Brad Reifler: An Innovative Leader In Capital Investment!

Brad Reifler is a highly successful venture capitalist and is Founder and CEO of Forefront Capital. Forefront is a lending agency that bestows credit to minor and middle class companies with attention on risk management. Reifler has had extensive experience in the financial market and has an impressive business portfolio. Shortly after graduating from Bowdoin college Brad established his first business, Reifler Trading Company.

With his astute businesses acumen, Brad was able to quickly catapult the new business forward incorporating new methods of fiscal engagement and managed millions of dollars’ worth of investments. These techniques included data disbursement, global derivative consulting and administrative analysis.

Brad Reifler has made a globally recognized and trusted name for himself among capital investors and market strategists. He established a sell side broker company in 1995 by the name of Pali Capital. Pali Capital intentionally concentrated its efforts on equity exchange. Learn more about Brad Reifler: and

Brad developed his own highly successful market strategy and trained his employees how to implement it. Reifler acted as CEO of Pali for over 13 years and lead the company into a billion dollar commission earning and established chains in four continents with over 300 employees.

Brad Reifler’s commitment to integrity and innovative method to capital gain continues to draw many influential bankers and registered investment leaders to this day at Forefront Capital. Their well-established clients are born from community integration and business interaction which creates unique venture opportunities through societal collaboration.

A lot of Forefront’s clients are fortune 500 companies themselves. Mr. Brad Reifler also holds an Independent Director position at Sino Mercury Acquisition Corporation. Additionally he served as Director of ITG Investment Research, Incorporated and operated as a board member of Majestic Research Corporation.

Brad Reifler has extensively given back to his community through an educational platform. He has encouraged people from all financial backgrounds to engage in market investment and has explained what methods can be used to save money and increase earnings.

His advice and guidance has been featured by many news and business outlets and he has assisted many clients and community members in attaining financial stability.

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