Betsy DeVos: Thinking Beyond Limits

I admire people who see problems as opportunities. When a person sees the educational system in America, they might at first see the problems. However, for some of us, on closer inspection those problems become opportunities! Betsy DeVos, the current Secretary of Education, is such a person. Her career is highlighted by major philanthropic works, limitless thinking, and fearless steps towards the educational reforms which she values.

Growing up in the home of a public school teacher mother must have started Betsy’s interest in education at a young age. After college, as a mother herself, Betsy and her husband Dick faced decisions about sending their children to school. The Potter’s House Christian School was the couple’s choice for their own children, but as they spent more time at the school they saw that many low income families who appreciated the great education provided by the school were stressed by the tuition costs. Dick and Betsy began an effort to support individual student’s tuition costs, and their work did not stop there. The Devoses went on to promote choice in education in many other ways. Read more on

Within her own home state, Michigan, Betsy became involved with politics surrounding educational reform. Soon she widened her scope beyond Michigan, and helped form the American Federation for Children, a charity which gives voice to children’s educational needs nation-wide.

Her activities as a philanthropist are just as bright as her activities on the educational reform front. She has served on many boards and gives generously to the causes and organizations which she supports. Once again, I am stunned by her alignment. She is a woman who walks the walk! She started out by serving on the board of two national charities: American Education Reform Council, and Children First America. She is now involved with Kids Hope USA, Mars Hill Bible Church, and the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. She and her husband formed the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation.

Betsy DeVos fearlessly advocated for change in the educational system of America. I see new choices sprouting up for parent’s across the country, including digital options which are sure to grow in the coming years. It is no longer a given that your child must go to a specific school building due to where you live! Thanks to Betsy and others advocating for equal opportunity and greater freedom, more and more Americans can make choices about the education that their children receive. I appreciate the way her personal values, actions and career all align so well. What she wanted for her children, she wanted for the entire nation: a happy, nurturing school; an inspired place to learn.


The Views Of Betsy DeVos On Education Policies

Betsy DeVos has been confirmed as the Secretary of Education President Trump. The most prominent stance that she has always taken is on the choice of school. This means allowing parents the option to choose the school their children would attend. This is a deviation from the traditional method of choosing a public school.

Betsy DeVos is advocating for a voucher system. Under this system, federal funding will be allocated to schools. This will help parents in paying the fee for the school that they have chosen. This can be a public school, or a private school, or even a charter school.

She is trying to ensure that money follows each child. The focus has to be on the child and not on the money. This is because the present education system is not allowing the youth of today the opportunity to realize the American dream. She does not want that the children have to follow the money. What this means is that she does not want that any child should miss out on the school of his choice just because his parents do not have enough money to afford that education. She is simply trying to move from a closed system in which only a few have the option of school choice; to an open system in which all parents have this option. She is encouraging innovation this way. She feels that people deserve choices as well as options and it is the duty of the State to provide it to them. Betsy DeVos is going to make this dream a reality as she becomes the Secretary of Education in President Trump’s government. Check this article from NYPost.

The President has already proposed $20 billion as federal funding for voucher programs along with charter schools. He will be persuading states towards investing another $110 billion for vouchers. This way each child will be funded with $12,000 that can be spent on education. This money can be used in two ways. It can be funneled back and put in the system of public schools. Another option is to use it for subsidizing private education.

Betsy DeVos is also favoring the expansion of charter schools. These are already publicly funded. These are independently run schools. Hence charter schools enjoy much more flexibility as they are able to foster innovative curriculums. Follow Betsy on Twitter

Betsy DeVos has been proposing these reforms for many years now. She is not new to politics. In fact, she has been involved in politics for over 35 years now. She believes that all should be given the option of choice with regard to choosing the school they want. Just because she could manage as she could afford it; even others should get this opportunity for their children.


How Ricardo Tosto Remains an Inspiration to Young Lawyers in Brazil

There are many lawyers in the world today. The beauty about the legal profession is that there are very many areas of practice. One can choose to do business litigation or criminal law or both. The profession offers very diverse opportunities for anyone who loves a challenge. It is no wonder that many young people wish to become lawyers when they grow up.

