Whitney Wolfe Transforms The Society Using Technology

Whitney Wolfe is a feminist, and she is empowering women through technology. In today’s world, life hustles can take the better part of an individual, and this can make a person to have very little time for him/herself. Technology has advanced to the point that it is forcing everything into the digital age. Conventional methods that used to be applied in the process of undertaking activities don’t cut it anymore, and life is continually transforming so that people are forced to cope up with the face pace that technology is changing the world, or end up being left behind.

Dating used to be an activity that required people to meet up and have a face to face discussion. Nowadays, people are continually embracing digital dating applications that can be installed in mobile handsets. The apps have come in very handy in ensuring that the entire process is successful without the need of a physical meet-up.

Entrepreneurs of the digital age such as Whitney Wolfe are benefiting massively from the success that has come about as a result of digitization of services. Her application, which is known as Bumble, has gained massive prominence among the masses simply because of the strategy that Whitney applied when the application was being developed.

Whitney used to be faced with the challenge of approaching the male counterpart as norms dictated otherwise. Additionally, she realized that in any society, there is a higher population of women than men, and this gave her the idea of transforming everything so that women can be given the opportunity of making the initial move when meeting up with a man, and this is what led to the development of Bumble.

Whitney’s life in business engagements kicked off when she was only 19 years old. At that time, Whitney was undertaking her studies at the Southern Methodist University, and while at the institution, she helped victims of the massive oil spill that was caused by BP through the finance that she gained from the sale of bamboo totes. Additionally, she helped to establish an NGO that was known as “Help Us Project,” and all the while she was using funds from her pocket to spearhead activities that were undertaken by the organization.

After graduating from campus, she went to Southeast Asia to offer voluntary services where she mostly worked in orphanages. According to Whitney Wolfe, her greatest satisfaction in life comes from helping people to overcome their challenges, and even when she was establishing Bumble, her main objective was to help women overcome the obstacles that they usually face during dating. At the moment, Bumble has more than 20 million subscribers, and Whitney Wolfe is considered to be one of the few women in the society who is massively investing in technology.

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Keeping Up With Lime Crime Cosmetics

The Woman Who Is Behind The Line
Doe Deere is the woman who is behind the famous cosmetic line called Lime Crime. Doe Deere is a woman who always had a love for bright and beautiful colors. She had the idea to start a business selling clothes that she made herself. She wanted to incorporate her love of color and style into her clothing line. Deere would use herself for a model when she showcased her clothing, and she found that her fans liked the way that her makeup looked. They would make various comments, and that really made her think about working more with makeup.

The Makeup Line Begins
Doe Deere began to mix colors from different makeups, and she found that she was not happy with the amount of pigmentation that regular makeup offered, so she started to use theatrical makeup as well; theatrical makeup is not generally made for everyday use, so Deere needed to find a good middle ground. Deere wanted to be able to create a makeup brand that was unique and that offered individuals the opportunity to showcase their face in the same way that they would showcase their clothing. Deere wanted her makeup line to be bright, bold, and beautiful. That is how she got the idea for Lime Crime cosmetics. Doe Deere was able to start up her cosmetics brand with just a couple hundred dollars and her dream.

This Is What You Use To Design Your Face
Now Lime Crime cosmetics is a cosmetic line that is sold around the world. Doe Deere has been able to help her brand to amass a huge fan base of individuals who love makeup and thrive on color. The fans of this cosmetic line are called unicorns, because they are beautiful and unique. Deere’s cosmetic line offers its customers a wide range of colors when it comes to eyeshadows, brushes, and lipsticks. They offer more than the traditional colors because this cosmetic line wants to give people a variety of choices when it comes to the way that they design their face. https://www.pinterest.com/limecrime/

Lime Crime Finally Launches Unique Unicorn Inspired Hair Dye

If you’re struggling to stay up to date with today’s trend when it comes to unicorn themed anything, look no further. Lime Crime has fully launched its very own line of unicorn inspired hair dye. The semi permanent hair dyes come in a variety of 13 shades, ranging from colors the company refers to as dirty mermaid (a muted sea foam green) and leeloo (a traffic stopping orange). These vibrant and uniquely named dyes will last anywhere from 8-12 washes depending on what type of coverage you buy. Lime Crime offers both a tint and full coverage starting at only $16 per jar, you can snag them for pretty cheap. The rainbow hued hair dye is animal friendly and uses only vegan ingredients. The company guarantees that no testing is ever done on animals and they plant to stay that way. In addition to being animal cruelty free, Lime Crime never uses any harsh chemicals in any of their products, like bleach or ammonia.


Lime Crime’s hyper performance semi permanent hair color does not fade like many other hair dyes do. This vibrant hue of rainbow fantasy is sure to remain as majestic as a unicorn itself. The dye fades very gracefully and leaves hair feeling silky smooth while giving off the scent of a peaceful and relaxing meadow. Absolutely no damage is done to your hair, so you get all the benefits of mixing up your personal style without the dry tanglely hair. Application is a super simple process , taking one to two hours depending on what vibrance you want your hair color to come off as. They recommend leaving the hair dye in for only one hour if you want to go with more of a pastel unicorn look and two hours if you want the full unicorn effect. Be sure to check out these amazing dyes while they last.

