The Netherlands May Ban the Sale of Gas-Powered Vehicles in the Future

The Dutch government, in an effort to combat pollution, may prohibit new gasoline-powered cars from entering the market in the Netherlands, ban which could take place in ten years.


The Dutch are already known for being environmentally friendly, but this time they are taking a more radical initiative. Originally, the Labor Party wanted to ban gas and diesel automobiles completely by 2025, but such plan could not take effect. Instead, the ban will only affect the sales of gas-powered vehicles. On the other hand, current conventional cars are still able to operate in the Netherlands.


The proposal already passed through the Netherland’s parliament. The proposal now needs to be able to pass through the Dutch senate. The politician responsible for the bill is Jan Vos. And according to studies done by Yale, the ban will most likely take effect in the future. However, Vos thinks that more will have to be done in order to be able to completely ban gas-powered cars. But overall, such proposal will decrease the costs of electric vehicles, which is good.


The Netherlands is not the only country fighting global warming. For example, last June, Sweden considered too a ban on gasoline-powered vehicles. France already enforced a ban on cars that were made before 1997, ban which took place no more than two months ago as well. Prominent business magnates and engineers are also behind such noble causes. Elon Musk, the founder, chief executive officer, and product engineer of Telsa Motors, congratulated Norway for such initiative.


Norway already has one of the most generous incentives for electric cars, and this countries is one of the lowest producers of harmful emissions in Europe. Norway was also the first country in Europe to obtain Tesla charging stations. According to recent research, a ban on conventional cars may take place more successfully in Norway. One of every four Norwegians owns an electric car. In the United States, more people die of air pollution than car accidents. But thankfully, these days air pollution is a concern to many countries across the world. The Dutch have without a doubt taken this issue to the right direction.


Greg Secker; trailblazer in the foreign exchange industry

Greg Secker was born in February 1975 in Norfolk, England. He attended Nottingham University where he attained a BSC Degree in Molecular Biology in 1997. This forex trading guru began his career at Thomas Cook Financial Services as a trading technologist. He developed a virtual trading desk that enabled traders to obtain quotes for huge foreign exchange transactions in real time. He progressed quickly and at the age of 25, he became the Vice President at Mellon Financial Corporation in the U.S. Secker was fortunate to rub shoulders with the best traders in the market and was able to learn the trading strategies extensively. His personal trading account grew so much that in 2003, he retired from the company to become a full-time private forex trader. He set up a trading floor in his home, and by three months he founded his company Learn to Trade.

His inspiration to start to Learn to Trade was born from the realization that a lot of individuals faced numerous hurdle in forex trading mainly because there was limited information about forex trading and the stakes of joining were very high. Thus, he set out to provide an educational opportunity for trading that would enable people to achieve financial freedom and live out their dreams at a relatively low risk. Secker makes his money using this teaching platform that educates people on how to make money. Within the first six months of the business, he made so much money than he did in the corporate world by taking a portion of his proceeds and reinvesting it. He attributes his success to support from family, friends, and business partners. Secker’s most satisfying moment was when Knowledge to Action started its operations. According to Secker, the limitless possibilities of a business are dependent on the business trick one employs.

Professional Life

Greg owns Learn to Trade, a global trading educational company that has trained over 2000,000 people in seminars and workshops worldwide. He owns SmartCharts Software, a trading technology that identifies profitable opportunities and reduces risks for its traders. He owns Capital Index an award winning forex brokerage and is the founder of Greg Secker foundation committed to improving the quality of life for individuals worldwide.

Greg Secker is regularly consulted for his expert opinion on market directions by major market channels like CNBC and Bloomberg. This entrepreneur, master trader, and philanthropist continues to dominate and thrive in the trading industry.


A Success Career for Capital Group CEO Timothy Armour

Tim Armour believes Warren Buffet made a wise decision to invest $1 million for charity. Mr. Buffet intends to get more investment returns than usual. He feels this strategy will grant better return compared to investing through hedge fund managers. Mr. Armour agrees that the financial markets are characterized by numerous investors that are not fruitful.

Mr. Buffet’s strategy of approaching investment business from bottom to top is wise. He analyzes companies and builds strong portfolios.

This approach has proved to work well year after year. Another practical plan is to commit to low and simple investments and hold on them for a long duration. Mr. Buffet cautions investors to be aware of products that do not serve them. These products are mediocre and will certainly give a low return.

