Nick Vertucci: Teaching Techniques in Becoming Wealthy

Nick Vertucci has been traveling around the United States and Canada offering seminars about how to become wealthy in the quickest way possible by doing a single task: real estate flipping. Real estate flipping is the act of buying a cheap property with the aim of renovating it and selling it in the market as quickly as possible. With the rise of real estate property prices across the United States and Canada, looking for a place to live becomes more difficult. Today, owning a house in the United States and Canada would require someone to have hundreds of thousands or even millions in their bank accounts, and poor families and newlyweds are having a hard time looking for a nice place to live. According to Nick Vertucci, through real estate flipping, families can own a house for a lower price, and it would also help those who are selling the property to gain more money from the transaction. The number of people who does not have any jobs in the United States continues to rise, and the promises that real estate flipping provides is really enticing.

Based on the lectures of Nick Vertucci, people who are interested in real estate flipping has to be aware of several things to consider before doing a transaction. First, they must be able to find properties that are being sold at a cheap price, because of – one, it is very old; and two, the family living inside the house just wanted to move away as quickly as possible. Once a property has been bought at a fairly low price, the real estate flipper can start the renovation. They have to focus on the plumbing system inside the property because it is the first thing that potential buyers would check. They can also renovate the floors, the ceilings, the walls, and they can also add additional furniture just to make the property look presentable. Then, after the renovation, real estate flippers must partner up with a real estate professional to find a potential buyer. They would sell the property at a higher price, but would still be cheaper compared to the standard market prices. Those who purchase properties that are being sold by real estate flippers include newlyweds, lower to middle class families, and those who just wanted to move as soon as possible to a fully furnished property.

Nick Vertucci has been transforming lives through his caravans across the United States and Canada. People who have signed up for his training center have started to do real estate flipping, and yielded positive results. Nick Vertucci is hoping that through the techniques that he is providing, more people will be interested joining him and together, become wealthier.

Nick Vertucci Is Changing The Lives of Real Estate Students Every Day

Nick Vertucci is the founder of The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA), which was founded in 2013 to help students realize their goals through real estate investing. The system taught at the school relies on three important steps to see the goals of any real estate investor come to fruition. The first step, “Get In!” teaches students the importance, value, and different ways of finding the best deals in real estate and the importance of buying low so they can resell at a higher price. The second step, “Get Out!” teaches students all about rehabilitating, renting, or wholesaling properties that have been purchased so they are ready to make a profit when they are flipped. The third step, “Get Paid!” is self explanatory and covers the final check cashing, money earning part of the entire real estate process.

Nick Vertucci started out life with a loving family that had a hard time getting by all of the time. His father passed away when he was just ten years old, which left his mother working long, hard hours to provide for Nick and his siblings. Nick, himself, was living in a van at the age of 18 barely getting by when he moved on to becoming his own boss by selling computer parts. After the year 2,000 dot com crash, he lost most of his business but recovered after a friend of his introduced him to real estate. After attending a three day real estate training seminar, Nick took what he learned and begin to succeed in the real estate world himself. After becoming a millionaire, Nick decided to start teaching others to do the same thing.

At NVREA regular everyday people can learn everything they need to know about the buying and selling of real estate. Nick Vertucci has created something amazing there, and also has put together a community of investors and private lenders that offer up millions of dollars to the students that attend so they can close real estate deals to help them along in their career. Nick wants to ensure that every single of the students that attend NVREA has a chance to get their hands dirty and experience what it is actually like to purchase different properties, rehab them so they are ready to be sold, and then take part in the actual process of selling the property that they worked so hard to get ready.

Nick Vertucci – Experienced Real Estate Investors with Prolific Track Record of Successes

California is one of the most populated states in the United States and is also among the most developed. The rapid economic growth of the state has caused a massive influx of the national as well as a global population to the state, which has in a way disoriented the real estate market of California. Even though in the outset it can be seen that the housing sector and the housing market is booming and the price is going up, it has limited the market of buyers in the state that can now afford to buy homes in California. With the average median house price in California nearing $500,000 or more at certain metropolitan areas, it has become almost impossible for the new age or Millennials as they call it to buy homes in the state. Also, the rents of properties have increased drastically, making it almost unfair to the low-income group people.



