Aloha Construction Poises Itself for Success While Its CEO Gives Back to His Community

Aloha Construction is a company based in Lake Zurich, Illinois. It specializes in roofing, siding, and gutters. The team there does both remodeling and ground up construction. Aloha Construction has done extensive work in the suburban areas north of Chicago, and their client base extends into Southern Wisconsin.

The construction industry has been suffering from a lack of commercial projects, and this is especially true in the greater Chicago area. Despite this downturn within the industry, many contractors still routinely hire Aloha Construction. These contractors seek the company out for Aloha’s superior expertise, and these same contractors seek Aloha even when they could complete the work themselves.

A Possibly Brighter Future for Construction Companies, and Aloha’s Generous CEO

President Trump has taken notice of the issues facing construction companies. He has proposed a grant of $1 trillion to the industry to stimulate growth. This would be beneficial to companies like Aloha Construction, but Aloha isn’t suffering. Residential construction in the greater Chicago area has been going well, and residents continue to look to Aloha Construction for help with gutters, roofing, and siding.

The CEO of Aloha Construction, Dave Farbaky, is concerned with more than just exterior construction jobs. He created a non-profit entity, called the Dave Farbaky Foundation, to provide for underprivileged families in his community. He held a charity event for children earlier this year.

Learning Express Toys joined the Dave Farbaky Foundation to host a shopping spree event for children. The children were given 60 seconds to grab whatever toys they could, and Dave’s foundation paid for them. Dave is happy about being able to host such events, and he says that it has taken him and his company a lot of effort to be able to do positive things like this.


Handy Booming Home Maintenance Services: Cheap Top-of-the-line Cleaning Services Cash In Bigger Income

Handybook better known as “Handy” is probably the industry’s best new startup home maintenance business alongside Homejoy these days. The company now serves 25 U.S. states, 2 provinces in Canada and London. For those in the dark about what Handy does, it brings together high-impact freelance professionals in the home cleaning service industry and buyers. Handy eliminates the common troubles of finding ongoing cleaning gigs that generate a healthy reportable income, unpaid services and promises customers uncompromising levels of peace of mind. With Handybook, customers pay for cleaning services privately and it comes with a package of guarantees they’ll not get anywhere else. Co-founders Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua have done notable upgrades to the Handybook platform since they established it back in 2012.

The services that Handy offers range from home cleaning, handyman chores to plumbing, but an 85% of the revenue generated is primarily from professional cleaner gigs. No doubt, Handy is booming especially since it’s such a young startup. It caught media attention 2 years ago after scooping a grand $1 million fortune in single week bookings. Dua gave commentary on this crown milestone adding that the company’s operating income increased to $52 million from the usual $3 million budget. Dua is Handy’s COO (Chief-Operating-Officer). The company’s success is the outcome of a well-thought-out business model.

Handy takes away the mental and physical exercise commonly involved in getting quality outcome home maintenance job or hiring a licensed clearer. With the Handy app, finding professional, loyal, licensed cleaners, plumbers or handymen for all categories of time-intensive household chores is stress-free. A buyer of home cleaning services using Handybook services can purchase a professional, carefully vetted expert without reservations.

Handy has received a couple hundred thousand applications via the official website in the history of the business. Getting in is a struggle since they’re accepting the industry’s top-notch professionals to keep quality standards high. The general industry’s already providing unprofessionalism and substandard service, Handy stands out by enlisting the best freelance skills. All potential employees or freelancers undergo comprehensive background checks, in-person interview, and references. The marketplace currently has 5000+ registered professionals and the list is growing. Headquartered in the sleepless city of New York, Handy allow a buyer to choose an affordable cleaner with the skills and decide when work starts.

With everything being done at a centralized location using the Handy app, customers won’t get overcharged and they’re protected with guarantees. Handy money-back guarantee agreement promises to refund a customer is cleaning service is top-level as described and insurance for property damage.