Nick Vertucci: Teaching Techniques in Becoming Wealthy

Nick Vertucci has been traveling around the United States and Canada offering seminars about how to become wealthy in the quickest way possible by doing a single task: real estate flipping. Real estate flipping is the act of buying a cheap property with the aim of renovating it and selling it in the market as quickly as possible. With the rise of real estate property prices across the United States and Canada, looking for a place to live becomes more difficult. Today, owning a house in the United States and Canada would require someone to have hundreds of thousands or even millions in their bank accounts, and poor families and newlyweds are having a hard time looking for a nice place to live. According to Nick Vertucci, through real estate flipping, families can own a house for a lower price, and it would also help those who are selling the property to gain more money from the transaction. The number of people who does not have any jobs in the United States continues to rise, and the promises that real estate flipping provides is really enticing.

Based on the lectures of Nick Vertucci, people who are interested in real estate flipping has to be aware of several things to consider before doing a transaction. First, they must be able to find properties that are being sold at a cheap price, because of – one, it is very old; and two, the family living inside the house just wanted to move away as quickly as possible. Once a property has been bought at a fairly low price, the real estate flipper can start the renovation. They have to focus on the plumbing system inside the property because it is the first thing that potential buyers would check. They can also renovate the floors, the ceilings, the walls, and they can also add additional furniture just to make the property look presentable. Then, after the renovation, real estate flippers must partner up with a real estate professional to find a potential buyer. They would sell the property at a higher price, but would still be cheaper compared to the standard market prices. Those who purchase properties that are being sold by real estate flippers include newlyweds, lower to middle class families, and those who just wanted to move as soon as possible to a fully furnished property.

Nick Vertucci has been transforming lives through his caravans across the United States and Canada. People who have signed up for his training center have started to do real estate flipping, and yielded positive results. Nick Vertucci is hoping that through the techniques that he is providing, more people will be interested joining him and together, become wealthier.

Nick Vertucci – Experienced Real Estate Investors with Prolific Track Record of Successes

California is one of the most populated states in the United States and is also among the most developed. The rapid economic growth of the state has caused a massive influx of the national as well as a global population to the state, which has in a way disoriented the real estate market of California. Even though in the outset it can be seen that the housing sector and the housing market is booming and the price is going up, it has limited the market of buyers in the state that can now afford to buy homes in California. With the average median house price in California nearing $500,000 or more at certain metropolitan areas, it has become almost impossible for the new age or Millennials as they call it to buy homes in the state. Also, the rents of properties have increased drastically, making it almost unfair to the low-income group people.



The problem in the real estate market of rising prices has reached to such a level that many in the grinding areas of Silicon Valley and other major districts are seen living in the vans or RVs. It is a familiar scene now in many of the areas across the state as people are just not able to afford the rent or are not in a position to buy homes, even when they have a job that pays well in comparison to what they would get in the same position in another state. The problem is not with the growth and the development of the state of California, which is certainly highly encouraging. The problem is with the real estate market, which the high-profile and experienced real estate investors such as Nick Vertucci, says is growing without any corrections.



Nick Vertucci says that while such growth is always welcome in any other state, there needs to be a period of consolidation to ensure that price does not reaches level where it becomes impossible for the majority of population to afford it. Even though the demand to supply ratio is completely imbalanced, Nick Vertucci says that the housing development board of California should look into the matter and come out with ways to sort out this problem that soon may take a very big shape. Nick Vertucci is the founder of the NV Real Estate Academy, which he started to spread the knowledge he has gathered over the years in the real estate industry. Nick Vertucci has developed a very smart system of making money in the real estate market, which he teaches to the members who join his academy.

Samuel Strauch Forward Thinking Real Estate Expert

Samuel Strauch is a dynamic and successful real estate expert based out of Miami Beach, Florida. He has extensive experience in successful real estate acquisition, brokerage and management. His ever curious mind contributes to his well rounded real estate perspective. While Samuel is a well versed real estate expert, he also has a wide variety of personal and professional experiences. These experiences allow Samuel to provide exceptional guidance and perspective to his clients.

