The Coffee that is an herb above the rest!

Coffee has been a staple of many individual’s early mornings, dragging afternoons, and late nights. It has also transformed its identity for not only being a quick pick me up, but it has become a beverage that is enjoyed for many occasions. What has really transformed coffees image in the beverage industry is its benefits for the human body. Read more at about Organo Gold.

Coffee itself increases metabolism, revs up your energy level, helps reduce depression increases stamina and endurance, helps reduce the onset of some neurological diseases as well as many other benefits. With all the benefits that can be gotten from coffee, one must know that all coffees are not created equal. Visit to know more. That’s where ORGANO coffee comes in, this brand of coffee has changed the game on how we enjoy coffee and subsequently has given its drinkers benefits with their love for the drink. The remarkable thing about ORGANO is that it uses a staple herb in Asia derived from the mushroom called Ganoderma Lucidum. This herb has aided the individuals that have consumed it with medicinal properties that have helped with the prevention of cancer, cardiovascular blood flow problems, strengthening of the immune system, lowering cholesterol, helping to eliminate urinary tract symptoms, on top of weight loss benefits by boosting a slow metabolism. The list of the benefits that this herb provides is endless but when combined with Organo Gold, it explodes to something miraculous that many have stood by as there go to coffee. The ORGANO brand of coffees and teas have infused this herb with its delicious base taste to give its consumers an enriched experience that most coffee drinkers have not experienced before. With its many varieties of its coffee and tea beverages your sure to find a product that is a great fit for your taste buds needs.

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How Avaaz Supports Progressive Causes

Avaaz is a civic nonprofit that lets its members address a wide range of issues that are important to them. The website has been used to fight back against climate change, for instance, as well as defending the rights of both humans and animals. Others have used it to expose corruption in both government and business while others are trying to decrease the rate of poverty in their communities. Any member can submit an idea to Avaaz and if the idea makes its way through the organizations vetting process it is broadcast to all the member of Avaaz via email and on the website.

Ricken Patel was one of the co-founders of Avaaz. He is of Canadian-British descent and now lives in New York City. As the president and chief executive officer he is responsible for running Avaaz and making sure it meets its mission to make the world a better place for regular people around the world. Among the other co-founders of Avaaz was Tom Perriello who once served as one of Virginia’s congressman, David Madden who is an entrepreneur in Australia and backs progressive causes, and Jeremy Heiman’s who was one of the co-founders of

Ricken Patel has said that the leadership and membership of Avaaz is made up of people that he calls practical idealists. He says that Avaaz doesn’t have any particular ideology, it just wants to improve the lives of all global citizens. Avaaz does work in a progressive way, though, as the members that make it up want action on such things as combatting climate change and fighting back against corporations such as Monsanto. Avaaz have also acted progressively in other ways such as in 2017 they took legal action in the UK to prevent 21st Century Fox’s purchase of the local television network Sky plc.

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How Dentists can Stay Ahead of the Curve with MB2 Dental

MB2 Dental is unique in many ways. It is the only group out there that provides dentists with all the resources they need while giving them full autonomy over their decisions. Dr. Chris Villanueva, who started MB2 Dental, explained that at the end of the day, each dentist has to decide for themselves what to implement in their practice, how their offices should look, which insurances they should accept, whether they should bring specialists to their office, and so on. MB2 Dental provides support and guidance but supports the decisions of each dentist. After all, each dentist is the owner of their practice.

Private practitioners often find it difficult to manage more than one location at once. However, if they are part of MB2 Dental, it is a lot easier. In fact, many of their affiliates actually have more than one location, with some having several branches. This is all because the burden of taking care of the administrative work is removed from their shoulders. Culture is also an important part of MB2 Dental, and it is one of the things that sets it apart from the other dental firms out there. A big part of cultivating a progressive culture is offering retreats, get-togethers, and getaways for the dentists. This is the best way to connect, as using technology to communicate with other dentists does not compare to meeting them in person. Dentists get to share with each other different ideas on how to improve and what the best ways to treat patients are. They even have the opportunity to invest in each other. Dentists can become friends and open up new locations together or simply invest in parts of another dentist’s practice. Partnering with a peer is a lot better than simply having a large firm control your practice. To know more about him click here.

When it comes to the future of the dental industry, Dr. Villanueva explained that we are at the second wave of consolidation. He says that to stay ahead of everyone else, like MB2 Dental strives to do, you need to do more than just consolidate yourself with a nice office building. You need to offer something that is unique. Giving doctors the ability to co-invest in each other’s dental practices is just one thing that makes MB2 Dental unique. They take a lot of pride in doctors helping doctors.

