How Agora Financial is Different for Your Finances

Learning to save and investment can be difficult, especially if your strengths have been with other fields most of your life. Unfortunately, there comes a time in everyone’s life when they realize they need to start planning for the future. You might be close to retirement or are just trying to save as much as possible so that you can get ahead in the future, buy a home or even start a family. Sure, you can hire a professional broker or financial advisor, but it can be way too expensive to work with such an individual. Plus, a lot of times, these individuals charge more than they’re worth. You still get frustrated over the fact that they’re not providing the help that you need and you’re having to do the work yourself.

This is why Agora Financial was created over a decade ago. This amazing company is a publishing firm first and foremost, and a financial business second. They work to create publications like books, films and blog posts to help normal everyday people like you become financial gurus. They teach everything you need to know to begin investing and putting your money into funds and accounts that will exude growth over time. Plus, all of the publications provided by Agora Financial are either totally free or entirely low cost. You get to learn the ins and outs of finance without needing to let another person do the job. You become your own broker and financial advisor, and this is a gift that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

The reason a lot of people have put their trust into Agora Financial is because of the work that this amazing publishing company has done to ensure that people learn the basics and advanced knowledge of finance. You will find that their range is extensive, and their workers travel the world to know what is best for people and their future planning. You will also notice that Agora Financial has a huge following, which means that you can ask other people what their experience has been and what you should know when using the strategies provided by Agora Financial.

There are a lot of benefits to growing your future finances and ensuring that you have a wonderful nest egg to rely on for when you retire or just need a lot of extra cash for something that’s been thrown at you in life. Instead of hiring an expensive company and hoping that they do the work for you, you need to consider the benefits of Agora Financial and know that this company has the publications available to get you started on your journey to understanding and growing your finances.

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Agora Financial Makes Financial Literature Easier to Obtain

Agora Financial is financial literacy publishing company that is providing investors with a wide range of information. This has become the type of company that people look to when they want to know more about the companies that they are putting their money in. It can be very beneficial to investors to know what is happening when it comes to creating the proper investment portfolio. People need help, and they need to be able to connect with people that know what they’re talking about. It takes experts that are part of the Agora Financial Team to create the right type of information for investors to grow portfolios. This is one of the better environments for people that want to know what it takes to improve their investment odds.

The publications are abundant, and it is always easier to make your portfolio grow when you have this type of advice at your fingertips. Agora Financial consultants have created a wide spectrum of publications that are suitable for people that have different investments under their umbrella. No two portfolios are going to be the same. There are going to be investors that have their hands in healthcare while others may be looking at technology or industrial stocks. Some people may put their time and effort into the foreign investments. All of this gives people a multitude of opportunities to seize the moment.

Anyone that is trying to maximize what they are getting from their investments should definitely heed this multitude of publications. No one needs to pigeonhole themselves in one area with one type of investment. People that are investing for long-term retirement plans should have an arsenal of investment opportunities. They should make sure that they are aware of the hot stocks, but they should also be aware of those investment opportunities that Agora Financial mentions for early-stage investments. This is the advantage that comes with utilizing Agora Financial. The early investment periods where people can get in on companies before stocks gets too expensive. This is typically one of the best reasons to utilize the literature from Agora. People that have access to this literature are going to find themselves in a place where they are able to get cheaper stocks before everyone finds out about some of these investments. They are basically getting information early on before the world becomes aware of these investment opportunities that are out there.

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GoBuySide Analyst on the Effects That GDPR Will Have on the European Union

GoBuyside is a global recruitment platform that focuses on working with hedge funds, private equity firms as well as other companies across the globe. Owing to the high technology as well as the diligent approach that the company employs, GoBuyside has an unparalleled competitive advantage when it comes to recruiting its candidates. Additionally, their team of professionals has a vast experience and academic credentials that further set them apart from their competitors as well as establishing strong relationships with the customers they serve. More than 500 clients have trust in the services offered by GoBuyside. They currently serve firms exceeding 10,000 in more than 500 cities around the globe.

An analyst from the GoBuyside made comments on the implications of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for fund management industry. He said, the GDPR will be active and applied in the European member states starting from 25th May 2018. In the period where companies are entering the transition for legislation, organizations have to assess their approach to data collection, from which they will be able to implement any changes that are necessary for achieving compliance that can be demonstrated.

The purpose of GDPR is to encourage personal data collection as an essential right for everyone. Additionally, it will introduce the concept of privacy through design and default. This will imply that GDPR will be reforming the current security obligations and security principles that are present in the EU Data Protection Directive. The element for the bill is designed in a way that requires the controllers to implement the appropriate technical measures. By doing so, it will ensure that the data processing is in accordance to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Another fundamental concept is the emphasis on the transparency and the accountability, where the legislation has new requirements that relate to the way data is analyzed and documented. Processors and controllers will be in a position to demonstrate compliance when the need arises. They will also be held accountable.