Although some predictions are possible, no exact method can guarantee funds that will outperform. It indicates that investors ought to identify a way of identifying fund managers who are performers. The most suitable choice is locating managers who invest their money as they do it for their clients. Mr. Armour advises people to invest for the sake of their retirement years.

Timothy Armour is the chairman and CEO of Capital Group. He is also a successful investment manager. In fact, Mr. Armour is one of the largest managers globally. Capital Group is the mother of American Funds. It is a worldwide performer in investment management. Mr. Armour’s experience is extensive as he has been in this industry for about thirty four years.

After completing a bachelor’s degree in Economics, Mr. Armour joined The Capital Group Companies in 1983. He started as an associate and worked hard to achieve his present success. In his career, he has served as an equity investment manager. During this position, he handled USA service companies and global telecommunication.

Apart from being an investment manager, Timothy is a good leader. He will continue to serve with his team of executive members in the committee. Their aim is to continue enforcing business strategies and monitoring operations. The company has a particular success plan that it follows. Timothy Armour succeeded the late Jim Rothenberg. It is evident that the company has a particular succession plan.

China stocks were dropping in September 2015. It caused concern because China’s decline may affect its trading partners in the world. China devalued its currency and interest rates. It also reduced reserve requirements for banks. This strategy aimed at managing investors and boosting the economy. These measures shocked the financial markets. Initially, markets had been rising in most parts of the world. Although USA markets were fairly valued, some companies and sectors had stretches in their valuations. Armour perceives positively about this market selloff. Because it removes excesses and it is a form of correction.

Tim Armour believes in the market changes after Donald Trump became president. According to him, they are real, and the economy is growing rapidly. Interest rates have decreased, and this is a good sign for Mr. Armour. Other asset managers may be doubtful because it has never been this way since the financial crisis happened. It may sound too good to be true but time will reveal the actual outcome.


Mr. Armour has a responsibility of maintaining and elevating the performance of the company. He needs to be decisive and identify a clear path forward. Since the company began, all members have worked as a team. Particularly, the talent pool of the associates aims at achieving the company’s mission. Considering Tim Armour’s strong record of performance, it is expected that the company will continue leading in the global scene.




Goettl’s Legacy Since Its Inception In 1926

Goettl dished out a number of tricks residents in Norcal could use to stay refreshed in the house throughout all seasons using the HVAC system. According to the air conditioning firm, the foundation of an efficient system is the home’s condition. Weathering the home by replacing and antiquated system will ensure that cold air stays indoors while warm air is pushed outside. Keeping the HVAC unit under shade and away from sunlight protects the thermostat’s functionality. The thermostat tends to overwork if subjected to extra heat from sunlight. Additionally, investing in tinted windows will ensure that light is deflected. Other necessary measures that yield efficient results include the use of radiant barriers and a programmable thermostat. In the case of an old system, it is paramount to have a qualified technician replace the AC and air filters alongside upgrading the system.

Goettl has played a vital role in defining the air conditioning niche of America. They are the leaders of HVAC products and services primarily in Arizona and surrounding areas. Currently, Goettl has several installation programs in the Verde Valley communities in Brookfield, Del Webb Cottonwood Ranch, Mountain Gate, Prescott Valley, Prescott Lakes, Prescott Quail Wood, Granville, and Stonebridge.

The firm began operating decades ago under the initiation of the Goettl brother in 1926 from its headquarter in Mansfield, Ohio. Later, the managers Bill, John, and Adam relocated the office to Phoenix, Arizona to suppress the effects of the Great Depression. The firm has a specialization in the production of innovative heating and cooling systems, installation of customers and maintenance and repair upon request. The grandchildren of the company’s founders Ted and Adam, established Goettl High Desert Mechanical to provide clients with improved solutions that meet the current technological trends. The family is invested in the property business under the firm’s management such as the construction of new homes and refurbishing of old ones.

Renown Health Set to Open in South Reno

Renown Health is a widely known urgent care medical facility that surrounds the Nevada area. Dr. McCormack recently interviewed with the press via a telephone call, and is excited to get the ball rolling. The new office will be built in The Summit Mall area in South Reno. There is currently 11 staff members that will be employed at the new medical facility with the possibility of an increase with success and traffic within the company. Dr. McCormack is the lead medical director of the facility. Her focus and mission with the new upcoming clinic was to offer a welcoming and comfortable experience. There is currently room for more office space but she feels the need to hold off until the Presidential administration settles within the healthcare regulations. The office will be around 10,000 square feet. The new medical facility will focus on primary care and laboratory services. There are many other Renown Health facilities throughout the region that offer more specialized services. If The Summit Mall clinic takes off in the direction they’re hoping, they will be able to add another physician, nurse practitioner and more medical staffing. Renown Health on LinkedIn.

