How Avaaz Supports Progressive Causes

Avaaz is a civic nonprofit that lets its members address a wide range of issues that are important to them. The website has been used to fight back against climate change, for instance, as well as defending the rights of both humans and animals. Others have used it to expose corruption in both government and business while others are trying to decrease the rate of poverty in their communities. Any member can submit an idea to Avaaz and if the idea makes its way through the organizations vetting process it is broadcast to all the member of Avaaz via email and on the website.

Ricken Patel was one of the co-founders of Avaaz. He is of Canadian-British descent and now lives in New York City. As the president and chief executive officer he is responsible for running Avaaz and making sure it meets its mission to make the world a better place for regular people around the world. Among the other co-founders of Avaaz was Tom Perriello who once served as one of Virginia’s congressman, David Madden who is an entrepreneur in Australia and backs progressive causes, and Jeremy Heiman’s who was one of the co-founders of

Ricken Patel has said that the leadership and membership of Avaaz is made up of people that he calls practical idealists. He says that Avaaz doesn’t have any particular ideology, it just wants to improve the lives of all global citizens. Avaaz does work in a progressive way, though, as the members that make it up want action on such things as combatting climate change and fighting back against corporations such as Monsanto. Avaaz have also acted progressively in other ways such as in 2017 they took legal action in the UK to prevent 21st Century Fox’s purchase of the local television network Sky plc.

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The Fascinating Role of Avaaz in Global Activism

What is Avaaz?

Well, the name Avaaz is unique for a global activist organization whose aim is to use an online platform like the internet for the good of humanity. Avaaz ensures pertinent issues that relate to humanity like catastrophes, civil wars, and social injustices are addressed.

The uniqueness of this word is because of the transcendence of groups of people that the organization aims to reach. Avaaz is a term used in many languages in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia to denote voice. It carries the meaning that the organization has obligated itself to express the concerns of people to make the people’s lives comfortable.

Avaaz has its headquarters in the US. Their mission is simple and straightforward. From 2007 when it was established, its mission has remained to organize citizens so that they can voice their issues and concerns through activism. As such, Avaaz comes in handy to offer the appropriate support that the citizens may require to have their voices given an ear.

Achievements of Avaaz

The areas of support by Avaaz relate to climate change, disease outbreaks, civil wars and other emergencies. The Syrian civil war, Avaaz took upon themselves the responsibility of training activists who would mobilize the people till justice and peace was realized. Further, Avaaz also provided communication and internet equipment in Syria during that period worth $1.5 million to strengthen the protesters and eliminate barriers that would hinder their concerns from reaching the appropriate people.

In 2009, Avaaz set up proxy servers that would allow the citizens to upload videos in public websites during the Iranian presidential protests. Further, in 2011, Avaaz planned and mobilized the setting up of no fly zone over Libya that formed the incentive that hastened military intervention. Thereby promoting global peace and cohesion for the good of all humankind.