Shiraz Boghani Expands Hotel Chain

Shiraz Boghani is a hotelier, entrepreneur and philanthropist based in London United Kingdom. He has built a very successful hotel chain that provides visitors with some of the finest hotels to experience high quality lodging. Over the course of his career, Shiraz has been able to organize a chain of hotels that have improved the hospitality industry in the United Kingdom.

Today he serves as the Chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group which oversees all of the hotels that he currently controls and operates. His company currently owns 19 of the finest hotels in the nation. As a result, Shiraz has successfully built one of the most prominent hotel empires in all of Britain.


Boghani got involved in the hospitality industry by putting together a hotel chain through numerous acquisitions. He would obtain a number of hotels and then manage them on a regular basis. Over time, he was able to build a large chain that gave him a considerable amount of market share in the British hotel industry. This has allowed him to become one of the top hospitality entrepreneurs in the nation. Prior to becoming a hotelier, Boghani worked in the finance industry as a Chartered Accountant. This gave him the experience and expertise necessary to help ensure that his business is financially stable. As a Chartered Accountant, Boghani was able to establish a background of managing finances which helped him make sure that his hotels remain successful through consistent profitability.

Like a number of other entrepreneurs, Shiraz Boghani has looked to expand his business interests. In an effort to expand his hotel chain, he has taken on a new project known as Hilton London Bankside. With this new project, he will be ale to add a new set of hotels in London. By expanding his hotel chain, he will be in position to increase the revenues of his organization as well as provide visitors with even more high quality lodging options. This new addition will help add to his list of hotels which include the Conrad London St James, York and the Grand Hotel & Spa. All of these hotels are part of his company which continues to provide luxurious places for travelers to stay when visiting the United Kingdom for either business or tourism.

While Shiraz is a very active and successful entrepreneur, he looks to give back to his community as well. He has spent a lot of time giving funds to charitable causes and foundations. Over the last several years, he has provided contributions to organizations such as the Aga Khan Foundation. With his philanthropic contributions, Shiraz has been able to make a positive difference in his community.

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