Whitney Wolfe Transforms The Society Using Technology

Whitney Wolfe is a feminist, and she is empowering women through technology. In today’s world, life hustles can take the better part of an individual, and this can make a person to have very little time for him/herself. Technology has advanced to the point that it is forcing everything into the digital age. Conventional methods that used to be applied in the process of undertaking activities don’t cut it anymore, and life is continually transforming so that people are forced to cope up with the face pace that technology is changing the world, or end up being left behind.

Dating used to be an activity that required people to meet up and have a face to face discussion. Nowadays, people are continually embracing digital dating applications that can be installed in mobile handsets. The apps have come in very handy in ensuring that the entire process is successful without the need of a physical meet-up.

Entrepreneurs of the digital age such as Whitney Wolfe are benefiting massively from the success that has come about as a result of digitization of services. Her application, which is known as Bumble, has gained massive prominence among the masses simply because of the strategy that Whitney applied when the application was being developed.

Whitney used to be faced with the challenge of approaching the male counterpart as norms dictated otherwise. Additionally, she realized that in any society, there is a higher population of women than men, and this gave her the idea of transforming everything so that women can be given the opportunity of making the initial move when meeting up with a man, and this is what led to the development of Bumble.

Whitney’s life in business engagements kicked off when she was only 19 years old. At that time, Whitney was undertaking her studies at the Southern Methodist University, and while at the institution, she helped victims of the massive oil spill that was caused by BP through the finance that she gained from the sale of bamboo totes. Additionally, she helped to establish an NGO that was known as “Help Us Project,” and all the while she was using funds from her pocket to spearhead activities that were undertaken by the organization.

After graduating from campus, she went to Southeast Asia to offer voluntary services where she mostly worked in orphanages. According to Whitney Wolfe, her greatest satisfaction in life comes from helping people to overcome their challenges, and even when she was establishing Bumble, her main objective was to help women overcome the obstacles that they usually face during dating. At the moment, Bumble has more than 20 million subscribers, and Whitney Wolfe is considered to be one of the few women in the society who is massively investing in technology.

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Whitney Wolfe Works On All-Inclusive App With Bumble

There are a lot of challenges ahead for Whitney Wolfe, but she is not worried about any of this. She seems to have a mindset to continue going forth with her vision for Bumble. This is the app that she started as innovative dating app, but she has plans to make so much more of this in the future.

Tinder is a company that was co-founded by Whitney Wolfe, but she set out to go solo with Bumble. This has been described by Whitney Wolfe, a feminist that wants to see the women take charge of their dating experience, as a better dating app. This appears to only be the beginning, however, for Whitney Wolfe and her creative Bumble app.

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At the Atlantic Washington Ideas Forum Whitney Wolfe stated that the Bumble app is more than a dating app. She mentioned that this is an app that helps you locate and find friends in your area. It is also an app that is in the experimental stages with helping people network. This is definitely a much more in-depth social media app than all of the other dating apps that are combined.

What Whitney Wolfe has done is work is combine multiple experiences of social media and bring these concepts all together under one app. This is an interesting thing for her to consider but as a young entrepreneur she felt that it was time. There are so many apps out there, and it kind of becomes time-consuming for people to log into multiple apps during the day to check with their network of friends and look at their potential dates that could possibly lead to something more. Many people don’t have time to juggle multiple social media apps so Whitney Wolfe is working to efficiently include everything in one place.

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