Jason Hope Donates $500,000 to SENS Foundation

Jason Hope, a renowned internet entrepreneur, donated $500,000 to the SENS Foundation in 2010. His giving is a show of solidarity with the foundation’s efforts and focus on its research on rejuvenation biotechnologies as well as its mission of fighting age-related health conditions.

Located in California, SENS Foundation is a non-profit organization whose activities include the development, promotion and increasing access to rejuvenation biotechnologies that address age-related diseases comprehensively. This is a timely engagement considering that the global scientific community is increasingly embracing the vital role played by rejuvenation technologies as far as handling age-related illnesses are concerned.

While announcing his pledge, Jason Hope explained how he had shown substantial interest in the works of Dr. Aubrey de Grey SENS Foundation for a while. Jason said that he believes their work is fundamental to the advancement of human medicine. He also added that Dr. Aubrey’s and the Foundation’s approach to the general problem of human aging and the associated diseases is the only way to go.

Age-related conditions, in this case, include Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and Atherosclerosis. According to Jason Hope, the works of SENS Foundation and that of others who adopt similar approaches will go a long way in redefining and reshaping the biotech, pharmaceutical healthcare industries. Jason could not hide his firm conviction that advancement of rejuvenation biotechnologies represents the future. As such, it was a great honor for him to support the works of SENS Foundation as he hoped that his financial contributions would help generate speedier results for the entire humanity.

However, Jason is usually keen to make people aware of the fact that the research on rejuvenation biotechnologies is not about finding a way for humans to live forever. Instead, it is about helping the beneficiaries of the discoveries enjoy an improved quality of life and also live longer. SENS Foundation concentrates on determining ways of preventing the occurrence of age-related diseases.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope wears many hats. He is an accomplished entrepreneur, investor, futurist, as well as a philanthropist. He was born in Tempe, Arizona, where he also grew up. Jason is a holder of bachelor’s degree in Finance from Arizona State University and an MBA from the same institution, at W.P Carey School of Business.

Unlike many people, Jason Hope took a noticeably short time to make a name for himself in the international business arena after completing his education. He is the go-to man when you have any business question. His commitment to his home state of Arizona is evident in the fact that he stayed close to Phoenix. Currently, Jason is a resident of Scottsdale, Arizona. He spends a substantial part of his spare time in philanthropic activities. He supports scientific research that revolves around innovation and bravely challenges the modern school of thought when need be.

Jason Hope info: angel.co/jason-hope

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