Getting To Know Dr. Mark McKenna

Those who are interested in knowing more about Dr. Mark McKenna and the work that he does will be interested in hearing that he is a CEO for OVME. This man is the founder of that company, and he is someone who helps it complete all of the work that it is meant to do. This man has worked as the CEO of OVME since July of 2017, and he has completed good work in that time. OVME is a medical aesthetic company that is working hard to change the way that elective healthcare works, and Dr. Mark McKenna is someone who is pushing that company forward.

Dr. Mark McKenna is married to Gianine McKenna, and the two of them are parents to one daughter. Their child, Milana Elle, makes them proud. This man is someone who takes time each day to be with his daughter. He has shared that he and Milana Elle will enjoy breakfast together in the morning while he allows Gianine to get a little extra sleep. The family also spends time all together. Dr. Mark McKenna has a four-year-old dog who is a part of his life, as well and more

The place a person comes from can have a big impact on the life of that person and all that they do. Dr. Mark McKenna comes from New Orleans, and he loves that city still. He makes his home in Atlanta, Georgia, but he still has a heart for the city where he grew up. When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, Dr. Mark McKenna was one of the people who was involved in the relief efforts in that city. He was anxious to see the city become all that it once was. He was sad to see the city hurting, and he helped to restore it back to the way that it was before the hurricane hit.

An Overview of Waiakea Water

Numerous associations prepare clean water, for instance, the Waiakea water. Thais is an impeccable water company from Hawaii and have been in the business for the year 2012. Ryan Emmons started the company as a result of inspiration from Hawaii culture, he used to spend winters and summers in Hawaii and comprehended that people have this intriguing regard for touch base than essentially gathering wealth. His family drew nearer the Mauna Loa wellspring of fluid magma, and he explored the open entryway that could start from the well of magma, and that is the time when he thought of the arrangement to start Waiakea Water Company.

Waiakea water works in the social and eco-pleasing foundation that puts the prerequisites of the gathering as the need. The company adds to a couple of helpful undertakings for the gathering. The company accessories with pump aides and gives around 650 liters of clean water to the poverty stricken for every liter they offer. Best in class, the company has given countless of clean water in their push to continue with supporting exercises. Read more about Waiakea Water on

The company has a working hypothesis which they named it as the Triple essential concern where they regard and consider their impact on common and social regards as they attempt to their cash related advancement. The company is open, and their undertakings are seen wherever in light of the fact that they have demonstrated it in their things and their exercises towards the gathering and besides the earth. Numerous associations would interface themselves with this kind of characteristics where they simply mean to think such an incredible sum about making benefits. They take after the decide to ensure that they don’t hurt the earth while undertaking their work.

Waiakea check operations are continue running under the likelihood of supportability which is an option that is other than stamping advertisements. From their investigation, the coordinator revealed that they simply use a little measure of the water made by the volcanoes. He said that the company has an ability of conveying around 740 million gallons in a lone day. The USA general eats up more than 2 million gallons for every day, and according to their aquifer sources, they have a resuscitate of one and a half billion gallons which infers that the water they remove every day is under 1% of what is open. You can’t differentiate this amazing flavor and ordinary water or different things. Visit BevNet to know more.

The company likewise shares in altruistic exercises where they give 650l of clean water to regions that are in require. They do this by joining forces with pump Aid a company, a philanthropy company that is meaning to supply clean water to poor groups in Africa and different parts of the world. That activity has seen them give hundred millions gallons of water up to now and they don’t appear to quit completing the gift any soon. This outcomes in proficiency without sacrificing quality. This strategy is particularly and reasonable for volcanoes that are more acidic than their companions. They take after the standard to guarantee that they don’t harm the earth while undertaking their work.


Cancer Treatment Centers of America Enhanced Thanks To Partnership

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) isn’t alone in the fight against cancer. CTCA have joined forces with Allscripts and NantHealth to ensure a smooth process that helps doctors overwhelmed by new data when caring for a patient. The use of eviti, a clinical decision support solution allows this to happen.This partnership also allows CTCA to reduce inconsistencies in care. Clinical Pathways enable a greater chance of patients being matched with the proper cancer treatment for their specific diagnosis. Patients can also be approved by insurance providers at a faster rate thanks to accurate data.

While news of CTCA, Allscripts and NantHealth partnering up broke earlier this year, it had been discussed for a little while. Talks began in early 2016 when a need to push an integrated solution forward became apparent. The Chief Executive Officer of Allscripts, Paul Black said CTCA provides “quality care” to its patients. Senior Executive Director of Medical Affairs of NantHealth, Bobby Reddy also praised Cancer Treatment Centers of America and said he was more than happy to work with the network. Under the CTCA are five hospitals with an emphasis on serving cancer patients.

