How Mark McKenna is Focused at Promoting Medical Aesthetic Care

The medical field is supplied with different personalities. Some of them have gone beyond the walls of medicine and maneuvered through the paths of entrepreneurship to establish brands that are transforming lives. Mark McKenna, the Founder and CEO of OVMI, an Atlanta based medical aesthetic Corporation, is an inspiring medical entrepreneur.

Looking at a recent interview he did with IdeaMensch, Mark laid clear everything about his journey in medicine and business. According to Mark, the dream to start OVMI was ideally conceived from his experience in the medical field. “The medical aesthetic sector is supplied with opportunities,” said McKenna in the interview. His typical day is a very normal only that what he does get to affect the lives of many.

He wakes up at 6:30 am and takes breakfast with his daughter. He arrives at the office at 8:00 pm and works till 6:00 pm before heading home for dinner. Mark enjoys meditation when at work and that’s how he is able to come up with business ideas. When asked in the interview of what excites him, Mark says, “Seen the smoking trends in America declining excites me.” Overall, Mark McKenna is a simple guy and real driver of the medical aesthetic entrepreneurial sector.

About Dr. Mark McKenna

Mark McKenna is an experienced medical doctor based in Georgia. He is licensed to practice medicine and surgery by the Boards of medical examiners of Georgia and Florida. Originally from the town of New Orleans, Mark went for his medical studies at Tulane University. After college, he joined his father to practice medicine as they also engaged in business simultaneously.

They launched McKenna Ventures, a real estate boutique firm. Mark steered the company to enormous growth. In 2007, he moved to Georgia and founded ShapeMed, a medical wellness firm. The company was bought by Life Time Fitness (LTF) in 2014 and Mark was offered a directors role. He worked at LTF until 2016 when she stepped down and founded OVMI in 2017.


Overall, Mark McKenna is an experienced medical doctor and business leader. Having founded and managed a number of firms, Mark is dedicated to making OVMI the best aesthetic consumer brand in the world.

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