Cultural Aspects of Richard Mishaan’s Design

Richard Mishaan is one of the few interior designer who have created his own style in dealing with spaces and colors. He currently lives in the city of New York, and is renowned globally for his combination of styles coming from different eras, matching them with color to complement one’s eyes. He carefully combines antiques and sometimes, vintage pieces and other ornamental objects with strong patterns and lively colors.

His name is included in the lists like Elle Decor (where he is known as an A-lister) and the list called AD 100. Aside from his stint as an interior designer, he is also authoring a couple of books. He wrote Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern, and these books were released under some known publication houses, like The Monacelli Press at Random House.

One of his recent projects was the grand salon and library that he made for this year’s show house aimed for young decorators. Richard Mishaan drew his inspiration for his designs from a room that he imagines to be collected over in a span of generations, similar to the families of Florence and Venice who have developed their crafts and workmanship overtime, combining it with available resources resulting in an artistic output, and is now being coveted around the world. Richard Mishaan believes that these kind of treasures were being collected one after another, with its main goal to create a museum gallery. He is very disciplined when it comes to the contents that he would put up inside the room that he is designing, and he knows that he only has short time in dealing with these projects. He gave his house as an example, citing that he has a library that he designs carefully overtime, and now it became the most beautiful and entertaining room in his home.



Richard Mishaan stated that he loves to use fabrics with animal prints, silk, and other ornamental items that he could get hold with, often combining designs from different parts of the world resulting to a unique design. It creates an illusion that the room is large enough, and its color and design combination becomes complementary as a backdrop. One example of this approach was a wall covering being created in Europe with their native styles combined with authentic Asian designs. These ornaments can depict different periods of history, making it a unique journey through eras and ages, but still being presented as a single form of art.



Richard Mishaan said that culture and travel is what enriches the mind and soul, and a design that was based on someone’s heritage could make a lasting legacy that goes beyond trends, making it appear to be pure and eternal.


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