InnovaCare Health CAO, Penelope Kokkinides Sits Down For An Interview With Ideamensch

One of the questions posed to chief administrative officer at InnovaCare Health, Penelope Kokkinides was what the worse job she had held in her life. A follow up was also asked that inquired what she learned from her worst job. Mrs. Kokkinides responded by saying that she never had a terrible job in her career. She did say that there were jobs she held where she had duties or roles that she didn’t exactly find enjoyable though. Still, Penelope says that even these jobs allowed her to mature and grow professionally.


Some of her less enjoyable jobs included working as a receptionist at a medical office while she was a high school student. Kokkinides says she would answer phones and take care of some office duties. The office was open in the afternoon, so Kokkinides was able to fit in this job after school. Refer to This Article to learn more.


Another job that Penelope Kokkinides held was working as a floater at the department store of Saks Fifth Avenue. A floater is someone who works the floor of a store as both a salesman and a person who helps customers find what they are looking for in a store. Penelope said she actually enjoyed working as a floater at Saks Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. This was despite the fact that she was skeptical at first of applying and working there.


At her job with Saks Fifth Avenue Penelope Kokkinides was able to network with colleagues who later hired her mother for a job. Her mother was a seamstress by trade and was able to secure employment thanks to a referral that her daughter was able to get her. The moral from this story is that great things can come when you take a chance and then work hard at opportunities that arise from taking a risk. In Kokkinides’ case she helped her mother find work, found a job that she loved and got a decent paycheck at the end of the week to boot.


Penelope Kokkinides is an executive at healthcare firm, InnovaCare Health. One of her tasks is overseeing the administration of the company’s provider network plans and the implementation of highly efficient, sustainable and patient centered healthcare systems. InnovaCare Health is an innovative health insurance company located in Fort Lee, New Jersey. It serves a wide spectrum of customers throughout America including seniors and the less fortunate through provider networks, medicare advantage and medicaid plans.


InnovaCare, Inc. operates two Medicare Advantage plans: MMM Healthcare, LLC and PMC Medicare Choice, LLC – in addition to a medical service organization.


True to its mission; InnovaCare, Inc. is redefining healthcare management to meet the challenges of today’s complex healthcare environment.


Agora Financial Makes Financial Literature Easier to Obtain

Agora Financial is financial literacy publishing company that is providing investors with a wide range of information. This has become the type of company that people look to when they want to know more about the companies that they are putting their money in. It can be very beneficial to investors to know what is happening when it comes to creating the proper investment portfolio. People need help, and they need to be able to connect with people that know what they’re talking about. It takes experts that are part of the Agora Financial Team to create the right type of information for investors to grow portfolios. This is one of the better environments for people that want to know what it takes to improve their investment odds.

The publications are abundant, and it is always easier to make your portfolio grow when you have this type of advice at your fingertips. Agora Financial consultants have created a wide spectrum of publications that are suitable for people that have different investments under their umbrella. No two portfolios are going to be the same. There are going to be investors that have their hands in healthcare while others may be looking at technology or industrial stocks. Some people may put their time and effort into the foreign investments. All of this gives people a multitude of opportunities to seize the moment.

Anyone that is trying to maximize what they are getting from their investments should definitely heed this multitude of publications. No one needs to pigeonhole themselves in one area with one type of investment. People that are investing for long-term retirement plans should have an arsenal of investment opportunities. They should make sure that they are aware of the hot stocks, but they should also be aware of those investment opportunities that Agora Financial mentions for early-stage investments. This is the advantage that comes with utilizing Agora Financial. The early investment periods where people can get in on companies before stocks gets too expensive. This is typically one of the best reasons to utilize the literature from Agora. People that have access to this literature are going to find themselves in a place where they are able to get cheaper stocks before everyone finds out about some of these investments. They are basically getting information early on before the world becomes aware of these investment opportunities that are out there.

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GoBuyside: Providing and Managing High-Quality Workforce

GoBuyside is a prime research firm that specializes in working with other private equity firms, hedge funds, investment managers, advisory platforms and other broad companies across the broad spectrum of companies across the world to provide reliable candidates for various positions. The company works with over 500 companies across different platforms. The GoBuyside team is one of the leading in the 21st-century global companies. Read more at Wayup about GoBuyside.

The team has been on the market for quite some time now and they understand the market trend and has an unparalleled competitive advantage over the newbies in the market. GoBuyside has a high sourcing power with millions of clients worldwide and with top candidates in the market. The mode of screening their candidates is also one of the major achievements that have increased their market share. The team has a highly educated workforce who fully understand the current market trend. This has enabled the site to form a strong and unique bond with their clients. With over 500 companies worldwide that have trusted the services of GoBuyside, it is evident that the organization is doing a great and commendable job in the market. GoBuyside has more than 10000 branches in over 400 cities all over the world. Read this article at Accesswire.

