Michael Burwell Provides Great Support To New Company

The insurance and risk management industry is a very important industry as it provides a great risk tool to individuals and organizations all over the world. One of the leading insurance and risk management companies in the industry today is Willis Tower Watson. While Willis Tower Watson is considered a much younger company compared to its competitors, it has continued to grow and develop over the past decade due to its ability to provide great service. Much of the success of the organization is due to its senior leadership team that has provided great guidance due to the amazing experience that it has. Over the past few months, Willis Tower Watson has added a new member to its senior executive team that will provide even more support to the organization going forward.


In the past few months, Willis Tower Watson announced it hired a new Chief Financial Officer. the company recently announced that it had hired Michael Burwell as the CFO of the organization. He ended up joining the organization in September of 2017 and was immediately announced as the replacement of the outgoing CFO who was retiring. The addition of Michael Burwell to the senior executive team was a huge addition for the organization due to the experience that he was bringing to the company.


Over the course of his career, Michael Burwell has had a lot of success working for a big public accounting firm. Michael Burwell has more than 31 years of experience working for Price Waterhouse Cooper. In this time period, he has held a variety of different senior leadership positions for the organization. This has included overseeing some of the largest global divisions that the company has. During this time, he also was able to provide guidance to Willis Tower Watson and is very familiar with the company and industry.


Now that he is the CFO of the organization, Michael Burwell will be able to provide a lot of direct service to the organization. As the head of the financial division of the company, he will have direct impact on financial reporting, financial projections, and a variety of other financial needs that will help to ensure the organization is successful for years to come. This will help to provide great service and will ensure it continues to be compliant with all financial obligations in the future. This will ensure regulatory success and compliance going forward. Go Here for related Information.


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