Lime Crime’s New Unicorn Colors For Hair

When it comes to color, there’s one daringly cutting edge, utterly independent cosmetics firm that has a major edge on the competition. No, it’s not one of those household names you see in every drug and grocery store on the block. This cosmetics brand is one that made a major name for itself and did it her way, by building up a major online audience of devoted young women who think style is what it’s all about.


The firm is Lime Crime, and it’s a cutting-edge company that’s the brainchild of Russian emigre Doe Deere. Deere knows about color, and she’s made vibrant color work in a whole different way for her customers. This brand has matte lip colors in just about every color of the unicorn rainbow, from hot pinks to iridescent purples to forest green, electric blue and more. This company also offers an incredible line of shadows in coordinating colors, and the overall effect is to make this makeup line’s users look utterly stunning and dynamically colorful.


So, what next, you ask? What more could this amazing company do with color to amp up a young woman’s style? The answer is simple: Unicorn Hair Color. Yes, this amazing brand is now going full speed into the colorful hair color world, with a new line of semi-permanent hair colors that redefine what color is all about! These colors, which include shades like Pony (a bright lavender), Strawberry Jam (bright, light red) and Salad (bright green)are bright and beautiful. These hair colors are also all vegan and contain no ammonia or bleach, so they won’t harm your hair. They are designed to fade slowly, so the look is lovely the whole way.


When it’s time to get a whole new look, check out the styles in Unicorn Hair Color, from Lime Crime!


Lime Crime – Welcome

If you’re a true fan and diligent follower of the cosmetics-favorite brand, Lime Crime, then you must know that it’s not only these cosmetic formulas that are rainbow-covered. The CEO and founder, Doe Deere, has sported these cotton candy strands for numerous years now. This self-professed Queen of the Unicorns has used her own hair as an inspiration for the newest product launch. After three diligent years of development, the company has now launched and announced Unicorn Hair, a special added range of 13 unique and semi-permanent hair dye selections for you to indulge in. Unicorn Hair has posted all the information on the landing page for the official Lime Crime website: www.limecrime.com.


Since the new release, numerous new fans have joined the list as well – young ladies who had never even heard of Lime Crime or of Doe Deere; they signed up for the blog list and email newsletter in order to stay informed on the newest developments. They are now also informed regarding plenty of other details about each product, including where to buy and where to find online discount codes or coupons. The new colors include Baby Pink and Stone Gray and even feature highly-creative names, such as Salad – a light green selection – and Leeloo – a vivid orange designed to pay homage to The Fifth Element’s Milla Jovovich character with her punchy hair. The new product formulas are also 100 percent vegan-free and cruelty-free.


Even more interesting, you may now choose from two varying formulas: full coverage or tint. Though full coverage is made to add deeper and richer pigment to your strands, tint should be utilized to create special pastel glazing on those platinum blond hairs. Overall, this company recommends that you use such dyes on medium-blond or lighter colors.


Like all semi-permanent rainbow colors, the lifespan of your dye job depends on how you treat your hair. If you’re cautious, it’ll likely last for up to six weeks. Go online to see all 13 shades displayed in glory, and sign up for additional updates on upcoming releases as they become available.

Lime Crime Makeup: “I’m A Modern Day Believer”

I’ve been wearing makeup since I was 13, and yes, I’ve always been a bit of a rebel. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more skilled at applying it and also more discerning about what cosmetics I like applying to my face. I search for quality, super pigments, uniqueness and makeup that offers style and a modern look.


Maybe that is why I and my girlfriends are drawn to Lime Crime makeup. It’s at the forefront of beauty, pop culture and trends. I really like the eye shadows and lipsticks for their playful vibe.


I used to wear drugstore beige and nude makeup looks, but I got bored, felt like I looked like a corpse, etc. It felt like I was wearing a uniform, but there wasn’t any other brand out there presenting the future.


Doe Deere is the CEO and founder of the brand, and she is a very creative businesswoman who debuted the company in 2008. Doe Deere wasn’t sure how many people would be drawn to Lime Crime or if people would understand her oddly colored palettes. It was an e-commerce venture which is never easy to maintain longevity on, but she made it work to her advantage.


I enjoy following the makeup brand on Instagram, and yes, I am one of the 3 million followers who enjoy checking out the beautiful and striking photos of people wearing Doe Deere’s makeup. It’s a wonderful community that reaches across the globe, and we all get it. We understand what Doe Deere is trying to sell us. It’s all about the self-empowerment you gain when you let go and allow your soul to come through.


In other words, applying Lime Crime makeup is freeing and bold. It lets you define what you believe is pretty; it’s a personal experience.


My favorites at the moment include the Hi-Lites, a gorgeous 3-piece palette of shimmering highlighters made with prismatic technology. The stuff makes your cheekbones look high and full. I also adore the classic and cult favorite Venus palette. The eye shadows are like bruised peaches with rusts and soft reds. https://www.beserk.com.au/collections/lime-crime

Lime Crime Makeup: Fantastical, Naughty And Totally Glam

Doe Deere always appears to be one step ahead of the trends in beauty. The CEO and founder of Lime Crime makeup keeps introducing new lipsticks and eye shadows, and then the giant cosmetics companies try to play catch-up. Even the fashion runways have adopted some of Lime Crime’s famous crazy makeup shades.