The organization was founded by Arjun Kapur. The founder has extensive knowledge and experience in marketing. Prior to founding the company, Kapur has had a rich experience in working with many notable firms. The idea to start up GoBuyside according to Kapur was to seal the loopholes that occurred as a result of lack of transparency in the hiring process. GoBuyside was therefore established to bridge the gap between the hiring models in the job market and ensure that all the best talents in the society and investment platform are tapped. The organization is now the leading platform for investment professionals in the United States of America market.

Arjun Kapur has brought up the great ideas in the GoBuyside. Kapur is a finance expert and a successful entrepreneur. He is a graduate of Phi Beta Kappa from John Hopkins University with a degree in Economics. He later attended Stanford School of Busines for his masters in Business Administration. Just like many other entrepreneurs, Kapur is also technologically versatile and is keeping up with the dynamic technological world. He has an intense interest in artificial intelligence and he hopes the breakthrough in artificial intelligence will also be a breakthrough in the business world with its intense and variety of applications.

Matthew Autterson’s Decades of Leadership

Mr. Matthew Autterson is a 1980 graduate of the University of the State of Michigan where he majored in Finance. He also sought further learning by joining a tax program at Denver University after which he dove into the work scene. He took on small roles at different corporations before he landed his big break as president of Resources Trust Company in 1986. Just two years after he took on his role, Resources trust was acquired by Broad Inc., and for some time, the company changed ownership a number of times with Autterson still as the president’s seat. Despite this, the firm went on to get a state chatter and FDI licensing, making it among the biggest financial establishments in the US at the time and Mr. Autterson got the honor of serving as its long-term president at its time of glory.


After Resources Trust, Matthew Autterson landed the role of president and Chief Executive Officer at CNC Bioscience where he also has a seat on the table of board members. This role may be different from his former career path, but to him, it is an opportunity to grow and expand his career range and experience. CNS Bioscience is an establishment that deals with the development of drugs at the clinical stage with neuropathic pain as its main focus. The firm was started and launched fifteen years back by Scot Falci who currently plays the role of managing director at CNS.


In addition to his two and a half decades in the financial services industry, Mr. Autterson also has a humanitarian side to him. Matthew Autterson has served various leadership positions in foundations such as Denver Zoological and Webb waring. Leadership indeed does run in his bones as he also is a member of the Falci Adaptive Biosystems board of directors and an ex-affiliate of the world presidents’ organization and the organization of young presidents. View More Information Here.


Work aside, Matthew Autterson enjoys spending quality time with his family and has a superb relationship with his daughter Madison Autterson. He has a groove for fun activities like attending gaming events when he is not occupied with his roles at CNS Bioscience.



MB2 Dental Solutions: Providing Dentists With The Right Tools To Run A Successful Practice

Dentists all over the world constantly face numerous challenges while they are trying to run a clinic of their own. This normally happens because dentists are trying to do all of the tasks of running the clinic on their own, without seeking much help from professionals or people around them. Most dentists dream of having their clinic and being their boss, but these challenges can often force dentists to have to go to big organizations and hospitals to be able to do what they love and do what they have trained for so many years to do.When Dr. Chris Villanueva was also practicing as a dentist, he too had to encounter the same challenges that so many people working in the industry have to face on a daily basis.

Performing all the tasks at the clinic by oneself can be challenging, which is why he knew that it was the time that the field received a solution that could make the work that they do easier, without taking away from the act of owning and running their practice. MB2 Dental Solutions was the answer that Dr. Villanueva gave. With the company, he was able to provide the right tools to several dentists all over America so that they could receive the right kind of services that would make running a clinic easier. Currently, MB2 Dental Solutions is operational in six locations throughout the country, and several more locations are soon emerging as more and more doctors opt to go in for the kind of services that MB2 Dental Solutions Provides.

Doctors who are opting to go in for the services provided by MB2 Dental Solutions have one of two options which they can use to improve the services that they provide. The first service is specifically for those who have been working in the field for a while and who have been running their practice. With MB2 Dental solutions, they can have the company take over all the necessary tasks that one has to perform, to make their task of running their clinic a lot easier.The second option is particularly targeted to those who are new to the field and want to have a good professional start. This option allows them to team up with a clinic that already has MB2 Dental Solutions working there. This can provide them with a brilliant opportunity to be able to develop their leadership skills, and one day lead a successful clinic of their own.