As opposed to the present data protection rules that mainly focuses on the data controllers that are within the EU, GDPR will apply to people who are not EU members whom activities are related to offering goods and services to individuals in the region.
Different sectors of GoBuyside will have to control the extent to which they control personal data to ensure they operate in accordance with the forthcoming legislation.

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Matt Badiali Uses Geology to Penetrate The Financial Market

     Matt Badiali is well known for his witty tongue when it comes to approaches in investment prospects. He has mastered a go-anywhere, talk-to-anyone hands-on techniques to attract a massive fan base. Matt has a 20 years record serving as a veteran of the Natural Resource Industry and is also the editor of the Real Wealth Strategist. His work has made him travel the world serving in several countries which includes Iraq, Hong Kong, Singapore, Turkey, and Switzerland among many others. Badiali is known for his expertise in the energy, mining and agricultural industries which he used to create worthwhile investments using natural resources. He has a history of working with drill rigs, explored abandoned mines, and owned oil wells.

Throughout his career, Badiali learned that the best way to see one’s investment growing and secure is by being there all through. He believes in the ‘boots on the ground’ ideology with constant getting in touch with resource investors, company CEO’s and precious metals experts to make sure that he keeps track of the latest technology, discoveries, and trends. Among the prominent persons that Matt has worked with include T. Boone Pickens, a legendary oilman, Ross Beaty, Pan American Silver’s chairman, and, Rick Rule of Sprott U.S Holdings who is not only a friend but also a mentor to him.

Matt Badiali was a teacher of geology at the University of North Carolina and Duke University. His research and findings have found a way into major geological conferences and high profile companies like Exxon Mobil and Anadarko. These opportunities have placed him on the media map and he has been seen more than once discussing his research in financial programs. One of the most rewarding points of Matt’s achievements is his ability to track down and locate rarely profitable investment loops for his readers. He is happy to share the tips that worked for him hoping that his readers would have equal odds to succeed in the market. For over a decade, Matt channeled his efforts to researching and writing great investments in the industrial field.

Matt Badiali consulted with expert financial analysts to come up with a detailed and well-rounded publishing. The book was centered on resource investing franchises from the basics. He also adapted the natural resources data he got in the investment world. As much as the sector is challenging for a majority part of traditional financial analysts, Matt’s unique experiences in geology and finance came in handy. His now published book, the Real Wealth Strategist equips a reader with all the necessities for successful planning, thanks to the comprehensive evaluation of natural resources.

I'm currently in a region that produced 5.5 million ounces of gold last year. That’s the fifth largest output for a…

Posted by Matt Badiali on Friday, November 10, 2017

Meet Matt Badiali, The Authoritative Financial Analyst Of Assets In The Natural Resources Segment

     Matt Badiali is a man of many hats. He is a specialist on natural resources including rare metals, energy as well as agricultural assets. He is a renowned financial analyst, a contributor and Senior Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. He is also a trained geologist. This explains his passionate approach to natural resources.

Matt Badiali graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Earth Sciences. He then proceeded to Florida Atlantic University where he obtained a master’s degree in Geology. He employs a hands-on approach to his projects. He has visited numerous mines and oil fields during his research to determine the value of resource prospects. Matt Badiali has set foot on some of the world’s biggest oil drilling rigs and gold mines.

He reiterates that the best way to ensure your investment is safe is to see it for yourself. He has a keen eye and can be able to rate an oil drilling operation just by watching the action on the ground and getting a few answers from the crew. He gives stellar advice for investors looking to expand their interests in natural resources including oil and precious metals such as gold among others.

His training and experience place him in a unique position to understand the stocks of natural resources and the dynamics that affect their pricing and value. Additionally, he has spent over ten years researching and analyzing investments in natural resources for financial publishers. Matt Badiali is at home analyzing geological data, financial records, and trends in the stock markets.

He has created a spot for himself fusing his training in geology with his love for investment. With this in mind, it is easy to see the attraction to Banyan Hill Publishing. He specializes in identifying disruptive assets in the natural resources segment. His stock picks employ contemporary strategies that fool even the most experienced Wall Street fund managers.

He leverages his skill set and experience on the ground to zero in on red flags and other problems affecting the value of oil and mining companies. Matt Badiali discusses his views on investments in natural resources on the Winning Investor Daily and the Real Wealth Strategist journals at Banyan Hill.

