Goettl’s Legacy Since Its Inception In 1926

Goettl dished out a number of tricks residents in Norcal could use to stay refreshed in the house throughout all seasons using the HVAC system. According to the air conditioning firm, the foundation of an efficient system is the home’s condition. Weathering the home by replacing and antiquated system will ensure that cold air stays indoors while warm air is pushed outside. Keeping the HVAC unit under shade and away from sunlight protects the thermostat’s functionality. The thermostat tends to overwork if subjected to extra heat from sunlight. Additionally, investing in tinted windows will ensure that light is deflected. Other necessary measures that yield efficient results include the use of radiant barriers and a programmable thermostat. In the case of an old system, it is paramount to have a qualified technician replace the AC and air filters alongside upgrading the system.

Goettl has played a vital role in defining the air conditioning niche of America. They are the leaders of HVAC products and services primarily in Arizona and surrounding areas. Currently, Goettl has several installation programs in the Verde Valley communities in Brookfield, Del Webb Cottonwood Ranch, Mountain Gate, Prescott Valley, Prescott Lakes, Prescott Quail Wood, Granville, and Stonebridge.

The firm began operating decades ago under the initiation of the Goettl brother in 1926 from its headquarter in Mansfield, Ohio. Later, the managers Bill, John, and Adam relocated the office to Phoenix, Arizona to suppress the effects of the Great Depression. The firm has a specialization in the production of innovative heating and cooling systems, installation of customers and maintenance and repair upon request. The grandchildren of the company’s founders Ted and Adam, established Goettl High Desert Mechanical to provide clients with improved solutions that meet the current technological trends. The family is invested in the property business under the firm’s management such as the construction of new homes and refurbishing of old ones.

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