Discovering the personality of Jeff Yestine

     The passion that Jeff Yestine has in shedding light on many opportunities that individuals have disregarded is incredible. He is the total wealth editor and joined Banyan Hill publishing I the year 2015 first as an editorial director. Before joining Banyan, he had worked for 20 years at the financial world events center as a stock market investor as well a business journalist.

On a weekly basis, he contributes to Banyans daily winning investor newspaper and also the sovereign journal in which he helps investors comprehend among others the economy, businesses, and the monetary trends and so does the job of highlighting to the individuals the opportunities that are profit-making and had been highlighted by the editors. Earlier he had become an award-nominated anchor who also doubled up as a correspondent with the NBR Nightly Business Report. It was the year 1994 and 2010.Having interviewed several investors, he has learned the secrets of investments that are successful from individuals like Richard Branson, Michael Dell, and Warren Buffet among others.

Through his creative reporting, he has learned to realize specific opportunities in multimillion company’s and also small-cap growth stocks and big retails.The 2000 mid real estate crisis had a forewarning from his reports in which he unearthed several issues that would border the same. He had also earlier reported on critical national events like the Panama canal handover which was very historic. Yastine has visited Cuba two times, more previously in the year 1994 and later in 2003 when he would then report on the countries on the role of the investors in the economy of the country. Also, he had a report on the condition f Americas unfounded infrastructural system of roads, bridges and other public forms of infrastructure that would later earn him nominations for the Business Emmy Award. He has also contributed to the reporting of the influence of the foreign automakers as they were taking part in the development of southeastern United States manufacturing plants.

Apart from that he also engaged in the reporting of the financial impacts that came as result of Hurricane Katrina and the deep water zone oil spill in 2005 and 2010 respectively. Having done a half hour market report for the nation along with other journalists, he was nominated for the 2002 awards for NYSSCPA Excellence. He also takes part in the development of the Total Wealth Insider that exposes new wealth building approaches. Nowadays it has become hard to make sense in the world of investments given the wild booms and bust cycles it entails, evading the wall street not mentioned. Having realized that fact Yestin does precisely that, by the creation of the Total wealth insider where the shades light on important issues that people ignore.

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