The construction project began in November. The plumbing and electricity were set up in February. The office is set to open this spring. They utilized construction companies within the South Reno area. They currently have 12 other primary care clinics geared towards the incentive to grow and bring more primary care medical facilities to the region. They are proud to offer full service urgent care clinics that focus on patient satisfaction and patient care. With the recent increase in people moving to the area, they hope to be able to expand the clinic and add more offices in the allotted spaces. Currently, the facility takes up three store fronts within the mall.,-NV-jobs.html

Shocking Revelations from European Consumers

In a recent survey conducted by Ricoh Triple R research company to European customers, it revealed that European customers preferred to do business with companies that maintained a customer relationship. This list was topped by PayPal, followed by Yamaha Motor, and Apple Inc. Other organizations that made into the list chronologically included Samsung Electronics, Adidas, eBay, Microsoft as well as Google, Sony and Walt Disney. The last half of the 20 company list consisted of BMW, H&M, Marks and Spencer, Nokia, Carrefour, Philips as well as Pandora and Siemens. The last company on this list was Facebook.


This research revealed that European customers preferred brands that they felt as efficient, personal as well as responsive. In an interview with several customers, Triple R revealed that the customers preferred companies who customer service was taken care of by normal people other than machines and robots. The research was conducted on 3600 people from across Europe and targeted businesses from all industries without considering whether the businesses had incorporated digital solutions to their services. The Triple R is a model used by Ricoh Europe to determine how customers feel about the brand quality relationship. This took care of the commodity before it reached the consumer, during the response time and finally during retaining or purchase time.


The same research revealed that many European customers preferred companies that made them feel valued and part of something big. This brought about the necessity of good communication between businesses and their customers. The same brand showed that large percent of businesses care about the customer before they purchase a product, this number being 57 percent. After the purchase, only a small percent of companies care about the customers. The survey also revealed that European consumers wanted companies to adopt a new trend to care about the customers prior and after the purchase.



Cultural Aspects of Richard Mishaan’s Design

Richard Mishaan is one of the few interior designer who have created his own style in dealing with spaces and colors. He currently lives in the city of New York, and is renowned globally for his combination of styles coming from different eras, matching them with color to complement one’s eyes. He carefully combines antiques and sometimes, vintage pieces and other ornamental objects with strong patterns and lively colors.

His name is included in the lists like Elle Decor (where he is known as an A-lister) and the list called AD 100. Aside from his stint as an interior designer, he is also authoring a couple of books. He wrote Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern, and these books were released under some known publication houses, like The Monacelli Press at Random House.

One of his recent projects was the grand salon and library that he made for this year’s show house aimed for young decorators. Richard Mishaan drew his inspiration for his designs from a room that he imagines to be collected over in a span of generations, similar to the families of Florence and Venice who have developed their crafts and workmanship overtime, combining it with available resources resulting in an artistic output, and is now being coveted around the world. Richard Mishaan believes that these kind of treasures were being collected one after another, with its main goal to create a museum gallery. He is very disciplined when it comes to the contents that he would put up inside the room that he is designing, and he knows that he only has short time in dealing with these projects. He gave his house as an example, citing that he has a library that he designs carefully overtime, and now it became the most beautiful and entertaining room in his home.



Richard Mishaan stated that he loves to use fabrics with animal prints, silk, and other ornamental items that he could get hold with, often combining designs from different parts of the world resulting to a unique design. It creates an illusion that the room is large enough, and its color and design combination becomes complementary as a backdrop. One example of this approach was a wall covering being created in Europe with their native styles combined with authentic Asian designs. These ornaments can depict different periods of history, making it a unique journey through eras and ages, but still being presented as a single form of art.



Richard Mishaan said that culture and travel is what enriches the mind and soul, and a design that was based on someone’s heritage could make a lasting legacy that goes beyond trends, making it appear to be pure and eternal.


