Dallas Finance Firm Highland Capital

Highland Capital Management is one of the many financial services and investment firms in the United States. It is based in Dallas, Texas where it is able to serve a variety of clients both domestically and internationally. Highland Capital Management currently has office locations in New York City and world locations such as Singapore, Brazil and South Korea. With a number of office locations, Highland Capital is more easily able to serve the needs of clients in many parts of the world. One of the most notable things about Highland Capital is that it specializes in managing capital that is backed by credit and debt based securities. It became the first financial services firm to offer collateralized loan obligations. The firm is also very active in charitable causes in an effort to improve the community. Read more at Biz Journals about Highland Capital.

The firm got started at the beginning of the 1990’s when co founders James Dondero and Mark Okada looked to open up a life insurance company. For the first two years of the firm’s existence, it was able to establish itself as a reputable life insurance company. In 1993, the firm looked to become more involved in the financial industry by offering more services. It would then expand by offering wealth and asset management services to many of its clients. Over the next several years, Highland Capital would gradually offer a wide range of investment products that included hedge funds. By the end of the 1990’s, Highland Capital solidified its status as one of the leading financial services firms in the United States. Read this article at PR Newswire.


One of the things that has made Highland Capital Management one of the leading firms in the finance industry is its wide range of services offered. With Highland Capital Management, a number of investors can take advantage of things such as financial advising and capital management. These services have been able to help a number of clients not only ensure that they maintain their financial stability, but also invest in things that will make them very profitable as well. With the expertise provided by Highland Capital Management, a number of clients have been able to become and remain financially prosperous and solvent.

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Martin Lustgarten, an Expert in Investment Banking

Investment banking

An investment bank is a banking division linked to the creation of capital for corporations, governments, and high-net-worth individuals. Investment banks specialize in underwriting publicly traded securities, facilitate mergers and acquisitions as well as acting as a broker for public institutions and private investors. Besides, investment banks are responsible for providing guidance in the issuance of and placement of stocks.

Most investment banks are affiliates of larger banking institutions such as JPMorgan Chase, Deutsche Bank, and Morgan Stanley. Investment banks assist in complex financial transactions involving restructuring and evaluation of assets and liabilities. Moreover, investment bankers help corporations and government to manage their projects; thus saving their time and money by identifying potential risks before implementing a project. Investment bankers always have their fingers on the pulse of the prevailing market trends. Therefore, businesses can turn to investment banks for financial advice as they can tailor their desires to the current economic state.

Martin Lustgarten’s investment tips

As the economy recovers from the Great Recession, millions of people embark on retirement plans. During the recession, retirement seemed like a dream, but with advice from investment bankers like Martin Lustgarten that dream can be a reality. As such, Americans wishing to retire comfortably are urged to start planning for their retirement now. Retirement is an important aspect of life requiring guidance from smart investment experts. Investors need smart investment bankers like Martin Lustgarten on their side to achieve their retirement goals. Martin Lustgarten is among the world’s most intelligent mind in investment banking. For decades, Martin has helped his clients develop financial and retirement plans.

As a citizen of Venezuela and Austria, Lustgarten leverages his dual citizenship to extend his addressable market. As a huge believer of global-scale investment, Martin spreads his wealth across countries to increase profitability while minimizing the expected risk. Furthermore, he is a veteran in navigating market trends, and therefore he acts quickly before the market fluctuates. He attributes his success to his ability to spot oncoming market trends as it helps him find the best investment strategies for his clients. Therefore, investors should implement Martin’s investment tips, and they will go places.

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Keith Mann’s Career And His Support For Education Causes

Keith Mann is the founding member of Dynamic Search Partners, a firm that is committed to sourcing premier talent for the hedge fund sector. The company offers alternative staffing along with executive search services. Keith Mann also serves as the managing director for the company, which has relationships with a number of leading equity firms. Dynamic Search Partners mainly deals with alternative investments and hedge funds.

Since forming Dynamic Search Partners in 2001, Keith Mann has guided the company to help organizations seal more than 2,000 client mandates. Additionally, the company has also broadened its operations beyond catering for the staffing needs for organizations that want to fill their investment positions. Presently, Dynamic Search Partners is highly respected as a leading database for investment executives.

Keith Mann began his profession with Dynamic Associates. He served as the head of the alternative investment unit. Keith Mann later became the vice president of Dynamic Associates. His experience working in the executive search industry stretches over 15 years. He is a specialist in hiring strategy, staffing, and hedge fund compensation.

Apart from his involvement in the executive search sector, Keith Mann has contributed to several causes. In March 2015, Keith Mann and his firm held a fundraising occasion to raise funds for the Uncommon Schools. The event raised more than $22,000 to sponsor student testing at a new school launched by the charter high school. He had previously partnered with the Uncommon Schools in 2013 through a resume developing workshop. Keith Mann along with five executives from Dynamic Search Partners advised the students individually. They also reviewed and edited their resumes for their college application. He also donated $10,000 to the school.

Additionally, he runs the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. The achievement award is meant to recognize the next innovative leaders. It is run in partnership with the Uncommon Schools, which is a non-profit charter institution that is situated in New York City. The opportunity provided by the Keith and Keely Mann achievement award is made available each year. It is presented to a graduating senior at one of the charter organization’s schools found in Brooklyn.