He is an authority on rare and lucrative investment opportunities in the niche segment. He maintains close relationships with big players in the oil and mining sectors. Matt Badiali has given geology lessons at Duke University as well as the University of North Carolina. It was while teaching at the latter institution that he ventured into the financial analysis of precious metals and oil assets.


Discovering the personality of Jeff Yestine

     The passion that Jeff Yestine has in shedding light on many opportunities that individuals have disregarded is incredible. He is the total wealth editor and joined Banyan Hill publishing I the year 2015 first as an editorial director. Before joining Banyan, he had worked for 20 years at the financial world events center as a stock market investor as well a business journalist.

On a weekly basis, he contributes to Banyans daily winning investor newspaper and also the sovereign journal in which he helps investors comprehend among others the economy, businesses, and the monetary trends and so does the job of highlighting to the individuals the opportunities that are profit-making and had been highlighted by the editors. Earlier he had become an award-nominated anchor who also doubled up as a correspondent with the NBR Nightly Business Report. It was the year 1994 and 2010.Having interviewed several investors, he has learned the secrets of investments that are successful from individuals like Richard Branson, Michael Dell, and Warren Buffet among others.

Through his creative reporting, he has learned to realize specific opportunities in multimillion company’s and also small-cap growth stocks and big retails.The 2000 mid real estate crisis had a forewarning from his reports in which he unearthed several issues that would border the same. He had also earlier reported on critical national events like the Panama canal handover which was very historic. Yastine has visited Cuba two times, more previously in the year 1994 and later in 2003 when he would then report on the countries on the role of the investors in the economy of the country. Also, he had a report on the condition f Americas unfounded infrastructural system of roads, bridges and other public forms of infrastructure that would later earn him nominations for the Business Emmy Award. He has also contributed to the reporting of the influence of the foreign automakers as they were taking part in the development of southeastern United States manufacturing plants.

Apart from that he also engaged in the reporting of the financial impacts that came as result of Hurricane Katrina and the deep water zone oil spill in 2005 and 2010 respectively. Having done a half hour market report for the nation along with other journalists, he was nominated for the 2002 awards for NYSSCPA Excellence. He also takes part in the development of the Total Wealth Insider that exposes new wealth building approaches. Nowadays it has become hard to make sense in the world of investments given the wild booms and bust cycles it entails, evading the wall street not mentioned. Having realized that fact Yestin does precisely that, by the creation of the Total wealth insider where the shades light on important issues that people ignore.

Agora Financial Invests in Your Financial Investment Health

Agora Financial, an innovator in financial advice, market ideas, and economic forecast, is a subsidiary of Agora Inc., founded by half-dozen passionate writers in 1978. Today, Agora Inc. is a collection of around twenty innovative media companies. The future these collective writers envisioned was based on the motto “Sometimes right, sometimes wrong, and always in doubt.” Agora, from the Greek “Marketplace,” is synonymous with independent thinking and alternative paths.

Before most people knew about the housing bubble or the tech bubble, the Lehman Bros. collapse, and other monumental upheavals, Agora Financial readers were aware of the impending tidal waves. This allowed readers and subscribers to make decisions in a timely manner, cushion their investments, and safeguard their financial health. Headquartered in Baltimore, Agora Financial calls a historic district home and occupies a building which used to house the Order of the Sons of Italy.

Most people aren’t investment gurus, may not understand financial investment, the financial market or even the various fluctuations and layers of economics and what it means to them. This is where Agora Financial can help. Where, When, and How can the average person build and grow their wealth?

Newsletters, online information, documentary videos, and seminars are tools Agora Financial provides to bring you the information you need to succeed and prosper in your financial goals. From finding companies on the upswing of growth to secrets of generating income and how to protect your wealth, Agora Financial has it covered. Their research is independent and they invest more than $1 million annually to investigate the newest trends all over the globe. These are investments that haven’t yet hit the mainstream where the price of an investment is too high but are the earliest and newest groundbreakers poised to hit the market.

The diverse team at Agora Financial are Harvard graduates, New York Times bestsellers, billionaire philanthropists, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists, filmmakers, and banking experts. The Agora team predicted the housing crisis in 2004 – four years before it happened. They predicted the oil price spike in 2007 before the price of the barrel skyrocketed to $147 in 2008. And before the mainstream media began reporting on the rise of personalized medicine, regenerative medicine, and other major opportunities, the team at Agora Financial had been reporting on it for a full four years.

What do you envision for yourself and your family? If financial health is one of your concerns or financial wealth one of your goals, visit Agora Financial’s Publications Page. Read more about their work, see what they offer, get a preview of the quality of their service. In today’s world, it is crucial to be on the inside of knowing so you’re not worrying about tomorrow.

