The Ever Shining Investment Star Of Paul Mampilly

Regularly featured on some of the main media networks including Bloomberg TV, Fox Business News and CNBC, Paul Mampilly has become a household name to many viewers. His reputation, however, as one of the most insightful investment advisors is not built solely on his media appearances. His great knowledge and long experience in the financial sector has made him one of the most sought-after professionals in the world of investment today.

A Strong Foundation

Paul graduated from Montclair State University with a BBA in Finance and Accounting. Later, he earned his Finance MBA from the Fordham Graduate School of Business. Among the firms he worked for in the early years of his career are Bankers Trust (where he was a portfolio manager), ING, Deutsche Bank, and Royal Bank of Scotland.

A Rising Star

Many companies with billions of dollars under their fold soon realized Paul’s great potential in bringing huge profits to their establishments. Among the firms that were lucky to have him with them is the Kinetics Asset Management. While handling its hedge funds, Paul managed to raise the value of the company’s assets to the 25-billion-dollar mark. This achievement in return was named by Barron as one of the best in the world. Read more on

Inspiring Investors

After working on Wall Street, Paul soon had enough of it. He realized that while he was doing great with the big companies, he was at the same time neglecting the small individual investor as well as spending little time with his family. Today, he has not only won a reputation as one of the most celebrated investment analysts who has helped many investors gain huge profits but also gets to spend a lot more time with his family.


Paul Mampilly may have left Wall Street but his star as one of the greatest investment advisors to walk the earth continues to shine. He founded Profits Unlimited, a company through which he offers valuable advice to people who would like to invest in tech stocks with the aim of helping them earn big while avoiding loss. Leading by example, he has made many investments including in Sarepta Therapeutics, a drug development company, from which he walked away with a 2,500 percent gain. He also realized huge gains from investing in Netflix. Among the prestigious awards he has taken home is the Templeton Foundation investment competition.

David Giertz Emphasizes the Importance of Financial Advisors Talking to Their Clients About Social Security

In an interview, David Giertz, the president of sales at Nationwide Financials talked about the importance of social security discussions with clients. He believes that there is need to talk about social security and retirement planning. He revealed that most financial advisors opt to ignore the subject on social security because of the complex nature of the subject.

Overlooking the above step, however, is one of the most grievous mistakes anyone can make. The mistake can be backed by survey findings that were conducted by nationwide financials. In the same survey on a social media platform revealed that 4 out of five people might consider changing their financial advisor in case they do not address the issue of social security.

There are resources available that illustrate the complexity of social security issues on Vimeo. This handbook contains over 2700 rules. To increase the retention capacity it is important therefore for financial advisors to talk about their customers about social security. Social security is very crucial when planning for retirement as it may affect two-fifths of your income. The last thing you want is to lose a significant amount of money for your retirement because of starting too early. As such, it is necessary for individuals to talk to your financial advisor about the right ways to deal with social security about your ultimate retirement plan at

About David Giertz
David Giertz is a financial advisor currently heading the sales and distribution department in Nationwide Investment Company. He has been the senior president of sales and distribution in the company since April 2013. Before working for Nationwide Financial, he worked for the FI/WH as the vice president of sales. His major role at Nationwide Financial to oversee mutual funds and life insurance through banks.

David Giertz has over three decades experience in the insurance industry. David is a registered FINRA broker. He received a master’s degree in business administration after graduating from the University of Miami.

Igor Cornelsen’s Advice to Investors

Igor Cornelsen spent many years as an investment banker in Brazil. He managed some of the largest banks in the country during his career, guiding one through the worldwide financial crisis of 2007-2008. He is now partially retired and lives in South Florida. He works part-time at his investment advisory company, Bainbridge Group Inc., where he works as a consultant and offers his financial services.

As Igor wants more people to be able to successfully retire as well as meet other financial goals, he operates a blog where he shares many of the financial lessons he has learned over the years. He has posted some basic tips to those new to the world of investing that he thinks investors should always keep in mind. His number one tip is to not lose money. There is, of course, a risk investing even in a sound opportunity. Even though risk cannot be entirely avoided, the risk of losing money can be notably reduced. Igor Cornelsen says that if you have an investment that is losing you money you should get out of that asset as quickly as possible. He says the point of investing is to make money not lose it.

Another important part of investing is getting started as early as possible, due to the overwhelming power of compound interest. As Igor says, a dollar invested today is worth three dollars invested a decade from now. Time is one of the most crucial parts of investing and you’re going to retire much easier if you start saving money when you’re 25 versus waiting until your in your 30’s or later to get started. Another important part of investing that Cornelsen describes is to diversify your portfolio. A well-diversified portfolio has a lot less risk than one that is only invested in a few sources. Strong companies should be owned as well as risky ones so that returns are maximized and losses are avoided.

Outside of his career, Igor Cornelsen enjoys spending his time in the outdoors. He is an avid golfer and has other outdoor hobbies that he enjoys in Southern Florida as well.