Lime Crime Makeup: Fantastical, Naughty And Totally Glam

Doe Deere always appears to be one step ahead of the trends in beauty. The CEO and founder of Lime Crime makeup keeps introducing new lipsticks and eye shadows, and then the giant cosmetics companies try to play catch-up. Even the fashion runways have adopted some of Lime Crime’s famous crazy makeup shades.

For example, Acne’s models wore striking grey lipstick down the runways to celebrate their spring/summer collection. Doe Deere already sells an amazing and popular lipstick shade called “Cement.”

Doe Deere launched the company in 2008, when bold and naughty makeup like hers was still a bit underground. Today, the brand has found its way on to the red carpet, at magazine photo shoots, on the street and around the world. Her brand likes breaking the traditional rules of beauty and giving the power back to the one who wears Lime Crime.

On Instagram, the brand enjoys being the prom queen, if you will, with three million followers and counting. Doe Deere built the brand on e-commerce and believes that online shopping is the wave of the future.

What sets this company apart from the others is its trendy, sexy makeup with strong, beautiful pigments. The brand is all about the fantasy and creating your own definition of beauty.

The makeup features odd, radical shades that you rarely see anywhere else. Like cement, there is also peacock blue, alien green, squash, schroom and so many others that elicit a different beauty. The brand’s iconic lipsticks in the Veletines and Unicorn collections are liquid to matte in formula and won’t rub off. You can even make out in them; we won’t tell.

The sexy eye shadows also offer incredible pigments that resemble bruised fruit, as in the cult favorite Venus palettes. There is also glitter, iridescence and crystals for adornment.

Doe Deere understands the world of beauty and how it should develop in modern times. Her company features unconventional makeup and is proud of it. There’s no apologizing for finding your beauty voice; just put some on and go.

Lime Crime is an independent company based in L.A.

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