GoBuyside: Providing and Managing High-Quality Workforce

GoBuyside is a prime research firm that specializes in working with other private equity firms, hedge funds, investment managers, advisory platforms and other broad companies across the broad spectrum of companies across the world to provide reliable candidates for various positions. The company works with over 500 companies across different platforms. The GoBuyside team is one of the leading in the 21st-century global companies. Read more at Wayup about GoBuyside.

The team has been on the market for quite some time now and they understand the market trend and has an unparalleled competitive advantage over the newbies in the market. GoBuyside has a high sourcing power with millions of clients worldwide and with top candidates in the market. The mode of screening their candidates is also one of the major achievements that have increased their market share. The team has a highly educated workforce who fully understand the current market trend. This has enabled the site to form a strong and unique bond with their clients. With over 500 companies worldwide that have trusted the services of GoBuyside, it is evident that the organization is doing a great and commendable job in the market. GoBuyside has more than 10000 branches in over 400 cities all over the world. Read this article at Accesswire.

The organization was founded by Arjun Kapur. The founder has extensive knowledge and experience in marketing. Prior to founding the company, Kapur has had a rich experience in working with many notable firms. The idea to start up GoBuyside according to Kapur was to seal the loopholes that occurred as a result of lack of transparency in the hiring process. GoBuyside was therefore established to bridge the gap between the hiring models in the job market and ensure that all the best talents in the society and investment platform are tapped. The organization is now the leading platform for investment professionals in the United States of America market.

Arjun Kapur has brought up the great ideas in the GoBuyside. Kapur is a finance expert and a successful entrepreneur. He is a graduate of Phi Beta Kappa from John Hopkins University with a degree in Economics. He later attended Stanford School of Busines for his masters in Business Administration. Just like many other entrepreneurs, Kapur is also technologically versatile and is keeping up with the dynamic technological world. He has an intense interest in artificial intelligence and he hopes the breakthrough in artificial intelligence will also be a breakthrough in the business world with its intense and variety of applications.


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