Lime Crime Finally Launches Unique Unicorn Inspired Hair Dye

If you’re struggling to stay up to date with today’s trend when it comes to unicorn themed anything, look no further. Lime Crime has fully launched its very own line of unicorn inspired hair dye. The semi permanent hair dyes come in a variety of 13 shades, ranging from colors the company refers to as dirty mermaid (a muted sea foam green) and leeloo (a traffic stopping orange). These vibrant and uniquely named dyes will last anywhere from 8-12 washes depending on what type of coverage you buy. Lime Crime offers both a tint and full coverage starting at only $16 per jar, you can snag them for pretty cheap. The rainbow hued hair dye is animal friendly and uses only vegan ingredients. The company guarantees that no testing is ever done on animals and they plant to stay that way. In addition to being animal cruelty free, Lime Crime never uses any harsh chemicals in any of their products, like bleach or ammonia.


Lime Crime’s hyper performance semi permanent hair color does not fade like many other hair dyes do. This vibrant hue of rainbow fantasy is sure to remain as majestic as a unicorn itself. The dye fades very gracefully and leaves hair feeling silky smooth while giving off the scent of a peaceful and relaxing meadow. Absolutely no damage is done to your hair, so you get all the benefits of mixing up your personal style without the dry tanglely hair. Application is a super simple process , taking one to two hours depending on what vibrance you want your hair color to come off as. They recommend leaving the hair dye in for only one hour if you want to go with more of a pastel unicorn look and two hours if you want the full unicorn effect. Be sure to check out these amazing dyes while they last.

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