Why Aspiring Actors or Models Should Join Nine9 the UnAgency

Since 2003, Nine9 the UnAgency has been focusing on developing local talent. The company helps aspiring models and actors to succeed in the highly competitive entertainment industry. The company provides these emerging acts with tools, opportunities, and professional support to advance their careers.

Over the last 12 years, Nine9 Talent Agency has gained national recognition for its casting services. The company invites applications from talented individuals. After joining Nine9, you will benefit from the company’s state-of-the-art technologies and competent staff. Nine9’s professional team have over ten years of experience in building client relationships and booking. This team also treats customers with respect as a way of adhering to Nine9’s code of conduct.

Nine9’s staff also works tirelessly to ensure that new talents receive acting and modeling castings. The company is also affiliated with specialists in the entertainment industry. This affiliation enables aspiring actors and models to get opportunities. The opportunities revolve around promotional, music video, print, and runway castings.

Success Stories

Bobby L is one of the talented individuals who have benefited from Nine9’s talent management services. Before joining the company, Bobby was passionate about singing. He tried registering with casting companies with no lack. Nine9 saw his potential after he applied to join the company’s talent management program.

Steven H also got lots of acting gigs after he joined the company’s program. He got the opportunity to star in a local film. He was also featured as a host of a local TV show. Steven is grateful for Nine9’s talent management services. Just like Steven, Aliyah S also benefits from the services. As a model, the company has linked her to experienced photographers like Greg Daniels. She has also participated in several commercial photo shoots. These shoots have opened doors for her professional modeling career.


Don Ressler’s Impact on JustFab

Businessman Don Ressler is the co-founder of JustFab. The company changed its name to TechStyle Fashion Group due to expansion purposes. TechStyle remains to be the parent firm to FabKids, Fabletics, ShoeDazzle, and JustFab. The story of Don Ressler’s first company began in 2010 with Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler as the first investors of the project. In 2011, Kimora Lee Simmons joined the firm as the President and Creative Director.

The funding history of JustFab came from a few companies which include the likes of Matrix Partners which is a venture capital firm that provided JustFab with a $33 million in investment capital in 2011. In 2012, Matrix Partners and a few other investors from Bloomberg doubled their funding to $76 million. Additional companies which invested in JustFab include Intelligent Beauty, Technology Crossover Ventures, and Rho Ventures. This capital considerably boosted the firm hence enabling them to expand their products categories as well as expand their business out of the American business circles to the heart of Canada, United Kingdom, and Germany.

The success of JustFab came in from the joint efforts of numerous people, but Don Ressler was the mastermind at getting what was needed to make the company expand to where it is now. After a few months, Mr. Ressler and Goldenberg wanted to make a difference in how customers were doing their shopping. They began to provide prestigious affordable services and even fashion forward shoes and exercise clothing. With their combined effort of ingenuity and hard work, they were able to acquire another company known as Fabkids in 2013.

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Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg had been documenting their day to day successful activities which they later edited and made them a reality show which aired all their behind the scenes business activities thanks to Kimora Lee. Her idea made the company rake in lots of sales which enabled them even to venture into other countries and acquire other companies like Fab Shoes and ShoeDazzle which are run both separately.

Adam Goldenberg, actress Kate Hudson, and Don Ressler soon discovered another athletics clothes company known as Fabletics. Apart from their clothing fashion companies, they own a few brick and mortar stores. Their plan is to keep expanding to newer profitable territories.

TechStyle has revolutionized fashion and made a huge impact on the affordability of quality fashion. With this business concept spearheading the business, the trio can only continue to rake in more sales as time fades away.

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Finding The Outfit That One Wants With Don Ressler’s Company

People that take an interest in fashion often find that outfit they want. Sometimes, it is that piece of clothing as well. Either way, this is something that is coveted. With Fabletics, this is something that occurs frequently. People that are into fashion often find themselves wanting to buy clothes that they not only like, but others like. Among the things that the person may experience is the envy of others when they see the clothes that she wears. This is especially true with the active wear section. When people try to shop in the athletic section of the clothing store, they often find that there is very little when it comes to the selection of the clothes.

Fortunately, there is Fabletics which adds a twist to the active wear category of clothing. It is also here to say given the success that it is experiencing. One of the aspects to its success is that it is expanding so that more people will get to enjoy the type of clothes that this store has to offer. There are many factors to the success of this store. One factor is the types of products that the store offer. This is managed with the help of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg.

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Another factor is the plans for expansion. While it is successful in the e-commerce industry, Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler and many other people behind the company have understood that the physical store is still the primary way to reach people for many reasons. Therefore, they have decided to open up plenty of locations so that people get to experience some of the many coveted styles in the industry.

Another factor to the success is Don Ressler’s experience with fashion. JustFab is not Don Ressler’s first venture into the fashion and beauty industry. He has run other companies that have been successful. One company of Don Ressler was Intermix and the other company was Intelligent Beauty. These companies both offered fashion for women. One of Don Ressler’s reasons for going into the fashion is that he knows how it feels to like one’s own appearance. Don Ressler wants women to experience this.

Don Ressler Makes Clothes Affordable and Makes Millions in the Process

Women don’t want really cheap clothes because many of them know – from experience – that these garments will not last very long. The average woman that is part of the working class does not have the money to afford the very expensive clothes. Most women that are looking for clothes are interested in clothing for the middle ground. They want something that is not too expensive and not too cheap. Don Ressler was aware of this. He conveniently gave people access to a middle ground with prices that were affordable and the clothing was both trendy and durable.