The problem in the real estate market of rising prices has reached to such a level that many in the grinding areas of Silicon Valley and other major districts are seen living in the vans or RVs. It is a familiar scene now in many of the areas across the state as people are just not able to afford the rent or are not in a position to buy homes, even when they have a job that pays well in comparison to what they would get in the same position in another state. The problem is not with the growth and the development of the state of California, which is certainly highly encouraging. The problem is with the real estate market, which the high-profile and experienced real estate investors such as Nick Vertucci, says is growing without any corrections.



Nick Vertucci says that while such growth is always welcome in any other state, there needs to be a period of consolidation to ensure that price does not reaches level where it becomes impossible for the majority of population to afford it. Even though the demand to supply ratio is completely imbalanced, Nick Vertucci says that the housing development board of California should look into the matter and come out with ways to sort out this problem that soon may take a very big shape. Nick Vertucci is the founder of the NV Real Estate Academy, which he started to spread the knowledge he has gathered over the years in the real estate industry. Nick Vertucci has developed a very smart system of making money in the real estate market, which he teaches to the members who join his academy.

Igor Cornelsen Bats For Brazilian Banking Industry To Be Creative And Cautious In Investing

Igor Cornelsen, a Brazilian investment banker and financial advisor, asked Brazilian banking industry to be creative and cautious in its investments. He says that it is helpful during the financial crisis to reduce the vulnerability to market risks. Cornelsen points out that many Brazilian banks reported significant profits in 2014 and 2015, though the country was going through a financial turmoil. It was contrary to the belief that when the country goes through financial troubles, the banks of the country are also expected to face the heat of the fluctuations. Cornelsen briefs that their market knowledge, cautious and calculated investments, and experience through turbulent years in the past helped the banks to escape from the crisis.



Igor also figured out the fact that Brazilian private sector banks offer their lending to the borrowers who are found to be most credible. It reduces the costs associated with the loans and ensures a higher level of security. He demands to the Brazilian government to strengthen fiscal austerity and market-oriented reforms to make the investors more secure. While people speak about the uncertain climate in Brazil, Igor thinks positive and says that considering the abundance of natural resources and the need for infrastructure to conclude the growing population are making Brazil the most happening market in South America. Also, its reputation as one of the largest food producers in the world is ensuring a promising future.



While coming to investing in Brazil, Igor Cornelsen asks the investors to learn the basics and nuances of the economy. To help the investors, Igor also created a short profile to consider before making any investment decision in Brazilian stocks. China is the largest trading partner of the country, and when the Chinese economy shows strong signals, it can translate into business for Brazilian players and growth for its economy.



Igor Cornelsen has more than three decades of experience in banking industry and worked with all the major banks of Brazil. After retiring from the banking industry, he started providing investment advisory services in commodity, the stock market, and forex to various firms and wealthy investors. Igor currently works with Bahamas-based investment advisory firm called Bainbridge Investments, Inc.



The Best Investment Choices According to Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen has managed to gain a lot of fans that are into investing. He has managed to give people a tremendous amount of insight on what it takes to make a successful portfolio. There a lot of investors that are walking around blind, and they really have no idea about what it takes to build a better portfolio. Igor Cornelsen has stepped onto the scene with a diverse background in banking and investing in the US and abroad. He has made it easier for investors to give more thought to the concept of international investing because he has done it well and succeeded in creating a diverse portfolio.


Igor has managed to build a very successful program that has allowed him to help people through his Bainbridge Investments firm. He helps investors with their needs in order to maximize the return, and he is giving people options that they may not have known about before. The great thing about an investor like Cornelsen is that he doesn’t mind sharing the information that he has learned.

His experience has taught him to keep an eye out for the stocks that are going to recover after a company makes cutbacks if it is a damaged stock. What Igor is trying to get people to do is realize that there’s a major difference between damaged stocks and damage companies. He advises people to wait it out and make investments carefully. Sometimes these companies can recover once the failing areas are minimized. Sometimes the company can bounce back, but people have to pay attention to what is happening internally. All investments are not bad, put investors must be observant.


