Lime Crime Introduces The Unicorn Hair Dye

The biggest trend right now in hair color is the rainbow aka unicorn hair color. Lime Crime has introduced 13 eye popping colors in this new line. The ingredients are vegan based and are ammonia and bleach free. This makes it safe for all hair types. The unicorn hair dye comes in full coverage or tint. Full coverage last between 10 and 12 washes. Tints last about 8 to 10 washes. It all depends on how you care for your hair on how long the color last. Frequent washing’s can cause it to fade quicker.


The 13 vibrant shades are dirty mermaid, neon peach, salad, bunny, sext, jello, anime, leeloo, pony, chocolate cherry, strawberry jam, blue smoke, and gargoyle. Full coverage gives you that deep, vibrant color, richly pigmented strands. Tints are best used on light blonds, to create that pastel color on the hair. Lime Crime recommends that you use these colors on medium blond to lighter blond hair for best results. If your hair is darker, it is best to have a professional pre-lighten your hair to achieve optimal, beautifully, rich pigmented hair. If you use these colors on darker hair, it will show up more like a tint instead of full coverage.


This is the greatest trend to hit the market now. Unicorn hair is creating a buzz and many are wanting to achieve this beautiful array of rainbow colors. And you can get creative with the colors by mixing and matching to create your own custom color. The application process is simple and requires just a pair of gloves, an old t-shirt, applicator brush, bowl, and clips. The color doesn’t color your whole life but with the deeper shades of color, minimal amount of transfer on your pillow or towel could occur.


Lime Crime worked on this project for 3 years and it is now making its debut into the beauty industry. Doe Deere, Lime Crime’s founder, has been sporting vivid colors on her gorgeous locks for years. She used her own hair as the inspiration for this new endeavor.

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