These hospitals are located in the following areas: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and near Atlanta, Georgia; Chicago, Illinois; and Phoenix, Arizona. The network has been serving patients since 1988. Richard J. Stephenson is an investment banker who founded CTCA. He first graduated from Wabash College. He then took his education a step further, graduating from the Northwestern University School of Law. Stephenson founded CTCA when his mother died of bladder cancer. Today, CTCA prides itself on ensuring that only treatment backed by evidence of its effectiveness is used on its patients.

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Shiraz Boghani Expands Hotel Chain

Shiraz Boghani is a hotelier, entrepreneur and philanthropist based in London United Kingdom. He has built a very successful hotel chain that provides visitors with some of the finest hotels to experience high quality lodging. Over the course of his career, Shiraz has been able to organize a chain of hotels that have improved the hospitality industry in the United Kingdom.

Today he serves as the Chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group which oversees all of the hotels that he currently controls and operates. His company currently owns 19 of the finest hotels in the nation. As a result, Shiraz has successfully built one of the most prominent hotel empires in all of Britain.


Boghani got involved in the hospitality industry by putting together a hotel chain through numerous acquisitions. He would obtain a number of hotels and then manage them on a regular basis. Over time, he was able to build a large chain that gave him a considerable amount of market share in the British hotel industry. This has allowed him to become one of the top hospitality entrepreneurs in the nation. Prior to becoming a hotelier, Boghani worked in the finance industry as a Chartered Accountant. This gave him the experience and expertise necessary to help ensure that his business is financially stable. As a Chartered Accountant, Boghani was able to establish a background of managing finances which helped him make sure that his hotels remain successful through consistent profitability.

Like a number of other entrepreneurs, Shiraz Boghani has looked to expand his business interests. In an effort to expand his hotel chain, he has taken on a new project known as Hilton London Bankside. With this new project, he will be ale to add a new set of hotels in London. By expanding his hotel chain, he will be in position to increase the revenues of his organization as well as provide visitors with even more high quality lodging options. This new addition will help add to his list of hotels which include the Conrad London St James, York and the Grand Hotel & Spa. All of these hotels are part of his company which continues to provide luxurious places for travelers to stay when visiting the United Kingdom for either business or tourism.

While Shiraz is a very active and successful entrepreneur, he looks to give back to his community as well. He has spent a lot of time giving funds to charitable causes and foundations. Over the last several years, he has provided contributions to organizations such as the Aga Khan Foundation. With his philanthropic contributions, Shiraz has been able to make a positive difference in his community.

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Jeff Yastine Gives Guidance On How To Approach Cyber-security

Cybersecurity has become a very important aspect of every business in the recent past. This is because nearly all businesses are working hard to digitalize their operations in a bid to enhance service or product delivery and lower cost of doing business. Like other significant investments, digitalization has been encountered by various challenges including intrusion by unauthorized persons. The result has seen a corresponding increase in need to protect programs, networks, and data from damage and unauthorized access by hackers.

Recent cybersecurity threats have clearly indicated that the attackers no longer limit themselves to retail or credit agencies as was the case a few years ago. They are neither restricting themselves to hacking credit card or social security numbers, and theater films according to They have gone further to steal millions from major financial institutions.

“Let ‘Em In” approach

Yastine points out that with the attackers getting wiser by the day; it is increasingly becoming a challenge to stop possible intrusion. A recent business review by Harvard has supported this argument by outlining that firms do waste a lot of resources with hope of building impenetrable networks, programs and systems. Business should therefore consider taking a unique strategy while dealing with potential threats from hackers according to Companies should shift their focus to monitoring and mitigation techniques.

Jeff Yastine explains that by investing on methods to deter hackers from roaming your company system, you will significantly cut down on the magnitude of the threat than to concentrate on blocking intrusion on According to him, intrusion is not a big problem: what the hacker is able to do in your system is. Firms which are ready to embrace monitor and control approach are safer and assured of growth. Let your company invest on tools that make it easy to detect possible threats as soon as they occur as this is where many organizations have suffered the blow. Increase business security and profit by joining several other firms that have accepted this new approach.

Jeff Yastine

Yastine is the editor of Total Wealth Insider, a position he has held since 2015. He has greatly contributed to the business world by sharing innovative investment ideas and opportunities by his readers. Jeff Yastine is a reputable entrepreneur with about 20 years of experience in stock market investment and financial journalism.

