Keeping Up With Lime Crime Cosmetics

The Woman Who Is Behind The Line
Doe Deere is the woman who is behind the famous cosmetic line called Lime Crime. Doe Deere is a woman who always had a love for bright and beautiful colors. She had the idea to start a business selling clothes that she made herself. She wanted to incorporate her love of color and style into her clothing line. Deere would use herself for a model when she showcased her clothing, and she found that her fans liked the way that her makeup looked. They would make various comments, and that really made her think about working more with makeup.

The Makeup Line Begins
Doe Deere began to mix colors from different makeups, and she found that she was not happy with the amount of pigmentation that regular makeup offered, so she started to use theatrical makeup as well; theatrical makeup is not generally made for everyday use, so Deere needed to find a good middle ground. Deere wanted to be able to create a makeup brand that was unique and that offered individuals the opportunity to showcase their face in the same way that they would showcase their clothing. Deere wanted her makeup line to be bright, bold, and beautiful. That is how she got the idea for Lime Crime cosmetics. Doe Deere was able to start up her cosmetics brand with just a couple hundred dollars and her dream.

This Is What You Use To Design Your Face
Now Lime Crime cosmetics is a cosmetic line that is sold around the world. Doe Deere has been able to help her brand to amass a huge fan base of individuals who love makeup and thrive on color. The fans of this cosmetic line are called unicorns, because they are beautiful and unique. Deere’s cosmetic line offers its customers a wide range of colors when it comes to eyeshadows, brushes, and lipsticks. They offer more than the traditional colors because this cosmetic line wants to give people a variety of choices when it comes to the way that they design their face.

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