James Dondero Is Leading His Business Endeavors To Steady Growth

James Dondero is President of Highland Capital Management. In addition to serving as the President, he also is a Co-Founder of the company. His career has been primarily focused on investing, equity, and credit. He has worked in the field of finance for over thirty years and has helped Highland Capital Managment to become one of the fastest growing and most respected companies in its field. The company offers a variety of essential business and investment services such as hedge funds, mutual funds, private equity funds, and more. Read this article at

Prior to his time with Highland Capital, he was the Chief Investment Officer for GIC and Protective Life. He was in part, responsible for the company seeing figures around $2 billion until he helped Co-found Highland Capital Management in 1993. He also worked for American Express in the 1980s as a portfolio manager. James Dondero is also actively involved in a number of other business ventures such as Chairman of the Board for Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medica, Nexbank, an active Board member of MGM, Uplift Education, Tower Scholars Program, Perot Museum of Natural Science, and Education if Freedom. He has extensive experience as a philanthropist as well. Read more about James at Crunchbase.

James Dondero currently holds the designations of CMA, CPA, and CFA. He attended from the University of Virginia with highest honors and dual degrees in finance and accounting. He and began the training program at JP Morgan serving in the capacity of an analyst. James Dondero’s vast experience and training have been part of the formula for success for not only Highland Capital, but various other businesses and charities.


GoBuySide Analyst on the Effects That GDPR Will Have on the European Union

GoBuyside is a global recruitment platform that focuses on working with hedge funds, private equity firms as well as other companies across the globe. Owing to the high technology as well as the diligent approach that the company employs, GoBuyside has an unparalleled competitive advantage when it comes to recruiting its candidates. Additionally, their team of professionals has a vast experience and academic credentials that further set them apart from their competitors as well as establishing strong relationships with the customers they serve. More than 500 clients have trust in the services offered by GoBuyside. They currently serve firms exceeding 10,000 in more than 500 cities around the globe.

An analyst from the GoBuyside made comments on the implications of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for fund management industry. He said, the GDPR will be active and applied in the European member states starting from 25th May 2018. In the period where companies are entering the transition for legislation, organizations have to assess their approach to data collection, from which they will be able to implement any changes that are necessary for achieving compliance that can be demonstrated.

The purpose of GDPR is to encourage personal data collection as an essential right for everyone. Additionally, it will introduce the concept of privacy through design and default. This will imply that GDPR will be reforming the current security obligations and security principles that are present in the EU Data Protection Directive. The element for the bill is designed in a way that requires the controllers to implement the appropriate technical measures. By doing so, it will ensure that the data processing is in accordance to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Another fundamental concept is the emphasis on the transparency and the accountability, where the legislation has new requirements that relate to the way data is analyzed and documented. Processors and controllers will be in a position to demonstrate compliance when the need arises. They will also be held accountable.

As opposed to the present data protection rules that mainly focuses on the data controllers that are within the EU, GDPR will apply to people who are not EU members whom activities are related to offering goods and services to individuals in the region.
Different sectors of GoBuyside will have to control the extent to which they control personal data to ensure they operate in accordance with the forthcoming legislation.

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Drew Madden- An Investor In The Healthcare Sector Technology

There are two recent healthcare reports that got players in the industry excited. The first report is about CVS’ intention to acquire Aetna, a leading health insurance firm. The second one was about the much-awaited entry of Amazon in the distribution of healthcare-related equipment. The report revealed that Amazon has already received pharmacy licenses from a number of states. Worthy note from the Amazon report is that, they will not be involved in the distribution of prescription medicines. However, this does not mean it won’t happen. Rumors are already alive that they will be aiming their guns to acquire such licenses after they are done with licenses for equipment.



The report by Amazon has been reinforced by a move by major shareholders in pharmacy stocks to sell their shares following revelation. Amazon has already shown its ability to engage in retail business after the successful purchase of Whole Foods.



So, what happens to the established players in the pharmaceuticals business now that Amazon will bring lethal competition right to their doorsteps? Companies such as CVS has been forced to invent new measures that are meant to put up a defensive wall against expected competition from Amazon. The recent move to join healthcare insurance will broaden its services in the healthcare sector. Another measure that it has taken is that of delivering products to the consumers’ doorsteps. The company has announced that it will start a next-day delivery as well as same-day delivery in some metro areas. View Additional Info Here.



About Drew Madden



Drew Madden is an IT investor in the healthcare industry. His job is assisting companies in the industry to come up with unique teams of professionals as well as create strong cultures which will help them establish and maintain solid client relationships. Drew Madden stands out in the healthcare field. He is a high caliber Healthcare IT investor.


