Rick Smith Changed the Prison Industries for the Better

Because Rick Smith knew what he was doing with the prison industry company he was a part of, he was able to make great strides in the industry. Not only did he introduce things like the kiosk and the integrated systems but he also helped prisons find new ways they could make their operations easier just by offering different options to the prisoners. Rick Smith is a visionary in the prison industry community which has made him someone many other companies aspire to be. He has helped made Securus one of the best prison industries in the company by offering all the best options for the prisons he works with. It is what has helped to change the industry and make it easier for prisons. It has also made it less expensive for the prisons that need to save money to continue operating for different reasons.

The kiosks were the first thing that Rick Smith chose to do with the prison industry company. Securus was one of the first companies to have the kiosks which made things better for people like Rick Smith. He knew what he wanted to do with the kiosks so he made sure he was using them in the best way possible. When he introduced them to the prisons, they often realized the value that came with having something so convenient available for them in different settings. It gave him the motivation to continue working to help the prisons that he was a part of in the industry.

In addition to the kiosks, Rick Smith tried to make sure all the systems he worked from were integrated. He knew that having integrated systems would make prison work easier. He also knew it was something he could do to make things better for all the people who he worked with. When he was offering these integrated systems, it meant prisoners could have money reloaded onto their account, purchase commissary items and even file a complaint all in one place. The administrators of the prison could communicate with officers and could even get important information on each inmate.

The idea behind offering these systems was something Rick Smith had wanted to do for years. He knew a lot about the right way to manage these systems so he worked hard to show prisons. With his team, he was able to get the kiosks and the integrated systems into prisons around the country. Now, they are among the most popular options for people who want the chance to try different things and who want the ability to make sure they are getting the best prison experience possible. Rick Smith is confident he can make things better for those who run the prisons.

Securus Technologies reduces stress on families with video visitation

Securus Technologies, a national leader in prison and inmate services, has lately been trying to get the word out to the public, especially the families and loved ones of inmates, about the huge benefits of video visitation. This is a fairly new technology and despite explosive growth in popularity, it’s still not used as widely as Securus projects it could be. The benefits to inmates and their families of foregoing in-person visitation for video visitation can be enormous.



The inmate isn’t the only one who ends up doing time


One of the deep tragedies of the unchecked levels of crime which have plagued the United States is the sheer number of productive man-years lost to incarceration. But even staggering statistics, like 10 million U.S. citizens being in some stage of the criminal justice system, only scratch the surface. Each one of those inmates has family members who are kept up at night worrying about their loved one. Traditionally, when these family members traveled to see their son or father in prison, they got a first hand, bitter taste of what it really means to be locked up.


Anyone’s first time inside a prison is scary. But for children it can be outright traumatic. There are armed guards shouting orders. Visitors are searched, sometimes forcibly. There are long wait times. Prisons can get locked down, forcing visitors to come back another day. Many times meetings are via phone behind bulletproof Plexiglas. The inmates are, of course, all convicted felons and some of the people who visit them are too. All this adds up to an experience that most people would never voluntarily undertake if they didn’t have to.


On the other hand, video visitation takes place from the comfort of the family’s own home. Thus loved ones are spared the added stresses of being forced into the carceral environment and everything that comes with it. For these families, video visitation has been a blessing.