JustFab and Fabletics have been the companies that have made him money. These are both companies that have clothing exclusively for women, and there are a variety of items available all on one site. There are shoes, belts, jeans, skirts and tops on the JustFab website that have given people access to affordable clothing. This was a very important thing that would get people excited about this website. It would prove to be the thing that would make people pay attention to the commercials the most. Seeing shoes for $39.95 is an attention getter for most women. This low price would lead women to all the other garments and accessories that are available on the website. He would make this JustFab website successful, and then he would take this idea of affordable fashion, coupled with subscription service, to the athletic world. He would prove that he could put another great spin on affordable fashion and market to females that want to look stylish when they were working out. This is something that has made people take notice of what Don Ressler was planning to do next.

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The next company would be Fabletics. This would be co-owned by Adam Goldenberg and business newcomer Kate Hudson. Don Ressler had already invested partnered with Adam Goldenberg for Intelligent Beauty. Both of these entrepreneurs had already worked in social media so they knew that they could use social media to boost the Fabletics brand. Kate Hudson helped him build up his company. This would be the thing that would take this brand to the next level.

All of these different companies have survived largely because Don Ressler has been able to roll with the trends. He knows what is popular and he makes every attempt and stay up ahead of the competition in e-commerce sales.

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The Success of Fabletics

Fabletics was founded in 2013 by Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler. Fabletics is an online retailer that sells athletic apparel for men and women. Fabletics has over 1 million subscribers and the company has grown to become a 250 million dollar business in only 3 years. Fabletics has opened several retail stores in the United States over the past year and they plan on opening more depending on the market interest data through their website. Fabletics is in the process of creating a reverse showroom. This company has come a long way in the 3 short years that they have been opened. Fabletics has recently opened their first brick and mortar store in Florida, which is located in Tampa.

Fabletics has recently launched an aggressive plan to open more brick and mortar stores in the United States. There is currently 18 brick and mortar stores in the United States and Fabletics plans to open 24 more brick and mortar stores in the United States next year.

Fabletics currently sells athletic apparel for men and women. Fabletics is expanding their collection and they are starting to develop apparel such as swimwear and dresses for the upcoming spring season in 2017. Fabletics is trying to expand while reaching out to more customers who may not be interested in athletic apparel. As Kate Hudson has always said, Fabletics is always inclusive.

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Fabletics has increasingly succeeded by using their reverse showroom strategy. Most stores aren’t succeeding in the terrible economy that the United States has, but Fabletics has successful brick and mortar stores. Fabletics picks out personalized apparel for each member on their website. By using this data, it is helping them in their brick and mortar stores because they already know what consumers are looking for from the moment they walk through the door.

Fabletics has come such a long way because of their accessibility, the people, and their culture. Fabletics has created a unique line of apparel that is significantly different compared to other brands. Fabletics has built a good relationship with their customers and their customers depend on Fabletics for their latest fashion needs. The company offers many promotions through their website and in their brick and mortar stores. These promotions keep their customers coming back. Fabletics is always coming out with new apparel which is another attraction that keeps their customers coming back for more. Fabletics has come up with an ideal business strategy and it’s paying off.

Learn more about Fabletics: https://www.facebook.com/Fabletics/



Fall’s Colorful Beauty Breakthroughs

When the seasons change there’s a different feeling in the air. There’s a feeling that brings on an urge to change up the wardrobe, try a new hairstyle and even try out some of the new ideas in beauty products out there. It’s a time to get brave and start experimenting with new colors, tones and shades. A look through the latest beauty magazines gives a glimpse of what is hot this season and what some of the new trends are. A lot of what we’re seeing is very creatively inspiring.


Iridescence and shimmer are definitely on the agenda for fall, and these are looks that can go from very subtle to very bold, depending on the mood and where a woman will be seen. A subtle shimmer on the eyelids is a fabulous look with a nude palette. This look uses very subtle pale nude shadows and lip color to give a look that’s smokey and subtle. A bit of light shimmering powder on the eyelids and on the cheekbones gives the nude look even more impact.

Another type of shimmer that’s quite a bit more bold is the Zodiac Glitter pots from Lime Crime cosmetics. Lime Crime is a bold new brand that’s the brainchild of Internet Entrepreneur Doe Deere, who created the brand to help women make more of a “rock and roll” statement in their makeup. The Zodiac glitters are shimmery and beautiful and bold as can be. They come in colors ranging from purple to orange to green and silver, and they stay on with Glitter Helper adhesive. These iridescent glitters give lips and eyes a total glow that’s totally wow.


Lips are always in fashion, no matter what the season, and women who love big and bold looks will find plenty of great products to make her lips incredibly kissable. Lime Crime has a full line of lip colors that range from the bold matte colors of the Unicorn Lipsticks, to the glossy colors of the popular Velvetines lip glosses. Both of these lipsticks go on smooth, bold and big, and the colors are totally stunning. Women can choose lip colors in electric blue, deep purple, wild yellow, mushroom beige and almost every shade in between. These lip colors make a definite statement, and it’s a statement that says “Yes, my lips are beautiful!”

As fall turns to winter, there’s no reason to fade back into last year’s colors. There are gorgeous beauty products out there from innovative brands like Lime Crime that will change an ordinary look to one that’s utterly high impact and totally unforgettable.