Finding Donors to Help Get Children Out of Poverty

Currently, Andrew Rolfe is the Head of Private Equity for a company known as TowerBrook. He is also their Managing Director. He also holds a position as the chairman for a non-profit that is known as Ubuntu Education Fund. This non-profit focuses on community health, education organization and also social welfare. The non-profit is based in South Africa.

The non-profit Ubuntu was founded by Jacob Lief. Lief is also the chief executive of Ubuntu. Lief decided that it was time for a new strategy for this non-profit group because although they had a lot of money flowing into them, they weren’t really changing any children’s lives. Lief decided that he was going to start telling donors no who put restrictions on how the money could be spent. Instead of focusing on donors and money, Lief started to shift his focus on finding what the best ways to help support the kids would be. Lief has started finding the funding for Ubuntu from individuals with net-worth and different family foundations. These donors have an understanding that donated money with tight restrictions isn’t worth the time of Ubuntu.

The Ubuntu Model is used to closely work with the different communities and the families within those communities to come up with a plan that is specialized for each child. This plan is to help them gain some stability as well as the health and the education that is needed to be able to get away from poverty. It can be difficult to find donors for non-profit groups that won’t put tight regulations on how the money is going to be spent. Some of the donors will say that their money can only be spent on certain programs while other donors want to be able to have input on the non-profit’s strategy and how the operations of the non-profit are managed. But Lief is doing the best he can do find donors who don’t put these limitations on the money.


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