Recent Trial Test Findings And The Key Achievements Of Dr. Shiva GopalVasishta

Extensive research in numerous areas of study is being witnessed in the world today. The research aims at achieving findings to improve the present or the existing conditions in different fields. Numerous medical and scientific studies are also conducted to improve the health sector. Of interest is the research on drugs. Scientists strive relentlessly to formulate drugs that offer treatment options for ailments. Among these scientists is Dr. Shiva GopalVasishta.Recent trials on high-dose immunosuppressive therapy have been proven to cause multiple sclerosis. This is an autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks the central nervous system. Five years after administration of this trial treatment, 69 percent of participants survived with no side effects even without taking any additional medication. This has, in turn, shown multiple sclerosis drugs to be less effective.

The HALT-MS trial was sponsored by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. The study by these researchers has borne fruits and their three-year result findings have been published. The findings prove that HDIT treatment is fully effective. Just a one-time treatment has been proven to works way better compared to other long-term treatments for people with multiple sclerosis. The success has, therefore, prompted the development of an even larger trial to compare the treatment to the standard of care of this ailment.

Dr. Shiva GopalGopalVasishta is a neurologist in Voorhees, New Jersey. He is a graduate of Government Medical College and has over 40 years of active practice. He also specializes in Psychiatry. Presently, he practices with Kennedy Health System Cherry Hill Campus. Besides, he is a certified member of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and NJ State Medical License.Dr. Shiva GopalVasishta advises that experimental treatment is aimed at suppressing progressive diseases, and it prevents further damage through the removal of the disease-causing cells and changing the immune system. The treatment is not entirely risk-free, but the side effects are minimal.

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Plans for Expansion at the North American Spine

For the past 6 years, North American Spine has been on the forefront of treating chronic pain. With their specialized AccuraScope surgery, they have benefited thousands of working Americans. The North American Spine doctors perform the invasive surgery by making small incisions, then using a small laser that resembles a mechanical tip pen to touch the injured tissue. Within an hour, the surgery is complete and after a recovery period of a week, one is able to return to work. Patients who have undergone the surgery say it is a pain free process and one can go home after surgery.

In their 6-year growth, they have done expansions to cater for the rise in demand of patients. According to a press release by the PRNewswire made on 16 July 2015, the North American spine announced plans for their third expansion. The aim of the expansion is to create more room for any expansion plans in the future and to accommodate the increased number of patients. They are adding 4000 square feet at their headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The vice president in charge of operations at the North American Spine, Chance McElhaney, said that patients care is the top priority of the facility. The Director of public relations, Jon Sasser, asserted that more patients are satisfied with the treatment of their chronic pain from the institution.

The account managers, financial advisors, patient coordinators and computer programmers will benefit from the expansion. The increase in staff members is a good way to promote better and faster healthcare. Their doctors, who are highly specialized in orthopedic spine surgery, will have an easier time at the facility and thus, be able to perform more surgeries.

The expansion of the North American Spine is beneficial to the people of Texas who before spent millions on health care and insurance. Patients are able to save the money they use in consultation and regular hospital visits. One visit to North American Spine saves you 5 years of hospital visits while dealing with body pain. Surgeons commend this treatment for tissue problems and not bone problems.

The institution’s plan to expand will serve to ensure that patients are attended to faster and that more patients can be accommodated at the facility. The physicians are experts on issues of spine with special training on pain management, orthopedic spine surgery and neurosurgery.

Dr. Rod Rohrich: Plastic Surgeon and More

Dr. Rod Rohrich is not only a world renowned plastic surgeon, but is also a teacher and author based in Dallas, Texas. Known for his leadership and compassionate qualities, Dr. Rohrich has gained much recognition, like winning the Rod J. Rohrich, M.D. Distinguished Professorship in Wound Healing and Plastic Surgery Award.

His career began after graduating from North Dakota State as well as the University of North Dakota. He then went on to attend Baylor Medical School which is based in Houston, Texas. This college is one of the primary reasons he would eventually settle for good in the Lone Star State. His residency for plastic surgery was done at the renowned University of Michigan where Dr. Rohrich worked with surgeons such as Dr. Stephen J. Mathes and Dr. William C. Grabb. He trained further in hospitals such as the Massachusetts General Hospital at Harvard before moving on to the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center stationed in Dallas where he became an assistant professor. Throughout the rest of his career the doctor would become part of, and even begin, many organizations within the country.

Writing is another passion of Dr. Rohrich, shown by the 700 articles he’s authored about his field. He has been the editor – in – chief of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery for over a decade and has won awards for his works from the American Society of Healthcare Publication Editors. Dr. Rohrich¬†also supplies plastic surgery training programs in 38 countries, including the U.S., with curriculum.

Numerous organizations have prospered from Dr. Rod Rohrich giving them his time. He served on the Board of Directors for the March of Dimes and the American Cancer Society in Dallas. He founded the Dallas for Children Foundation and is the President of the Rod J. Rohrich, M.D. Foundation which annually funds student’s education at the University of North Dakota.

Much can be learned from this great man whose knowledge and skill helps people all over the country every day.