Interviewing Antony Toma of Nine9

Antony Toma, the CEO OF Nine9, has an excellent listening habit. which makes him excel as an entrepreneur. This is a company that deals with models and actor, giving them the skills they need to take on the challenging modelling and acting world. The following is part of an interview giving more details on Nine9 Talent Agency and Toma’s experience.

The genesis of Nine9

Nine9 was born when Toma was in the grocery business and was busy looking for a franchise and the only thing he could find was in the modeling and acting industry. He purchased the franchise and embarked on learning all about the business. His inexperience forced the franchise under after some time from which he was forced to build his own company from scratch. His resilience and ability to make the best business decisions is was has made him such a success now. Read Nine9 Blogs Here .

Typical day for Toma

Begins his day by preparing and dropping the kids to school. He then gets to the office and goes through the day’s schedule. He then answers emails, checks social media content and handles things that come up. He also attends meetings where he equips his staff with tools to maintain quality service.

Bringing ideas to life

He writes ideas down and thinks through them before proposing it to his team. They discuss the idea and come up with what works for the business.See Photos Here .

About Nine9

Nine9 is a company on a mission. It focuses on helping actors and models take over the entertainment industry through offering tools, support, and opportunities that present platforms for those they represent. Nine9 at Facebook .

Nine9 began in 2003 with a mission of providing tools and resources for all aspiring models and actors. It is a leader in casting talent. It is equipped with latest technology and qualified staff that will get your career running. for more .

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