An Overview of Prominent Brazilian Lawyer Ricardo Tosto

Lawyers are one of the most sought after professionals in any part of the world. They provide legal guidance and representation to the individuals, businesses and Brazilian government agencies. In Brazil, many people seek legal assistance from lawyers, since the legal system of the country is considered to be very complex for a person with no legal background to understand. Many Brazilian lawyers start their careers at the age of about 23, following an extensive study and internship of five to six years. In addition, they are required to pass the Brazilian Bar Exam to be recognized as certified lawyers.

Searching for a Qualified Lawyer in Brazil

You must be aware that not all lawyers who have completed their studies are licensed according to the professional’s code of conduct. In fact, by 2011, the number of lawyers in Brazil who were practicing legally was slightly over 670,000. Before hiring a lawyer, it is important to know their areas of specialty. The lawyers can assist clients in a broad range of areas including contract law, tax law, law of tort, criminal law, class actions, and other legal suits.

Some law firms in Brazil hire up to 500 lawyers. These are the largest legal firms in Brazil, and can provide any form of legal assistance to their clients. Law firms providing only one area of specialty, usually have less than 50 lawyers.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Ricardo Tosto is one of the partners at Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. It is a prominent law firm in Brazil ranked in the top ten positions by Yearbook Analysis Advocacy 500. The firm’s area of specialty business law, where it provides a range of legal assistance to Brazilian companies. Ricardo Tosto is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the Brazilian law industry.

Ricardo Tosto has represented prominent individuals and businesses, earning him national reputation. Ricardo Tosto played vital role in creating some of the legal systems applied in Brazilian law. Ricardo Tosto studied at Presbyterian Mackenzie University and received a law degree and later at FAAP for his Business Administration degree. For more info about us: click hrer.

Ricardo Tosto: Steps to Finding The Right Legal Help in Brazil


Want to hire a reputable legal professional for effective and competent representation? Hire the right legal professional, and you can rest assured that the case will be taken care of in the correct fashion.

Start by getting recommendations from your friends, relatives and business associates. When you are dealing with a legal trouble, word of mouth is a proven way to find an effective lawyer or attorney.

Many people use this method to find the right attorney for their needs. If the people you know and trust know a quality legal counsel they will certainly be glad to provide you with the legal counsel’s contact details.

Additionally, look for lawyers and attorney’s groups that take care of the type of matter you are dealing with. Some of this involves Internet searching, but you can track down this type of information by contacting the appropriate Bar Association. These offices don’t usually make specific recommendations, but they can provide you with information about professional groups and association of law firms who focus in different areas, like employment law, health care law, family law, business law and more.

You want to make sure these legal professionals are reliable and provide excellent service. A great way to check out the reputation of a legal professional in Brazil, is by visiting online reviews of law firms in Brazil.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is well experienced in business litigation, and is one of the most remarkable lawyers in Brazil. He is exceptional at what he does and is well distinguished for his focus in helping his clients attain the best possible result in their legal matter.

Ricardo Tosto has catered to various businesses, corporations, entrepreneurs, institutions and individuals that need expert advice and guidance on business matters. He is highly knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of business and corporate structure.

Ricardo Tosto has tackled many high profile cases involving business dispute, breach of contract and other related problems in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto is an outstanding business litigation lawyer and is well respected by his peers and his clients.

Lawyer Geoffrey Cone and Tax Havens

The recent media coverage published concerning New Zealand foreign trusts sounds like a movie thriller that involves moneyed individual, exotic lands, and complicated financial deals. However, everything to do with tax is boring and annoying.


New Zealand is not a tax haven and it never was and never will be. The OECD contains a list of tax havens and New Zealand definitely has never appeared or featured on the list. The important particularities of a tax haven include imposing no or only nominal taxes, laws that hinder the exchange of data or information with the various government as well as the lack of transparency. Hence New Zealand does not qualify in either of the grounds.


The 2002 OECD Model agreement on tax matters supports the international exchange of information to execute and govern domestic tax laws. New Zealand featured on the OECD white list as one of the first countries which considerably implemented the agreed tax standard across the globe.


New Zealand has dominated leadership in tax transparency through handling foreign trust with integrity and also providing relevant information to various governments over particular requirements placed by trustees.