Samuel Strauch began his career in banking, and later joined his family’s real estate company where he first developed his real estate skills. In 2002, Samuel founded a company with a focus on real estate in South America and Florida. In this capacity he learned valuable entrepreneurial skills and was also responsible for integrating a number of complementary platforms into his business. The business is still operational and profitable. For the last fifteen years Samuel Strauch has worked at Metrik Real Estate, headquartered in Miami Beach, Florida.

With a curious mind and a passion for learning, Samuel Strauch has also embarked on numerous endeavors, which contribute to his personal and professional success. He is an active investor in many web technologies. He founded a self development company, called, which is a social site that connects individuals to learning and self development. He has also invested in a number of restaurants.

In his personal life, Samuel Strauch has a keen interest in art work. He also considers himself to be an avid photographer. He is a health advocate who enjoys recreational cycling as well as personal meditation. Samuel is enthusiastic about living an active and engaging lifestyle and wants to use his many areas of expertise to supplement human growth and development. As he once said, “even the smallest actions have the potential to become the biggest sources of positive change”. There is no doubt that Samuel uses his actions, both big and small, to bring about enormous change in his many areas of expertise.

A master of many crafts, Samuel Strauch is a lifelong student with many year’s of real estate expertise. His many personal and professional accomplishments separate him from his peers and allow him to provide real estate advise that is well rounded and based on many levels of experience. He is a sought out industry expert, who will unequivocally provide valuable insight and experience into any real estate deal. Samuel Strauch has a positive record of successful experiences, which make him an asset to any real estate project.



Shaquille O’ Neal and Waseem Boraie Coming to Atlanta


Sometime in September 2015, the press in Atlanta reported that Shaquille O’Neal, the retired NBA star had expressed some interest in building an apartment complex in Atlanta. He teamed up with Waseem Boraie, a known developer to work on the project. Specifically, O’Neal’s development is proposed to be called the Beach at South Inlet. Their development was expected to cost about 61 Million Dollars. The question most people were considering at the time is whether O’Neal and Boraie’s loan application would be granted. Earlier in 2013, a loan of 30 Million Dollars had already had been granted to them. Due to the closure of Revel and Showboat however, their proposal for putting up an apartment complex in the South Inlet area was put up for reevaluation.

Waseem Boraie is not new to big development projects. He is also not new to Atlanta’s housing sector. He is the Vice President at Boraie Developments LLC. The Company, which was originally formed in New Jersey, is privately owned and was set up in 1986. It was formed by Waseem’s father, Omar Boraie. The Company employs between 20 and 49 people. This Company is well experienced in urban developments and has participated in the setting up of many high rise buildings in New York.

Waseem Boraie has been known to take risks in the real estate market that other investors run away from. As a result, his Company has been very successful. Much of the success of Waseem and the Company he runs is said to have been boosted by a line of luxury apartments in New Brunswick. As a result, even when most people do not see the wisdom of developing a particular place, Waseem Boraie is likely to be the one to see the wisdom in it. It is no wonder then that Shaquille O’Neal decided to team up with this famous developer.

On the Atlanta project, Boraie is reported to have said that his team had been able to secure funds from other sources, specifically the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency. Lack of finances is therefore not likely to cripple the project. In fact, Boraie was of the opinion that they were ready to start the project.

Crucial Real Estate Advice From Boraie Development

Finding the right apartment or house is important. A good place to live can help anyone relax and have access to important things they need in life such as good grocery stores, pleasant local parks and first rate schools for their kids. The right apartment or house can also help someone be able to save up money for other things they want to do in life such as retire and travel. Getting real estate advice is one of the best ways that someone can sort out their potential choices and determine which specific housing option will work best for them.

This is one of several reasons why people choose to work with Boraie Development, a New Jersey based real estate development company that specializes in providing New Jersey residents with the kind of housing possibilities that are ideal for their needs. An apartment from Boraie has all the latest amenities as well as easy access to many nearby transportation options and various expressways in this state. Renting an apartment from professionals here can help any renter get the best possible apartment in this area at a price they can easily afford. The apartments offered by Boraie are updated with the very latest in technology.

