Boris Explains How Brexit Could Promote Trade in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom joined the European Union in 1973. Two years later, it confirmed its membership through a referendum. In the 1980’s, a move or decision to exit the European Union was supported. Unlike then, the same movement is highly discouraged currently. Of late, the news headlines have been labeled with bold statements screaming Brexit. Although the United Kingdom has not made a decision to exit the European Union, investors and politicians have started predicting the future of stock markets in the region, in the case of Brexit. Boris Johnson explains that amidst all adversities, Brexit could be a good move for the people of the United Kingdom.

Export Business

While giving his first speech in the completed general elections, Boris said that Brexit would allow Theresa May to enter into business with the United States of America and India. As a result, there would be a trade in the foreign exchange market. This is good for business in the United Kingdom. Boris made it to the general elections campaign amidst sources from people that Theresa May, the serving prime minister of the United Kingdom, would take full credit for his victory. Boris further added that Brexit could mark the beginning of a new, positive era in the world of business for the United Kingdom.


Citing haggis, the staple food of Scotland, was banned in the United States of America as one of the products that can be exported for business. He also added that Scotch whiskey would make an excellent export venture. This brand has a heavy duty tax in India. Boris added that while walking in Uxbridge, he encountered a wooden display of counter. The proprietors were selling Toblerones. This was in Saudi Arabia. If the United Kingdom could hack such markets, it means that Brexit can be a good thing in the end.

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