In 2006, after pervasive consultation, Michael Cullen introduced new rules under a meticulous regime that indicate that a New Zealand habitat trustee of a foreign trustee is therefore required to produce a foreign trust disclosure form (IR607) by the IRD and also record financial and other significant data for tax purposes.


The records and data include title deeds, particulars of settlements and distributions, facts of the trustee’s assets as well as liabilities and also the trustee’s transaction records including trustee receives and spends. The trustee must also contain information on accounting systems, codes and charts if the trust carries any business.


All reports must be recorded in English and kept in New Zealand; failure to maintain the records may attract substantial penalties. In 2011, the enactment of world standard money laundering legislation enhanced these powers.


In various countries, individuals settling a trust are required to report the settlements of funds to central banks, revenue authorities and other relevant authorities. This hence gives the revenue authorities adequate information to gather details of a particular transaction or trust.


New Zealand has never competed with tax havens such as the US and other countries but thus apply to similar taxation regulation in accordance to their foreign trusts. The tax companies in New Zealand are therefore expected to meet the high standards and ensure that the reputation is not ruined by the rogue operator.


Geoffrey Cone is a lawyer specialized in taxation and trust affairs. He graduated from University of Otago New Zealand with LLB honors. He started practicing law in Auckland in 1980; he later moved to Christchurch. In Christchurch, he served as a partner and the chairman of partners in one of the most popular law firm. In 1991 he established his law firm, Cone Marshall limited.

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Understanding Legal System in Brazil

The legal system in Brazil is established on Civil Law tradition. The supreme rule of the country is the Federal Constitution which is characterized by its solid written form. The country is structured as the Federative Republic, created by the indissoluble union of the states, municipalities and of the Federal District. The 26 federate states have supremacy to adopt their laws and Constitutions. This sovereignty is however regulated by the principles stipulated in the Federal Constitution.

For some time now, Brazil has been using the Law of Portugal as its law since it is a Portuguese colony. Brazilian law is essentially derived from Portuguese civil law which is related to the Roman-Germanic legal custom. This implies that the legal system is based on statutes, but a recent amendment to the constitution has introduced a new mechanism known as Súmula Vinculante. According to the Brazilian Constitution, judicial power is split between the Federal judicial branch and the State judicial branch.

Brazil is known as the country of lawyers since it is the third country in the world with the largest number of lawyers. The United States ranks number two while India holds the first place. The swarming number of lawyers can well be explained by the number of law schools available in the country. Brazil has the largest number of law schools and outdoes the total number of law schools in the world. Students in Brazil become graduates after undertaking a five-year course. After completing the course, graduates need to pass the examination of the Bar Association of Brazil before pursuing any profession related to law. This rigorous test ensures that the country gets competent and quality professionals.

Among the well-known professionals in the field of law is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. Mr. Tosto has remarkable experience in law especially in the business area as well as international and Electoral Law. In the area of business, Mr. Tosto focuses on judicial recovery, credit recovery, bankruptcy, bank contracts and restructuring business.

Apart from representing clients in the courtroom, Mr. Tosto is the Chairman of the Bar Association’s Judicial Reform section of SP, a Member of the Bar Association and was once the advisor to the Legal Department and Human Resources Network Group. Find Ricardo Tosto on Facebook to learn more.

Helane Morrison Is Helping Women To Succeed In Financial Management

In many areas of business, management is dominated by men. This certainly rings true of the financial industry. However, there are some companies where this is not the case. An example of such a company is Hall Capital. Hall Capital is primarily run by women, and the company has been extremely successful. Companies like this are setting a trend that is going to help women to become successful in the business world. 

Many women who go into the business world notice that the people at the top tend to be men. This issue is often referred to as a “glass ceiling” for women. It is possible for a woman to enter the ranks of upper management, but it can be very challenging to do so. Kathryn Hall, the CEO of Hall Capital, has noticed this firsthand. Helane Morrison has also noticed this troubling trend. She has associates that work for other companies, and they often say that women at these places feel disenfranchised. Female employees even have meetings that are separate from the general workforce, in order to create a sense of solidarity amongst the women. 

Hall Capital has done something different than other companies in the business world. Rather than having a leadership that consists of primarily men, the upper levels of the company are occupied by women. The top three leaders of Hall Capital are Kathryn Hall, Helane Morrison, and Sarah Stein. They have worked to make Hall Capital a female friendly work environment, and they have done a good job of it. In addition, they have made the company extremely successful through their policy of complete honesty and compliance. Morrison has played a very large role in helping to make this happen. 

