How Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Are Visionaries

In the fashion industry, it can sometimes be hard to come up with new ideas. Since there are so many people who are visionaries, it can be even harder to get the point across to the way that people are able to do different things. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg knew that they wanted to be able to try new things with the fashion industry and they knew that their ability to do this would be completely dependent on how they set their business apart from others. This is something that made it easier for them to bring new life into the fashion world.


What Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg realized was that nearly nobody had honed in on the athletic fashion market. They wanted to do this and make it a part of the business that they were starting so they set about coming up with fashionable options that they could use to make things better for people who were in different areas and for people who wanted to be able to get all of the fashion choices that they could when they were looking for the workout gear that they could use in different situations.


For the men to be able to do all of this, they had to make sure that they were the best and that they got their name out there. This is where their true expertise came in at. They had worked ads business people before and most of the things that they did in the business world revolved around marketing. Both Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg were excellent marketers and they took this into account when they decided that they were going to make their business the best that it could be. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg tried to make things better and tried to show people what they were missing in their athletic field.


The thought of making things better for their own business was something that encouraged Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg to keep trying with Fabletics. They wanted to show people what they could get out of their workout when they felt good about themselves. There were many new ways that the men worked together and some ways that they tried to put things ahead of others. By prioritizing, they created the perfect business and were able to try new things with the options that they had laid out before them.

Don Ressler & Adam Goldenberg Dominate in The World of Fashion

When Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg crossed each other’s paths, it was not only the beginning of a new friendship but also great business deals. The two men who have a background of being in the commercial industry for long, have been able to make great strides in regards to fashion, the blended technology and the consumer demands which are varied in nature. After selling a company to Intermix Media Don and Adam decided to partner and venture into fashion and beauty which was mainly online. The main reason being the high demand in the two business entities. Many fashion houses are coming up every second of the day with fabulous designs that leave people gasping for breath. About beauty products, the industry is exploding with men and women wanting to look glamorous. Therefore, the two had it right when they choose fashion and beauty.


The strategy worked well for them. There is nothing that takes the client off their feet than the ability for one to be able to create something that they want. Everyone has a different preferential when it comes to colors, size, fabric and all that. These factors were lacking in the market. Tapping into the widened gap, the creative duo came up with TechFab and JustFab. The two innovations turned out to be a total success. This is mainly because they offered personalized designs according to the specifications given by the client.


Their next strategy was the athletic wear. Honestly speaking finding athletic wears that are for plus size is quite a hurdle and at times the athletes would end up with leggings, bras, and shirts that are too tight for them because may be it is presumed the plus size are not actively involved in sporting activities. They came up with Fabletics, and the brand turned out to be not only enticing but also fresh in the market.


Their members are treated to amazing discounts on every clothing they both. The teaming up with actress Kate Hudson who is also a co-founder in marketing their clothing line more so for the women who wear plus size was another advantage to their business. It made women to view themselves differently and accept their body sizes as they are as they live healthy lives.


The brick and mortar technology that is enjoyed by their retail members allows them to go through a scan that suggests what is best for every client was the best technology innovation for their business. These two, are the people to watch in the next five years.

The Latest on JustFab Turned TechStyle and What it Means

JustFab had a busy year in 2016, and just when things were heating up for another successful year, CEO Adam Goldenberg decided to change the company name to TechStyle. The name change is significant to those who are familiar with the company, or better yet those who are customers with JustFab. The name change is predicated upon the fact that the company is digital and above all it’s fashionable. This online retailer according to Adam Goldenberg, providing the latest trends at an affordable price to women has branched out into so much more. Based in California, this company is no different from its neighbors in that a name change and a change in image is quite common.

JustFab was founded in 2010 by Goldenberg and his friend and partner Don Ressler. The company was rooted in fashion but grounded on the internet, marrying the concept of fashion and e-commerce. While every retailer has a website, JustFab was a unique concept on This digital fashion company was geared to not only help individuals find the latest fashions at an affordable price, but it was also designed to create some buzz about who is in the know regarding the world of fashion. There were numerous portfolio brands including Fabletics, FabKids, and the beloved Shoe Dazzle. All of the brands were tied to the original Fabletics name, raking in millions at

The goal from the inception of the company was to make it easier for people to shop, but also to give shoppers the value they love and deserve while looking great. The brand caught on quickly, and the membership the company offered to get a discount and get access to special offers is known as their VIP program. This program on was designed in part to raise the bar on the name of the retailer, as well as to invoke a feeling of who’s who in the latest trends.

Although the company has expanded and continues to make changes, the data continues to help Adam Goldenberg and his partners provide the best value every day. Vital information from the data helps this fashion giant bring more to the table including personalizing the shopping experience. Along with an upgrade in marketing efforts, the company is looking forward to another successful year.

Brazil Announces a Mega Basic Sanitation Improvement Project with BNDES

The Brazilian government working in conjunction with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) recently struck a concession package deal. The initiative brings great tidings for the nation’s water conservation efforts. Felipe Montoro recently conducted an interview with Trata’s President and CEO, Mr. Edison Carlos. Trata is a leading service provider operating in the waste handling industry. The project ought to culminate in robust waste processing plants getting set up and better practices being used to manage this delicate process.


Millions of Liters Wasting Away Daily


As it stands, Brazil seems to have a huge sanitation services problem. The state has completely been overwhelmed by the burgeoned population which places extra pressure on the existing infrastructure. Private entities only control less than 30% of all the basic sanitation services required in the vast South American Nation. According to Edison of Trata Inc.,partnerships ought to be encouraged as they would lead to increased efficiency in this realm.


Innovative Solutions Proposed


The interview by Felipe Montoro Jens points out how the project plans to deal with the recurrent problem associated with water wastage in the process. Edison argues that private companies being better funded are best equipped to help curb the loss of the valuable resource: Water. The post reveals three important aspects Edison utilizes to judge the overall efficiency of a service provider. First, the strategies and innovations an organization adopt speak volumes about the expected quality of services and product it offers. An efficient establishment is one which consistently satisfies all the needs and demands of their clientele. Finally, Carlos looks at the costs involved in setting up and running the venture. The type of organizational structure, private or public company, is a non-issue in determining a top notch water management service company, says Edison.


About Felipe Montoro Jens


Felipe Montoro, 45, is the CEO of the Brazilian-registered company, Energipar Captacao S.A. He’s worked in various capacities and top positions at several global companies, according to his official Bloomberg executive profile.