Another thing that Igor has done is give people the inside track on how they can maximize returns. The person that is trying to invest everything in one hot stock that they may have gotten as a stock tip from friends will find themselves struggling once this company experiences loss. It is a much wiser decision to consider the benefits of diversifying the portfolio and making investments in a large majority of well-rounded stocks, mutual funds & annuities. This is where the investment process is really maximized. People that are trying to put everything into a couple of stops are going to suffer once they have companies that experience losses. It is easier to balance out the portfolio by investing in abundant stock choices.


Felipe Montoro Jens Highlights How Public-Private Partnerships Can Help Improve Sanitation In The Country

The government has announced its plans to enter into an agreement with the BNDES to improve the sanitation in the country. Edison Carlos, the president of Trata Brasil, which is an institute that focuses on basic sanitation, noted some important points about the initiative in a recent interview. Edison believes that the initiative will help to improve sanitation regarding its management, structural and resource areas. Felipe Montoro Jens, a specialist in infrastructural projects, noted that the initiative would help to decrease the waste levels in the country.


During the interview, Edison was quick to note that public entities perform approximately 90% of sanitation services in Brazil. He notes that out of the 90%, 70% of them are served by the state organizations. Edison believes that the presence of private initiative should not be a reason to exclude the public since the public and private organizations can deliver better services if there are collaboration and cooperation.


BNDES is set to develop customized and actionable plans in the states where they serve depending on the situation on the ground in these states. Edison noted that the bank intends to tailor the project to meet the needs of every state. Felipe Montoro pointed out that massive loss of water was one of the reasons of the outflow of financial resources from the state organizations in the water sector since it is hard to receive the services performed when there is such wastage.


About Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro was in 2010 appointed as the director of Braskem S.A where he worked until 2013. Felipe has also served as a board member with Concessionaria. Due to his outstanding performance, Montoro was appointed to become the chairman of the board. Mr. Felipe specializes in infrastructure and has given his views on the wake of Brazilian government partnering with BNDES.

Investment Tips According To Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a former banker and retired investor having largely pursued his career at home in Brazil. The many positions he has held in Brazil’s leading banks have seen him develop into and expert investment advisor. He currently resides in Florida and participates in investments as a hobby. Working as an investor has seen him gather a lot of invaluable experience. He has done a lot regarding guiding other investors in creating long term successful investments.


Working for leading banks in Brazil’s leading banks meant he managed a large percentage of the country’s gross economy. He made a name for himself by successfully playing his required role in this industry. Even though still in retirement, Igor Cornelsen currently works for Bainbridge Group as its proprietor. His role is to oversee investment in the stock market and foreign exchange investment. He has also invested in this company besides being its consultant.


On social media especially Facebook, he primarily shares links informing on various issues. The issues he focuses on include politics, investment, economics, society, and health. As a consultant in the investment sector, Cornelsen offers deep insight on current industry trends. One of the best pieces of advice he could give you is on investing in bad stocks. By doing this, instead of investing in broken companies will assure you returns in the long term. Money back guaranteed.


Cornelsen’s business model lays great importance to a company’s history. But according to him, focusing on a company’s productivity should come first. This approach has been vital to many of his clients in making investment decisions. He goes on to advice on why it is important not to leave understanding stock matters to the brokers. The money is yours so take responsibility.


It is also paramount that you check on the investment agent’s credibility before involving them. Do a thorough background check bearing in mind that the money is yours to lose. Another crucial investment tip Cornelsen can give is diversifying. This is important in ensuring that the risk is spread. Fluctuations in the market will see you with a better chance of gaining something even if you lose some. Lastly, he advises in investing in something you are passionate about.

Brazil Announces a Mega Basic Sanitation Improvement Project with BNDES

The Brazilian government working in conjunction with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) recently struck a concession package deal. The initiative brings great tidings for the nation’s water conservation efforts. Felipe Montoro recently conducted an interview with Trata’s President and CEO, Mr. Edison Carlos. Trata is a leading service provider operating in the waste handling industry. The project ought to culminate in robust waste processing plants getting set up and better practices being used to manage this delicate process.


Millions of Liters Wasting Away Daily


As it stands, Brazil seems to have a huge sanitation services problem. The state has completely been overwhelmed by the burgeoned population which places extra pressure on the existing infrastructure. Private entities only control less than 30% of all the basic sanitation services required in the vast South American Nation. According to Edison of Trata Inc.,partnerships ought to be encouraged as they would lead to increased efficiency in this realm.