Helane has had a past working in the legal field as she worked for several different law firms (including a brief stint with a Supreme Court Justice) before she held a managment position at the SF division of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Then, she left the legal field to go into finance. When she entered Hall Capital, she was able to enter the world of upper management. Helane’s success in both the legal field and the field of financial management makes her a positive role model for women throughout the country and makes her career something that all women can aspire to. Connect with her on LinkedIn to see her resume in full.

Companies like Hall Capital are changing the world of financial management in a way that is favorable for women. Helane Morrison has been a big part of making Hall Capital a woman-friendly company. In the future, if companies follow this trend, the world of financial management will become a place where women can more easily succeed.

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The Amazing Forward Business Movement of Capital Hall’s Morrison

Business is something that has been moving forward very quickly for women due to the amazing doors that are being opened by strong women in the corporate world. These women are allowing many different opportunities to be available for women in all different industries. Helane Morrison is one of these business professionals who has been pushing forward the business world for women. 

Hall Capital is one of the most well known and respected money managers in the business. The great thing about Hall Capital is the atmosphere that is being fostered for the women in this corporation. The board is run partially by women who have been extremely successful in business. Helane is one of these women who has been able to foster this great atmosphere for success among many different women in the corporate world. Hall Capital has been creating a great example for corporations in all different fields. Their thoughts and actions show that women are equal in the corporate world. 

Morrison has had a great deal of success in business and has brought her experience to Hall Capital. Helen Morrison had previously been the head of the SEC in San Fransisco from 1997 to 2007. From 1986 to 1996 Helane had practiced law to prepare her for her career in finance. Learn more about Helane’s work history by checking out her LinkedIn profile.

Helane has stated that she is looking forward to really moving Hall Capital forward inthese very competitive market times. She is looking for creative and innovative ways of keeping the office’s momentum moving forward. To see some of her work, check out the Google Book below that details of one of her most prominent cases.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho; Brazilian Law and Lawyers.

Law is one of the oldest professions in the world. These systems of rules that a country or community follows are the cornerstone for the proper functioning of society. In Brazil, the law is civil, and its legal system is based on liberty. Its origins are based on the Roman law as enforced by the Portuguese during colonization. Numerous lawyers and law experts have dominated the Brazilian law scene; one particular case is of Ricardo Tosto de Oliviera Carvalho who is making headway in practicing law, writing and publishing articles about law in the contemporary Brazilian law culture.

In Brazil, the law has more often than not, been ridiculed as being slow in the process of giving sound justice. However, under Ricardo Tosto’s supervision and engagement, I can confidently say the law has been followed and acted upon swiftly and in proper measure.

Being a tenacious lawyer, Ricardo Tosto de Oliviera Carvalho practices law extensively. His areas of specialty include; banking contracts, acquisition review, business restructuring, administrative law, election law, civil or commercial power concessions amongst others. He has earlier worked as a consultant for the human resource and legal management department in a Brazilian company called Grupo Rede; director of Brazilian company, Fundacao Rede de Previdencia Privada; and legal superintendent of Grupo Alusa. Furthermore, he has worked in the Brazilian government under the judiciary as president of the Judicial Modernization and Judicial Reform committees at OAB/SP (Brazilian Bar Association / Sao Paulo Section). In all Ricardo possesses immense experience in the Brazilian law scene, having worked and dedicated much of his time to law.

Ricardo has participated in several international organizations in various capacities. He is a member of the International Bar Association, The Steering Committee for the IMD (Institute for Management Development) alumni association in Brazil. In addition to all this, he also is part and parcel of the board of directors at the study center for lawyer societies (CESA). Topping the list is that he is a founder associate of IBEDEP (Brazilian Institute for Political Party and Election Law Studies). These are some of Ricardo’s great works related to his law profession. Apart from law he also participates profoundly in politics. He is a legal and political distinguished writer and gives lectures from time to time. To add on these, he has written more than a few articles published in specific newspapers and magazines and is the co-author of the book called O processo de Tiradentes.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliviera Carvallo is an extremely industrious man. Especially in the law scene, he has contributed immensely to the betterment of the law society in Brazilian culture. Mr. Tosto has written numerous papers and has also opened an academic institute for legal and political matters.