For example, Acne’s models wore striking grey lipstick down the runways to celebrate their spring/summer collection. Doe Deere already sells an amazing and popular lipstick shade called “Cement.”

Doe Deere launched the company in 2008, when bold and naughty makeup like hers was still a bit underground. Today, the brand has found its way on to the red carpet, at magazine photo shoots, on the street and around the world. Her brand likes breaking the traditional rules of beauty and giving the power back to the one who wears Lime Crime.

On Instagram, the brand enjoys being the prom queen, if you will, with three million followers and counting. Doe Deere built the brand on e-commerce and believes that online shopping is the wave of the future.

What sets this company apart from the others is its trendy, sexy makeup with strong, beautiful pigments. The brand is all about the fantasy and creating your own definition of beauty.

The makeup features odd, radical shades that you rarely see anywhere else. Like cement, there is also peacock blue, alien green, squash, schroom and so many others that elicit a different beauty. The brand’s iconic lipsticks in the Veletines and Unicorn collections are liquid to matte in formula and won’t rub off. You can even make out in them; we won’t tell.

The sexy eye shadows also offer incredible pigments that resemble bruised fruit, as in the cult favorite Venus palettes. There is also glitter, iridescence and crystals for adornment.

Doe Deere understands the world of beauty and how it should develop in modern times. Her company features unconventional makeup and is proud of it. There’s no apologizing for finding your beauty voice; just put some on and go.

Lime Crime is an independent company based in L.A.


Lime Crime Introduces The Unicorn Hair Dye

The biggest trend right now in hair color is the rainbow aka unicorn hair color. Lime Crime has introduced 13 eye popping colors in this new line. The ingredients are vegan based and are ammonia and bleach free. This makes it safe for all hair types. The unicorn hair dye comes in full coverage or tint. Full coverage last between 10 and 12 washes. Tints last about 8 to 10 washes. It all depends on how you care for your hair on how long the color last. Frequent washing’s can cause it to fade quicker.


The 13 vibrant shades are dirty mermaid, neon peach, salad, bunny, sext, jello, anime, leeloo, pony, chocolate cherry, strawberry jam, blue smoke, and gargoyle. Full coverage gives you that deep, vibrant color, richly pigmented strands. Tints are best used on light blonds, to create that pastel color on the hair. Lime Crime recommends that you use these colors on medium blond to lighter blond hair for best results. If your hair is darker, it is best to have a professional pre-lighten your hair to achieve optimal, beautifully, rich pigmented hair. If you use these colors on darker hair, it will show up more like a tint instead of full coverage.


This is the greatest trend to hit the market now. Unicorn hair is creating a buzz and many are wanting to achieve this beautiful array of rainbow colors. And you can get creative with the colors by mixing and matching to create your own custom color. The application process is simple and requires just a pair of gloves, an old t-shirt, applicator brush, bowl, and clips. The color doesn’t color your whole life but with the deeper shades of color, minimal amount of transfer on your pillow or towel could occur.


Lime Crime worked on this project for 3 years and it is now making its debut into the beauty industry. Doe Deere, Lime Crime’s founder, has been sporting vivid colors on her gorgeous locks for years. She used her own hair as the inspiration for this new endeavor.

Get Vibrant Hair Dye Color Options With Lime Crime

Experience intricate colors that have left thousands of girls and guys around the world unapologetic. Lime Crime offers revolutionary colors that give you choices like Radical Metallic and Purple Sorbet. They offer an amazing thirteen colors to choose from with their new hair dye options. You get a jar that measures 700 ml and is good for one application or two touch-ups. Their fantasy-inspired dyes bring out the inner unicorn deep within their users. LC Unicorn hair dyes is a hit among their 2.4 million Instagram followers. Take your colors to a entire new threshold with colors that are hard to find with their competitors.


Get the amazing LEAP Bunny hypoallergenic products that are safe for all hair care types and skin. You can rest assured that their products are 100% cruelty-free products. Their customers offer over a hundred shades of colors that will beautify your lips and eyelids. The Lime Crime creator and CEO, Doe Deere, has always had an unique approach to bright and vibrant colors and decided to use that talent to brand her hair dye collection. She learned how to market her colors and created her brand shortly after design school. Now, she has used her unconventional way of thinking about colors to expand to hair dyes color options.


You can mix and match their products with great accessories and clothing items from Dolls Kills. They also offer a YouTube tutorial that will give you actual customers around their world that have created great ways to mix, match, blend, and accessorize their products through video tutorials available for free. They offer an amazing collection of super-foil cosmetics that were one of the first of their kind and have quickly became popular. Their hair dye collection has become seemingly as popular for their bright and sultry colors.


You can learn more about Lime Crime by visiting their exclusive website. They offer many first-time promotional offers for their customers to choose from. Get colors that will mix and match well with your outfits and current mood.