund Focus


Andrew Rolfe and Jacob Lief take their work seriously and focus the fund on helping kids from Eastern Cape and are therefore getting more involved in how the money is spent. Despite experiencing challenges, this Ubuntu Model has helped Ubuntu Education Fund achieve an astronomical milestone. Lief decided to adopt this model after realizing that money was flowing but was never changing people’s lives as expected.


Benefits of having donors in the board


In addition to having inspiring credentials for the position of the chairman of the board, Andrew Rolfe is also philanthropic and has faith in the noble cause Lief started. Serving on the board helps Andrew watch the operations of the non-profit organization. This minimizes the problems that Jacob was initially facing in the organization. He is also responsible for helping the organization run efficiently since he has professional knowledge.


Together Jacob and Andrew are vigilant in searching for donors who are willing to advertise their education funds in a way that true nature of sustainability is depicted. They are also against donors imposing restrictions on how money should be spent since some kids lack the right education foundation.

Brazil Announces a Mega Basic Sanitation Improvement Project with BNDES

The Brazilian government working in conjunction with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) recently struck a concession package deal. The initiative brings great tidings for the nation’s water conservation efforts. Felipe Montoro recently conducted an interview with Trata’s President and CEO, Mr. Edison Carlos. Trata is a leading service provider operating in the waste handling industry. The project ought to culminate in robust waste processing plants getting set up and better practices being used to manage this delicate process.


Millions of Liters Wasting Away Daily


As it stands, Brazil seems to have a huge sanitation services problem. The state has completely been overwhelmed by the burgeoned population which places extra pressure on the existing infrastructure. Private entities only control less than 30% of all the basic sanitation services required in the vast South American Nation. According to Edison of Trata Inc.,partnerships ought to be encouraged as they would lead to increased efficiency in this realm.


Innovative Solutions Proposed


The interview by Felipe Montoro Jens points out how the project plans to deal with the recurrent problem associated with water wastage in the process. Edison argues that private companies being better funded are best equipped to help curb the loss of the valuable resource: Water. The post reveals three important aspects Edison utilizes to judge the overall efficiency of a service provider. First, the strategies and innovations an organization adopt speak volumes about the expected quality of services and product it offers. An efficient establishment is one which consistently satisfies all the needs and demands of their clientele. Finally, Carlos looks at the costs involved in setting up and running the venture. The type of organizational structure, private or public company, is a non-issue in determining a top notch water management service company, says Edison.


About Felipe Montoro Jens


Felipe Montoro, 45, is the CEO of the Brazilian-registered company, Energipar Captacao S.A. He’s worked in various capacities and top positions at several global companies, according to his official Bloomberg executive profile.

Lime Crime Makeup: “I’m A Modern Day Believer”

I’ve been wearing makeup since I was 13, and yes, I’ve always been a bit of a rebel. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more skilled at applying it and also more discerning about what cosmetics I like applying to my face. I search for quality, super pigments, uniqueness and makeup that offers style and a modern look.


Maybe that is why I and my girlfriends are drawn to Lime Crime makeup. It’s at the forefront of beauty, pop culture and trends. I really like the eye shadows and lipsticks for their playful vibe.


I used to wear drugstore beige and nude makeup looks, but I got bored, felt like I looked like a corpse, etc. It felt like I was wearing a uniform, but there wasn’t any other brand out there presenting the future.


Doe Deere is the CEO and founder of the brand, and she is a very creative businesswoman who debuted the company in 2008. Doe Deere wasn’t sure how many people would be drawn to Lime Crime or if people would understand her oddly colored palettes. It was an e-commerce venture which is never easy to maintain longevity on, but she made it work to her advantage.


I enjoy following the makeup brand on Instagram, and yes, I am one of the 3 million followers who enjoy checking out the beautiful and striking photos of people wearing Doe Deere’s makeup. It’s a wonderful community that reaches across the globe, and we all get it. We understand what Doe Deere is trying to sell us. It’s all about the self-empowerment you gain when you let go and allow your soul to come through.


In other words, applying Lime Crime makeup is freeing and bold. It lets you define what you believe is pretty; it’s a personal experience.