Felipe Montoro Jens Highlights How Public-Private Partnerships Can Help Improve Sanitation In The Country

The government has announced its plans to enter into an agreement with the BNDES to improve the sanitation in the country. Edison Carlos, the president of Trata Brasil, which is an institute that focuses on basic sanitation, noted some important points about the initiative in a recent interview. Edison believes that the initiative will help to improve sanitation regarding its management, structural and resource areas. Felipe Montoro Jens, a specialist in infrastructural projects, noted that the initiative would help to decrease the waste levels in the country.


During the interview, Edison was quick to note that public entities perform approximately 90% of sanitation services in Brazil. He notes that out of the 90%, 70% of them are served by the state organizations. Edison believes that the presence of private initiative should not be a reason to exclude the public since the public and private organizations can deliver better services if there are collaboration and cooperation.


BNDES is set to develop customized and actionable plans in the states where they serve depending on the situation on the ground in these states. Edison noted that the bank intends to tailor the project to meet the needs of every state. Felipe Montoro pointed out that massive loss of water was one of the reasons of the outflow of financial resources from the state organizations in the water sector since it is hard to receive the services performed when there is such wastage.


About Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro was in 2010 appointed as the director of Braskem S.A where he worked until 2013. Felipe has also served as a board member with Concessionaria. Due to his outstanding performance, Montoro was appointed to become the chairman of the board. Mr. Felipe specializes in infrastructure and has given his views on the wake of Brazilian government partnering with BNDES.

Investment Tips According To Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a former banker and retired investor having largely pursued his career at home in Brazil. The many positions he has held in Brazil’s leading banks have seen him develop into and expert investment advisor. He currently resides in Florida and participates in investments as a hobby. Working as an investor has seen him gather a lot of invaluable experience. He has done a lot regarding guiding other investors in creating long term successful investments.


Working for leading banks in Brazil’s leading banks meant he managed a large percentage of the country’s gross economy. He made a name for himself by successfully playing his required role in this industry. Even though still in retirement, Igor Cornelsen currently works for Bainbridge Group as its proprietor. His role is to oversee investment in the stock market and foreign exchange investment. He has also invested in this company besides being its consultant.


On social media especially Facebook, he primarily shares links informing on various issues. The issues he focuses on include politics, investment, economics, society, and health. As a consultant in the investment sector, Cornelsen offers deep insight on current industry trends. One of the best pieces of advice he could give you is on investing in bad stocks. By doing this, instead of investing in broken companies will assure you returns in the long term. Money back guaranteed.


Cornelsen’s business model lays great importance to a company’s history. But according to him, focusing on a company’s productivity should come first. This approach has been vital to many of his clients in making investment decisions. He goes on to advice on why it is important not to leave understanding stock matters to the brokers. The money is yours so take responsibility.


It is also paramount that you check on the investment agent’s credibility before involving them. Do a thorough background check bearing in mind that the money is yours to lose. Another crucial investment tip Cornelsen can give is diversifying. This is important in ensuring that the risk is spread. Fluctuations in the market will see you with a better chance of gaining something even if you lose some. Lastly, he advises in investing in something you are passionate about.

British Pound Drops While FTSE Makes New Highs

The pound sterling just dropped under $1.29 as Conservatives are losing their lead over Labour in election polls. The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, has called snap elections to get a new mandate before tough Brexit negotiations begin.


Since last June’s Brexit vote, the British currency has lost a lot of value due to economic and political uncertainty. Long gone are the days of high-flying pound. Ten years ago the British currency was worth almost $2.


According to the latest poll, MarketWatch reports, the Tories are only leading by 5 percentage points. The elections will take place on June 8th.


This political uncertainty has led to decline in currency, but the British stock market is doing quite well. The FTSE 100 Index has just made an all-time high, and now stands over 7,500. What is helping is the weaker pound. Since most of the companies on the FTSE 100 Index are multinationals, weaker currency is helping their exports and profits coming from foreign currencies.


Pharmaceutical companies such as GlaxoSmithKline and Hikma Pharmaceuticals picked up gains, and so did a consumer products giant, Univeler PLC.


Not all FTSE 100 companies are winning. About 14 percent of the index’s weighting comes from energy stocks. With low petroleum price, oil stocks got hammered.


However, down the line a bad Brexit would mean that the United Kingdom would lose access to the single European market and end up under WTO tariffs. Also, the City of London could get hammered. Many financial institutions there are already preparing to set up their operations in continental Europe.