In Brazil alone, there are more than 6000 lawyers. These lawyers are mostly located in the cities, with most of their offices in Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo. However, with this number of lawyers, the profession is not flooded. There are lawyers who stand out because of their contribution to the development of law and processes. In Brazil, one of these lawyers is Ricardo Tosto.

Who is Ricardo Tosto?

Ricardo Tosto is one of the movers and shakers of the legal profession in Brazil. He is one of the prominent lawyers in the country, with a clientele that comprises big names. He has been in the profession for many years and continues to offer top-notch services to his clients from all over the world.

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Ricardo did not simply land a good career after he passed his bar examinations. He had to start from the bottom and build his career from scratch. What makes him unique is the fact that he takes time off his busy schedule to mentor young lawyers. He also helps develop the society in various ways. He is a philanthropist who contributes to various charities.

If you need legal services which spell quality and experience, choose Ricardo Tosto’s law firm today. His team of professional lawyers will help you win your case through the best representation possible.

Dick DeVos Liquor Business Break Through and other Accomplishments

There are a lot of benefits that will come from the breakthrough liquor business not just to Dick DeVos and his family but also to the entire community and other people who come into contact. The connections arising from this endeavor of activity will be groundbreaking, and the business will finally do wonders to the whole community and those who do business locally. Meanwhile, known as the Coppercraft Distillery, it is already doing wonders, and it has amassed a lot of reputation as it is capable of doing the distribution to over 100 locations in the area of Michigan only. Dick DeVos has the experience needed for carrying out the business, and though many might find it uncertain, he will certainly make it thrive because he has been in the industry.


When it comes to entrepreneurship, Dick DeVos began acquiring skills when he was growing up as the set up was entrepreneurial for him. He was always drawn to family business even when he was a little chap. In fact, even from his young age, he has a lot of impact in a variety of firms since he was working in the family business; he also attained a basketball team known as the Orlando Magic Basketball as well as working with the Windquest Group. Windquest is a company for investment Management, and it has its primary focus on technology and in the alternative energy sector. This great entrepreneur has benefitted many people, organizations, communities and business because of his wide variety of business interests. It is no wonder then; we keep on expecting even more from the entrepreneur.


In family matters, Dick is the husband to Besty DeVos, and they have been blessed with four children and one grandchild. DeVos is interested in sailing and flying, and he has a high mastery of the mentioned skills.


Dick DeVos has also authored a book with the title Rediscovering American Values and the central theme of the book is looking at the creation of better lives. The better life can be created through values which include being compassionate and honest. They founded The Dick and Besty Foundation which through it, they fund other organizations which they have partnered with so as to help local as well as global communities to grow. They have worked hard with the partner organizations and because of that, they have highly benefitted the entire community.


In politics, Dick DeVos is also involved primarily in Michigan, and there is a favorite show, Show House of Cards which referenced him according to interview in MLive.


Charles Koch’s Foundation Gives Generously to George Mason University

It’s no secret that Virginia-based George Mason University has built its reputation as a conservative powerhouse over the years. What may not be as well known is that billionaire donates tens of millions of dollars to the University every year. Koch, one of the wealthiest Republican donors in the U.S., gave the university nearly $48 million through his foundation from 2011 and 2014.

Koch insists his endowments are out of generosity with no strings attached. Board members claim that public support for the university has dropped in the last few years, and Koch’s funding serves as a stop gap, nothing more. The giving doesn’t stop there. It was also reported that the Koch Foundation also gave the university’s law school $10 million. Although the gift was intended for the law school, most of the money was steered to the political think tank, Mercatus Center.

Charles Koch is a businessman who also serves as CEO of Koch Industries. The business, inherited from patriarch Fred Koch after his death in 1967. The family’s fortune was made in oil refinery, chemicals, consumer products and ranching. Although the family as a whole has an estimate fortune near $200 million, Koch’s personal wealth of $43 billion makes him the 9th richest person in the world.

Koch has authored 2 books and makes several television appearances regarding politics and business. Koch supports Republican and libertarian causes. A generous philanthropist, Koch has given money to countless organizations. In 2011, Time Magazine named him one of the country’s most influential people.