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Agora Financial: Analysing, Reviewing And Publishing About Investment Opportunities

Agora Financial is a company that functions as an independent analysis unit for investors so that they can have the proper information regarding the places that they want to invest in. Not everyone has a degree in finance or economics, and for some, knowing which are the right places to invest into can seem like a hard job. For those people, Agora Financial comes in as solutions. The company is dedicated to putting out content that educates their audiences about the different aspects of finance and does so in a way that is easy to understand and applicable. They also give out information regarding the companies that one should invest in, and ones that will help the investor reap significant benefits in the future.




Agora Financial puts out their content through a variety of mediums. For those who feel like they would learn better on an audio visual level, the company has its own YouTube channel on which they regularly put out videos explaining the different aspects of investments and the field of finance. They also have their newsletter for those who prefer to read up on investment opportunities rather than watching it. Through these mediums, Agora Financial provides its audience everything that they would need to know to be well versed in the financial field to be a smart investor.



Agora Financial uses only that information that they collect from in house analysts. They have financial analysts traveling all over the world to the sites of potential investment opportunities so that they can know for a fact if they are good to invest in or not. They analyze the entire company and then publish it so that their audiences can know about it too. Agora Financial has been used as a source by numerous large media outlets like The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Daily Telegraph and also television channels like Fox Business.

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Janes Donders Benefits the Dallas Community

James Donders, president of Highland Capital Management in Dallas, Texas, has become a philanthropist who helps support many non-profit organizations in the Dallas area.

Family Place helps people and their offspring who are victims of domestic violence. Donders has given this organization a million dollars so this organization can be on its way to finishing its $16,5 million capital campaign.

Highland Capital has greatly helped the Dallas Zoo get two structures built. The Highland Hippo Hut, an about 4,500 square foot structure, will make it possible for hippos to return to the zoo. Highland Capital Lodge, a 5,000 square foot structure, is where the zoo can have private events and special displays.

Southern Methodist University (SMU has received a $2 MILLION donation. This will enable undergrads to fully study public policy. These students can also go overseas to meet with international leaders and see what is happening with government policy all over the world. They can get internships that will actually be meaningful. This scholarship program began in the Fall of 2014.

The SMU scholarship program is not the only endeavor that Highland Capital participates in. This company supports Education is Freedom, an organization that makes it possible for some at-risk youth to go to college. This organisation makes sure that these youth go to college by doing professional development, test preparation, help from mentors and internships at corporations and companies.


Soldiers die all over the world and they leave offspring that have to live without them. Snowball Express was founded in 2006 and flies them from all over the world to Dallas to give them four days of joy. During these four days, they participate in sporting events and dances, go to amusements parks and do much more that will help them temporarily stop them from grieving for the deaths of their parents. Highland Capital helps this organization as well.

Dallas should be glad that James Donders is part of the community.

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James Dondero helps bring hippos back to Dallas

James Dondero may have become Dallas and Fort Worth’s favorite philanthropist. Along with being the president of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero supports local based development projects, including the re-building a state-of-the-art hippo habitat at the Dallas Zoo. This left many of Dallas and Forth Worth residents overwhelmed with joy and eagerness. Hippos have not been seen at the Dallas Zoo for 15 years. The Zoo struggled to come up with a way to provide a program that would be comfortable for the animal.

It took the Dallas Zoo four years to plan and come up with $14 million dollars to create a two acre Hippo habitat. The new and improved habitat features an underwater viewing window allowing the visitors to gain a new perspective without disturbing the hippos environment. The new hippo exhibit is located in the Wilds of Africa, which is near the monorail station. The revival of the exhibit comes after people kept asking the zoo for hippos. James Dondero was one of many philanthropists who fund the new exhibit. James Dondero contributed $1 million dollars to the Dallas Zoo to help with the reconstruction.

The Dallas Zoo’s original hippo “Papa” died in 2001 and the zoo decided at the time to not find a new one. The new exhibit offers stunning views of the wild hippos among their habitat. James Dondero’s gift also helped create a private event facility, with all the proceeds from renting that facility reserved for future improvements. The new exhibit boasts a 120,000 gallon waterhole habitat that provides a new submerged viewing area. The two new hippos Adhama and Biopelo are from the Albuquerque Biological Park.

James Dondero is known for his philanthropy and generosity. James Dondero is currently the head of Highland Capital Management. He has over thirty years experience in equity markets. He earned his finance and accounting degrees from the University of Virginia. James Dondero has donated millions to numerous local development projects and helped fund several iconic attractions including the George W. Bush Library, the Snowball Express, Uplift Education and SMU’s Tower Scholars Program. James Dondero continues to do what is best for the community.