Freedom Checks: A Review of Matt Badilai’s Investment Strategy

You have probably seen the viral video by now. A man appears on screen holding up a large check and making promises of millions. These so-called “Freedom Checks” are being pitched by a man by the name of Matt Badiali. Now, it may seem too good to be true, but Matt Badiali is actually making some fantastic points. Visit the website to learn more.

Real Wealth Strategist

Matt Badiali runs a newsletter under the banner of Bayan Hill Publishing (one of the largest underground investment publishing companies) and boasts an impressive amount of subscribers. His members-only newsletter aptly named Real Wealth Strategist which has over 100,000 subscribers. The $49 publication has been working wonders over recent years. Currently, many of his picks are up anywhere from 34% to 52%. Of course, no-one is perfect, Badiali has made a few bad picks, one of them going as low as -16%. Overall, however, Matt has been making gains for his readers.

About Matt

Matt Badiali is a prolific advisor in the natural resources world. He has rubbed elbows with T. Boone Picks — the oil legend — and traveled across the globe working with some of the biggest names in natural resource investment. After years traveling around and learning more and more about the hidden world of natural resources, Badiali settled won with Bayan Hill Publishing and started accruing users to his publication which, so far, has been seeing incredible gains.


Freedom Checks

So what about these Freedom Checks? Freedom Checks aren’t as mysterious and complicated as they may seem. Freedom Checks are referring to Master Limited Partnerships (or MLPs). MLPs are business that can remain free from federal taxes as long as they pay out 90% of their profits to shareholders. Established in 1987 under statue 26-F, MLPs have been around a while. MLPs are taxed far differently than normal stocks and investors get massive tax breaks on MLPs because they are treated as a return of income not return of capital. Almost all MLPs work in the oil and gas industry in one way or another though there are a few that exist outside of this industry.


Matt Badiali isn’t necessarily coming up with anything new here, but he is giving investors insight on which MLPs to invest in. Badiali thinks that since oil imports are going down and exports are increasing, MLPs in oil and gas are going to be paying bigger and bigger dividends in the near future. So, treat Badiali’s advice as more investment advice from an expert in natural resources and less as a mysterious magical check, and you could jump onboard the MLP train. A train which Badiali and other experts think will see massive gains in the future. Freedom Checks is basically Badialis way of telling you what MLPs to invest in. Learn more about Freedom Checks at

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