Innovative Solutions Proposed


The interview by Felipe Montoro Jens points out how the project plans to deal with the recurrent problem associated with water wastage in the process. Edison argues that private companies being better funded are best equipped to help curb the loss of the valuable resource: Water. The post reveals three important aspects Edison utilizes to judge the overall efficiency of a service provider. First, the strategies and innovations an organization adopt speak volumes about the expected quality of services and product it offers. An efficient establishment is one which consistently satisfies all the needs and demands of their clientele. Finally, Carlos looks at the costs involved in setting up and running the venture. The type of organizational structure, private or public company, is a non-issue in determining a top notch water management service company, says Edison.


About Felipe Montoro Jens


Felipe Montoro, 45, is the CEO of the Brazilian-registered company, Energipar Captacao S.A. He’s worked in various capacities and top positions at several global companies, according to his official Bloomberg executive profile.

Edison Carlos and Felipe Montoro Jens Discuss Updated Concessions to Brazilian Sanitation Services

With the recent announcement of the Brazilian government’s latest concessions to partner with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development or BNDES, Trata Brasil’s president, Edison Carlos permitted an interview for Felipe Montoro Jens to clear some important issues up in terms of this big initiative. Edison maintains that these new dealings will prove promising for the enhancement of structural service development, management and resources. Though the arising concerns regarding decreased waste levels were indeed brought to his attention throughout the interview by Felipe Montoro Jens, Edison did do his part by offering insightful facts and figures to the infrastructure projects specialist.

As approximately 90% of the country’s elementary sanitation services are handled by their public power sector and around 70% of Brazilians are served by local state sanctioned organizations, Edison was adamant that the private initiative’s existence should most definitely be made public. Trata Brasil’s president further analyzed that these two essential managerial procedures could ultimately become far more advantageous to citizens if they merely begin to work together more harmoniously.

Edison Carlos later made mention of the governing bodies obvious maintenance of such an admirable level of experience that it could potentially be leveraged within business partnerships among corporations. Due to his experience on a board of directors as a chief financial officer, Felipe Montoro Jens was able to ask the truly hard hitting questions that the people need to know. Jens gained information about the water loss in certain areas causing the extensive financial pitfalls of resources for the state’s water sector companies.

Given Jens’ history both with Brazil and abroad working among the ethanol industry along with the water and sewage industry, he has gained the expertise and foresight to understand the complexities of Brazil’s vast governmental operating systems and the consulting/developing prowess necessary to enhance the private enterprise resources.


Felipe Montoro Jens Supports Infrastructure

Felipe Montoro Jens partook in the GLA gathering for expanding infrastructure concessions in Brazil. The outcome was a meeting of some of Brazil’s most influential representatives. Lenders, financiers, intermediaries, and governmental grant writers were in participation. Felipe Montoro Jens said that specific organizations have the best structure as far as government contracts for foundation. About the gathering, he stated, “CO and CIO are great writers and compose great articles about infrastructure.” He feels that the best arrangement for a workshop is one that unites the components vital for open exchange and intelligent discussion.

Numerous occasions were happening in a small area; everything was within a general proximity. The GLA is set up very efficiently; one occasion will be held in a particular area; the inns and various workshops will be close by. Numerous promoters can meet and examine new ventures, private discussions, and broad perspectives of associations. Chances to converse with financial specialists are in abundance. Banks, multilaterals, and portfolio managers were there to help encourage the stream of assets into Brazil’s infrastructure ventures.


Felipe Montoro Jens started working in the public sector; afterwards, he chose to work in the prominent private sector. His resume as an infrastructure specialist is impressive. He held a respectable position as Director of Concesionaria Trasvase Olmos S.A. where he worked, regulated, and kept up the Trasvase of the Olmos project (Brazilian water irrigation). Jens has voiced his professional opinion that the water irrigation infrastructure, and conceivable enhancements, are fundamental to improving life in Brazil. Jens has also stated that the absence of water is the fundamental driver of public subsidizing for infrastructure by banks and other financiers. The president said that, currently, Brazil requires the fastidiousness of corporations so that there is a colossal change in the budget of open infrastructure improvements. Felipe Montoro Jens supports the governmental checks and balances.