Drew Madden has worked for Nordic Consulting Partners between 2010 and 2016. He was the president of the firm. NCP is the biggest Epic Consulting firm and while he was the president it was awarded for excellence in providing the best Epic services for two years (2012 & 2014).



Drew Madden who holds a degree in Industrial Engineering has started his own healthcare IT firm known as Cerner Corporation. He studied at the Iowa College of Engineering where he specialized in Medical Systems.

The Growth Of The Healthcare Industry With Drew Madden

Amazingly, healthcare has improved gradually over the years in the U.S. However, approximately $9,237 is spent for each person for healthcare. This is almost thrice of what other first world countries spend. The healthcare industry still has more potential to grow as there are some challenges witnessed.


The trick towards improved healthcare is getting more entrepreneurs venturing into the healthcare sector. Most investors develop cold feet here because the industry comes with strict regulations which end up not being a free market.


However, there is a definite development as Aneesh Chopra who was the first U.S Chief Technology Officer, was appointed by Barrack Obama. He foresaw the official launching of Startup America, Open Innovator’s Toolkit, among others in a bid to enhance technology in healthcare. One of the ways technology can be used to improve healthcare services is developing software that will track patients after a transfer to rehab.


All in all, Amazon recently disclosed that it had acquired pharmacy licenses. This can only mean that other companies have to be more creative to stay at the top. However, Amazon’s licenses are for mainly distributing healthcare equipment. Refer to This Article for related information.


Competition is healthy, and it pushes for more innovations. As such, a move by CVS also indicates that the sector is headed for greatness. They are considering buying Aetna, a health insurance service provider. These moves are set to expand the industry.


People have come up with technological developments to aid in the healthcare industry. Drew Madden has not been left behind with his B.S.E in Industrial Engineering with an emphasis on Medical Systems from University of Iowa College of Engineering.


Drew Madden is a healthcare IT businessman who has experience in Electronic Medical Records (EMR). He has, over the years, been involved in coming up with different EMR projects implemented in various healthcare facilities. He is currently the Managing Partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners which specializes in healthcare IT.


Before Evergreen, Madden was formerly working at Nordic Consulting Partners as the president from June 2011 to April 2016. The company is the largest Epic only firm in the U.S. He had also worked as the Regional Sales Director at Ingenix Consulting for slightly over a year, in charge of the sales of Epic.



A Look into the Organo Gold Company; Leading Manufacturer of Premium Coffee

Organo Gold is a leading global network marketing company that manufactures and sells a variety of products, but its primary focus is on the manufacture and sale of organic coffees. The company was founded by Bernardo Chua, a veteran of the network marketing industry, in 2008. Bernado has been overseeing the operations of the company together with his co-founder Shane Morand. The company operates with the help of the Scientific Advisory Board, and it has its offices in Canada and the United States. Watch this video on Youtube.

Organo Gold Coffee

Organo Gold is famously known for its coffee which is enriched with Ganoderma lucidum, a particular type of mushroom extract. This extract has been widely used in traditional eastern medicine for centuries. The mushroom extract has anti-cancer effects and can aid in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer, prostate cancer, insulin resistance, hepatitis, fatigue syndrome, and much more. Besides Ganoderma lucidum which is the main ingredient, Organo Gold coffee has other non-active ingredients which help control cholesterol and have antiviral properties. This makes it an ideal and healthy choice as compared to the processed coffees on the market today.

In addition to the coffee, the company also manufactures Ganoderma-blended hot chocolate, Ganoderma-blended green tea, and Ganoderma supplements. It also produces a Ganoderma-infused latte blend. Follow Organo Gold on Instagram.

Sale and Distribution of Coffee

Organo Gold does not sell its products through retail stores or coffeehouses. Instead, it has distributors who purchase the products directly from the company on wholesale. These distributors sell the products and earn a 50 percent commission on the sales. This means that the company utilizes a multilevel marketing structure where individuals market and sell its products and make a profit from the process. This has allowed the company to expand their customer base over the years. Currently, Oregano Gold has distributors in over 50 countries across the world.

Revenue and Other Achievements

As at the year 2010, Oregano Gold had revenue of around $35 million worldwide with top distributors earning between $350,000 and $4 million per year. Currently, the company generates over $200 million in global revenue in a year. It is no doubt that the company has made significant improvements in its annual revenue, mainly due to the increased consumer base across the world.

Besides providing coffee and other beverage products that promote the overall well-being of its users, Organo Gold has also created thousands of job opportunities for individuals across the globe. Through their effort, distributors can make a decent living by marketing and selling Organo Gold products.

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