Michael Burwell Is One Of The Top Businessmen In The Financial Sector

Michael Burwell was named as the new chief financial officer of Global advisory insurance and reinsurance that he is to replace Roger Millay who had plans of retiring on 2nd October 2017. John Haley who works at Willis Towers Watson as the chief executive officer was the one who commented on the news. Saying that they are excited to have Mike join the team. The company was at a critical point because of the evolution. The skills that Mike has in understanding the managing, leading and driving the complex situation in getting results. They are confident that with his skills in finance, transactions, and transformation he is the right person for the job in achieving the long-term goals. Allowing the company to achieve their full potential as Willis Towers Watson.


Roger has been working with the company for long, and because of his tremendous leadership, he has positioned the firm for future success. The Willis towers company focuses on broker solutions, where they will get involved with the client in protecting themselves from risks so that to enable growth. In 1828 was when the company was founded and over the years it has been able to grow where it has ventured into 140 countries while the number of people they have employed is 4000. Their core business is being able to protect companies and individuals from any risk.


For 31 years, Michael Burwell has been a successful businessman who has worked with Pricewaterhouse Coopers. In the company, he served in so many sectors. At first, he started as the auditor for the client’s insurances practices in this position he worked for 11 years. He later moved and started a partnership in 1997 which lead to the start of the transaction services practice. After he was appointed 2008, Michael further worked being the chief financial officer while still attaining the position of vice chairman. Go Here for related Information.


His 31 years of career constituted of him being in the audit department for 11 years and 12 years in the department of transaction service advisory. Also, he worked at the section of valuation and pre-merger. Again, what was seen in this role is nothing else but success and still maintaining the so many positions like senior relationship partner, chief financial officer and head of the transaction. Besides, Michael Burwell is a holder of the CPA from Michigan State University, where he studied for the Bachelor of Art in business administration.


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