My favorites at the moment include the Hi-Lites, a gorgeous 3-piece palette of shimmering highlighters made with prismatic technology. The stuff makes your cheekbones look high and full. I also adore the classic and cult favorite Venus palette. The eye shadows are like bruised peaches with rusts and soft reds.

David Giertz Emphasizes the Importance of Financial Advisors Talking to Their Clients About Social Security

In an interview, David Giertz, the president of sales at Nationwide Financials talked about the importance of social security discussions with clients. He believes that there is need to talk about social security and retirement planning. He revealed that most financial advisors opt to ignore the subject on social security because of the complex nature of the subject.

Overlooking the above step, however, is one of the most grievous mistakes anyone can make. The mistake can be backed by survey findings that were conducted by nationwide financials. In the same survey on a social media platform revealed that 4 out of five people might consider changing their financial advisor in case they do not address the issue of social security.

There are resources available that illustrate the complexity of social security issues on Vimeo. This handbook contains over 2700 rules. To increase the retention capacity it is important therefore for financial advisors to talk about their customers about social security. Social security is very crucial when planning for retirement as it may affect two-fifths of your income. The last thing you want is to lose a significant amount of money for your retirement because of starting too early. As such, it is necessary for individuals to talk to your financial advisor about the right ways to deal with social security about your ultimate retirement plan at

About David Giertz
David Giertz is a financial advisor currently heading the sales and distribution department in Nationwide Investment Company. He has been the senior president of sales and distribution in the company since April 2013. Before working for Nationwide Financial, he worked for the FI/WH as the vice president of sales. His major role at Nationwide Financial to oversee mutual funds and life insurance through banks.

David Giertz has over three decades experience in the insurance industry. David is a registered FINRA broker. He received a master’s degree in business administration after graduating from the University of Miami.

Edison Carlos and Felipe Montoro Jens Discuss Updated Concessions to Brazilian Sanitation Services

With the recent announcement of the Brazilian government’s latest concessions to partner with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development or BNDES, Trata Brasil’s president, Edison Carlos permitted an interview for Felipe Montoro Jens to clear some important issues up in terms of this big initiative. Edison maintains that these new dealings will prove promising for the enhancement of structural service development, management and resources. Though the arising concerns regarding decreased waste levels were indeed brought to his attention throughout the interview by Felipe Montoro Jens, Edison did do his part by offering insightful facts and figures to the infrastructure projects specialist.

As approximately 90% of the country’s elementary sanitation services are handled by their public power sector and around 70% of Brazilians are served by local state sanctioned organizations, Edison was adamant that the private initiative’s existence should most definitely be made public. Trata Brasil’s president further analyzed that these two essential managerial procedures could ultimately become far more advantageous to citizens if they merely begin to work together more harmoniously.

Edison Carlos later made mention of the governing bodies obvious maintenance of such an admirable level of experience that it could potentially be leveraged within business partnerships among corporations. Due to his experience on a board of directors as a chief financial officer, Felipe Montoro Jens was able to ask the truly hard hitting questions that the people need to know. Jens gained information about the water loss in certain areas causing the extensive financial pitfalls of resources for the state’s water sector companies.

Given Jens’ history both with Brazil and abroad working among the ethanol industry along with the water and sewage industry, he has gained the expertise and foresight to understand the complexities of Brazil’s vast governmental operating systems and the consulting/developing prowess necessary to enhance the private enterprise resources.


Recent Trial Test Findings And The Key Achievements Of Dr. Shiva GopalVasishta

Extensive research in numerous areas of study is being witnessed in the world today. The research aims at achieving findings to improve the present or the existing conditions in different fields. Numerous medical and scientific studies are also conducted to improve the health sector. Of interest is the research on drugs. Scientists strive relentlessly to formulate drugs that offer treatment options for ailments. Among these scientists is Dr. Shiva GopalVasishta.Recent trials on high-dose immunosuppressive therapy have been proven to cause multiple sclerosis. This is an autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks the central nervous system. Five years after administration of this trial treatment, 69 percent of participants survived with no side effects even without taking any additional medication. This has, in turn, shown multiple sclerosis drugs to be less effective.