An apartment or a house can be ideal for anyone’s often highly specific and quite detailed real estate needs. Someone who prefers to live in an apartment will often appreciate the flexibility inherent in this kind of arrangement. A person who likes to live with access to the outdoors may want to have a house that has a large backyard when they can relax each day when they get home. The state of New Jersey has many such options, allowing people to pick out which particular one they want in order to help them determine where they wish to live. A home of any kind should be one that helps make people happy the moment they walk in the door and lets them relax. All members of the family should be pleased at the choice of housing the person picks out for them to live in.

Boraie Development of New Brunswick, NJ Introduces The Aspire

You will find many U.S.cities suffering from lessening property values, a rising immigrant population, and neglect that leads to the ruin of a once aspiring area. This was the case with New Brunswick, NJ, over the last number of years. Despite the fact that it was Middlesex County seat and home to Rutgers University it was obvious this city had seen its better days.

As stated in the NJ Spotlight news issue, it was the fact that Johnson and Johnson made the decision to remain that allowed others to see the potential of New Brunswick. Beginning in the first few years of 1980, the urban blight that had taken over the city began to disappear. Along with Rutgers, and numerous other investors, one advance led to another until this city began to see a rebirth unparalleled by others.

Rutgers made a huge developmental project when it increased the size of its campus by 10 acres. Administrative and academic facilities were built along with a residential honors building. A much needed 500 bed dormitory was added. In addition, a brand new Theological Seminary was opened. A Jewish student organization headquarters is expected to be up and running during this year.

With Johnson and Johnson being the catalyst for all this improvement the progress did not stop there. The Boraie Development Company began to purchase every piece of neglected property it could. The Albany Street Plaza Tower One office space opened in 1988. Tower Two was erected and open by 2003. All of these workers needed a place to live and it was in 2007 that Boraie Development offered the workers of the Towers the One Spring Street condominium housing.

Perhaps the most grandiose of all the Boraie Development buildings is The Aspire. For those that wish to immerse themselves in the lap of luxury this 17 story residential complex is luxury at its finest. Many units boast of private terraces and balconies while all have 9 and 10 foot ceilings that add a feel of spaciousness to the already open apartments. Gourmet kitchens are appointed to suit the finest of culinary chefs. The roof deck sports electric grills for outdoor entertaining. Every resident is welcome to make use of the fitness center or the latest in cross-country and cardio machines.

From the smaller studio, to the two bedroom unit, there cannot possibly be anything that a resident could want that is not already there. New Brunswick, NJ, has once again become a bustling city that offers a lifestyle anyone would be enthralled with.

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My Job at Highland Village

I met Haidar Barbouti for the first time about two years ago when I applied for a position at the Highland Village Shopping Center. As the property manager and broker of Highland Village I thought he would come across almost to professional during my interview. But that was not the case. When he entered the interview room he had a huge welcoming smiling and introduced himself right away. Before even starting the interview questions he asked me how my day was and a few other random, polite questions about my day. I was shocked at him taking the time to see how things were going for me as most people interviewing others jump right into the application. It was extremely refreshing to have an interview with someone so relaxed and easy to talk to. It made the entire interview seem so self-satisfying.

When it came time for the interview questions I already had everything in mind on what I would say to his questions. But I did not expect to have to go so in depth with the answers. Haidar wanted to know who I was as a person, my job experience to the very last detail and what type of an employee I was. After we finished with his own personal question we hopped into the huge list of employee questions that felt a mile long. Throughout the question process Haidar remained relaxed but extremely professional at the same time. As weird as it sounds I very much enjoyed the time with him in my interview.

After the interview I went straight home and not even two hours later I received a phone call from Haidar saying I was hired for the position I applied to and that he was excited to work with me. I met with him the following week for my training as the grounds keeper and everything went very smoothly. He explained everything to the very last detail making the job very easy to understand. I have never once had an issue arise while working at the Highland Village Shopping Center. My job there is absolutely wonderful as is my boss Haidar Barbouti.