Jeff, through his popular publications, has continued to mentor both established as well as young entrepreneurs. He is a key contributor to two other Banyan Hill Publications; winning investor daily and sovereign investor daily. Jeff Yastine has received several recognizable awards in the course of his career.

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David Samadi advice to men in maintaining healthy sexual life.

Sex is something wired deep down most men’s existence. It is the only activity they are willing to engage in daily if possible. Most men brag about how they can do ‘non-stop’ but lately, haven’t heard of any one of them complaining about deteriorating performance. After all, what makes you a man if you cannot perform well in bed?

Well, the truth is, sex in men is directly related to their health, says Dr. David Samadi. True, the way a man takes care of himself will affect the results in bed. And it is clear, as a man advances in age, he starts ignoring some healthy activities. This is the reason why sex life disorders like erectile dysfunction or even depression occur later in life.

The good news is, such problems can be avoided by sticking to a healthy routine at an early age, advises Dr. David Samadi. Such healthy routine includes the following;

1. Maintain regular exercise – regular exercise will help you avoid inactivity, a condition that breeds sexual health problems. Exercise has been found to contribute an increase of energy, libido, and confidence. These are the ingredients everyman needs for better sex life.

2. Maintain healthy diet – ever heard that ‘you are what you eat?’ Well, do you want to grow like that burger? David Samadi points out that you should be conscious of what and how you are eating.

3. Maintain Kegel exercises routine – Kegel exercises has been found to improve sexual fulfillment. They strengthen muscles that join the penis to tailbone.

4. Maintain annual trip to your doctor – David Samadi mentions that as a man you should be close to your doctor. Go for annual checkups. This simple act will save you a lot of sexual diseases (if you have more than one sexual partner.

5. Maintain alcohol, smoking and illegal drug-free lifestyle and – when you drink alcohol or smoke, you are at higher risk of contracting erectile dysfunction. Tobacco reduces blood flow due to damages it has on arteries and the end of the day, you’ll be having a penis that doesn’t even react. Also, the same drugs you take to enhance your sex life, are the same ones killing it.

6. Maintain stress-free lifestyle – even if you cannot avoid stress, learn how to control it. Learn how to relax.

About Dr. David Samadi

Dr. Samadi is the chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. He is a famous doctor known for his exemplary work in treating cancer such as prostate, kidney, and bladder. Samadi is also certified, urologist. Dr. Samadi went to Stony Brook University where he earned his B.S and later M.D in Montefiore Medical Center Henri Mondor. He has extensive work experience that has helped him in his research in finding the cure to cancer and urologic disorders.

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Barbara Stokes Unmatched Expertise

Barbara J. Stokes is the CEO of Green Structure Homes (GSH) of Alabama LLC. She and her husband Scott Stokes established the firm in 2008 which is based in Huntsville. Barbara has a vast experience in Disaster Relief Construction Contracting and her leadership skills have been proven over time. Combined with her husband Scott, they have more than 30 years of experience in Disaster Relief. He is the company’s Chief Operating Officer.

The mother of three graduated in 2001 from Mercer University where she pursued Biomedical Engineering and Physics. Barbara Stokes undertook other courses at Mercer which include Manufacturing and Management, Thermodynamics, Technical Communication and Structures and Properties of Materials. Her GSH company provides all construction services from designing, building and delivery, also constructs mobile commercial and residential structures. Initially, she worked at Pisces Corporation and Boeing where she got a vast experience in government contracting. Read more at Business Insider.

Its operations revolve around North America. Its range of construction serves to offer solutions to the government as well as interested private sector clients. She projects significant growth in the areas they serve, to employ more people, support local businesses and increase the labor force. Barbara’s firm is determined to provide unmatched American quality and to provide safe residential homes to very needy families in Texas. Its expertise and experience in the art designs and manufacturing skills are incomparable, GSH delivers perfectly well and has attained global recognition by its clients.

Their lengthy experience in Disaster Relief has enabled them to achieve the growth they have reached so far. Her company intends to hire more workforces in the manufacturing sector and announces job opportunities in eight states affected by the Hurricane Harvey. Communities affected by the hurricane will have a manufacturing facility, and they include Florida, Minnesota, Texas, Virginia, Alabama, North Carolina, Louisiana and Pennsylvania. The new manufacturing jobs will support a $28.5 million contract award from FEMA whose agenda is to change the state of the community to a better one. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

GHS offers engineering skills and in-house project management like installation and inspection of structures. Apart from her leadership and administration at Green Structure Homes, Barbara is a devoted volunteer in her community at Huntsville. She has improved many lives by providing modular wood frames and steel homes that the company manufactures.