The HALT-MS trial was sponsored by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. The study by these researchers has borne fruits and their three-year result findings have been published. The findings prove that HDIT treatment is fully effective. Just a one-time treatment has been proven to works way better compared to other long-term treatments for people with multiple sclerosis. The success has, therefore, prompted the development of an even larger trial to compare the treatment to the standard of care of this ailment.

Dr. Shiva GopalGopalVasishta is a neurologist in Voorhees, New Jersey. He is a graduate of Government Medical College and has over 40 years of active practice. He also specializes in Psychiatry. Presently, he practices with Kennedy Health System Cherry Hill Campus. Besides, he is a certified member of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and NJ State Medical License.Dr. Shiva GopalVasishta advises that experimental treatment is aimed at suppressing progressive diseases, and it prevents further damage through the removal of the disease-causing cells and changing the immune system. The treatment is not entirely risk-free, but the side effects are minimal.

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Lime Crime Makeup: Fantastical, Naughty And Totally Glam

Doe Deere always appears to be one step ahead of the trends in beauty. The CEO and founder of Lime Crime makeup keeps introducing new lipsticks and eye shadows, and then the giant cosmetics companies try to play catch-up. Even the fashion runways have adopted some of Lime Crime’s famous crazy makeup shades.

For example, Acne’s models wore striking grey lipstick down the runways to celebrate their spring/summer collection. Doe Deere already sells an amazing and popular lipstick shade called “Cement.”

Doe Deere launched the company in 2008, when bold and naughty makeup like hers was still a bit underground. Today, the brand has found its way on to the red carpet, at magazine photo shoots, on the street and around the world. Her brand likes breaking the traditional rules of beauty and giving the power back to the one who wears Lime Crime.

On Instagram, the brand enjoys being the prom queen, if you will, with three million followers and counting. Doe Deere built the brand on e-commerce and believes that online shopping is the wave of the future.

What sets this company apart from the others is its trendy, sexy makeup with strong, beautiful pigments. The brand is all about the fantasy and creating your own definition of beauty.

The makeup features odd, radical shades that you rarely see anywhere else. Like cement, there is also peacock blue, alien green, squash, schroom and so many others that elicit a different beauty. The brand’s iconic lipsticks in the Veletines and Unicorn collections are liquid to matte in formula and won’t rub off. You can even make out in them; we won’t tell.

The sexy eye shadows also offer incredible pigments that resemble bruised fruit, as in the cult favorite Venus palettes. There is also glitter, iridescence and crystals for adornment.

Doe Deere understands the world of beauty and how it should develop in modern times. Her company features unconventional makeup and is proud of it. There’s no apologizing for finding your beauty voice; just put some on and go.

Lime Crime is an independent company based in L.A.

Service Sector Slows in UK Causing Troubling Economy Growth

In the UK, economic growth hit a new low at a rate of only 0.3% for the beginning of the year. According to the Office for National Statistics, this drop in growth was due to a decline in the Service Sector. The last time economic growth hit an all-time low was in 2016 when the rate was at 0.8%. The fact that the January-to-March period yielded more than a 50% decrease from last year is cause for worry amongst UK officials.

As inflation continues to rise, economists had planned for a decrease in Gross Domestic Product growth. However, their estimate remained at a hopeful 0.4%. Unfortunately, the reality is much different. While a 0.1% difference may not seem important, it is statistically significant. IHS Markit Chief Economist Chris Williamson reports that the rising costs have finally reached household spending.

As the Service Sector accounts for roughly 78% of the UK Economy, the decrease in spending is being felt by businesses nationwide. Restaurants, hotels and distributors took the largest hit falling by 0.5%. Retail trade was also inhibited as rising prices are continuing from the constant inflation. Overall industrial production was able to grow by 0.3% in the the first three months of 2017 thanks to the rise in motor vehicle output. On the other hand, agriculture has seen a slight decrease during this first period.

All of this decrease in sales is resulting from a lack in household spending. The rising inflation in the UK has reached a high level of 2.3% this March. During the fist period of the year, retail sales saw their largest fall in seven years. Businesses of all sizes are feeling the effects of the rising inflation. While the period from January-to-March typically sees lower sales, many companies fear this trend will continue into the following periods. After all, the inflation issue doesn’t seem to be curbing.