Experience the Luxuries of New York City Living

Along with renowned dining, fashion, cultural arts, entertainment, and social sciences, New York City offers a wide array of lifestyle choices resulting in unprecedented Cosmopolitan living. With beautiful architectural landmarks and modern designed buildings, this popular travel designation is unlike other metropolitan cities in the world. As a New York City resident, individuals are presented with the opportunity to explore and indulge in the city’s diversity, innovation, and sophistication while simultaneously experiencing unique living arrangements.

New York City is home to approximately thirty-one towns and neighborhoods. Moreover, Greenwich Village is a lively living district encompassing noteworthy history cultural attributes. Since the beginning of the 20th century, this popular neighborhood remains a solace for various artists, writers, historians, and bohemians. With beautiful tree-lined streets, quintessential courtyards, and charming 19th century townhouses, this rich community embodies a classic European city. Some distinguished landmarks include Washington Square Park, Bleecker Street and New York City University. Undeniably, Greenwich Village real estate offers the most popular apartments in New York City.

Fifth Avenue is also included in the compiled list of well-liked condos in New York City and is among the town’s most famous addresses. This luxurious neighborhood is extremely rich in history and provides the upscale environment for extraordinary New York City Real Estate. Essentially, the Upper East Side includes mansions of wealthy figures and is minutes away from famous destinations such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Park, The Guggenheim Museum, The New York Public Library, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, The Empire State Building, and The Rockefeller Center. In addition, some of the city’s most trendy stores, private schools, and restaurants are located in this admired area. The breath taking tree-lined boulevards along with the historic mansions actively and positively influenced New York City Real Estate.

Brooklyn, New York offers an escape from the exclusive, fast paced city and is situated directly across the East River from Manhattan. Notably, Brooklyn real estate is most known for 19th century brownstones, Italian raw homes, converted carriage homes, and prewar/postwar apartments all of which are classified as the unique area of the borough. The cultural landmarks in this neighborhood include The Brooklyn Museum of Art, The Brooklyn Historical Society, and The Brooklyn Academy of Music.

For individuals seeking NYC apartments for rent, TOWN Real Estate provides assistance through a comprehensive team of seasonal industry leaders such as brokers, managers, and agents.

Heiberger’s Uncanny Ability to Read the Market

Andrew Heiberger is a well-known real estate professional in the Manhattan area and throughout the state of New York. While there are thousands of real estate agents serving residents in the state, the fact is that a handful have truly reached the pinnacle of success with their endeavors, and Heiberger is one of those professionals. He is a highly educated individual with both a real estate license and a license to practice law, and this may have been integral to at least some of his success. However, the fact is that Heiberger has also been able to read the market well, and this ability has served him well.

Professional Moves to Adjust to the Market
When you take a closer look at the professional career of Heiberger, you may be surprised to learn that he has had considerable experience and success in several different areas of the market. While most of his professional efforts have focused on the Manhattan real estate market, he notably has achieved success as an investor, a developer and a real estate agent focusing on both rentals and sales. Rather than focus on all of these activities at the same time, he has strategically transitioned his efforts so that he is focused on a specific activity at one time. More than that, he has adjusted his efforts according to the market.

Research and Planning Efforts
As an example of his most recent adjustment to market conditions, Heiberger founded TOWN Residential, a successful firm that works with high-end clientele with luxury real estate rentals and sales. Before he founded the firm, he left behind a CEO position at Citi Habitats. He also met with top real estate professionals with knowledge of the local market. While he had been working in the market himself very successfully for many years, he wanted to get the insight of other reputable professionals. With the understanding that the Manhattan market was polarized between very wealthy clients and budget-driven clients, he made the decision to target the lucrative luxury market. While challenging, this segment of the market has proven to be lucrative for Heiberger’s efforts.

The real estate market is constantly in flux. This is due to changes in supply, demand, the availability and price of financing and other factors. While all of Heiberger’s current attention is focused on TOWN Residential, it may be reasonable to expect that he will make another career move to adjust to future market changes. Plus he’s always keeping active on Twitter, if you just want to pick his brain.