Dr. Imran Haque Says Hospital Modernization Leads to Better Patient Care

Dr. Imran Haque, internist at Horizon Internal Medicine in North Carolina has been a practicing doctor for nearly two decades. During a recent interview, Dr. Haque pointed out how technology enables modern healthcare institutions to not only remain competitive, but also maintain high levels of excellence and care for patients.

Hospitals are quickly facing a digital transformation of their tools, organization and processes, which statistically takes about 5 years to complete. A fundamental part of this modernization is mobile patient monitoring and implementation of electronic health records. Dr. Haque points out that institutions are learning that money spent on paper and document filing can be reduced by up to 90 percent. It simplifies communication and facilitates decision-making processes significantly, thus many misdiagnosis can also be avoided.

Dr. Haque understands the need to adapt and include new technologies in healthcare. “Digitization allows institutions to improve efficiency, including communication and information sharing,” says Dr. Haque. People are still hesitant, but the reality is that information brought together will help doctors quickly access it, and thus patients will have faster treatment. Once fully implemented, this new medical “cloud” will enable far-reaching advantages over conventional forms of organization in hospitals. Ask Dr. Haque and he says it’s just optimized processes. Of course, Dr. Haque also acknowledges that modernization doesn’t happen overnight, but technology is available and flexibility can mean better care.

Earning a Bachelors and Medical degree from Santo Domingo’s Universidad Iberoamericana University, Dr. Haque went on to complete his post graduate medical training at the University of Virginia. He received his Master’s of Internal Medicine in the Roanoke-Salem program.

As a well-respected, and devoted internist, Dr. Haque believes in the doctor-patient relationship and says a good bedside manner greatly contributes to quality patient care. These beliefs contributed to his being honored with an award for Compassionate Doctor Recognition. He treats a broad array of illnesses that range from common to chronic conditions and his patients relish his care.

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