Rapaymycin: Multi-use Miracle drug

In 1972 Rapamycin was discovered on Easter Island. Isolated from exotic bacterium by researchers, it was originally used as an anti-fungal ointment. Over the years a wide range of uses has been found for the medication. Rapamycin has become well used by doctors in a variety of fields for its anti-proliferative properties, helping the body survive and thrive after a variety of surgical procedures. When stents are inserted in a procedure to widen clogged blood vessels, Rapamycin is used to coat them so as to prevent the vessel from narrowing again. When organ-transfer is needed for Hemolytic-Uremic syndrome, a rare kidney disease, Rapamycin minimizes the chance of the disease spreading to the new organ. Perhaps most phenomenally, Rapamycin has been noted to helps shrink cancer tumors by stimulating the body’s immune system. This attracted the attention of Dr. Mihail Blagosklonny, Professor of Oncology at the Rosewell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York, to conduct experiments using Rapamycin to not only use the drug for cancer but also for a wide range of illnesses that have been almost unaffected by modern medicine.

Blagoskonny proceeded to conduct innovative experiments on lab mice. He found that when confronted with a fatal dose of Tuberculosis, that the lab mice were more likely to recover when given Rapamycin. Other effects were noted as a well. Mice treated with Rapamycin soon found their ability to grasp improve, with their heart health receiving a notable boost. Mice experienced recovery of mental faculties when treating with the drug, as well as protecting against future brain issues. Blagoskonny concluded that research into using these effects to cure and treat. Muscular Dystrophy and Alexheimers would be probable, and further suggested ways that the drug could be used to treat the degenerative disease Lupus. The potential for Rapamycin astounded him even more than the myriad of uses it had already

Mikhail Blagosklonny possesses a strong belief that there is a link between Rapamycin and long-life due to these and many of other gains that Rapamycin provides in medicine. Primarily an Oncologist, he has written on the possible link between cancer treatments and long life and has sought treatments that both eliminate cancerous cells and do so without painful chemical or intrusive surgery. With the treatment of the world’s most devastating diseases being possible by Rapamycin, he believes the drug can increase life-span in human beings, with an aim to make the necessary procedures available to everyone. Not just the rich should be able to afford long life and good health but all human beings should share optimal health at a low price. Rapamycin, with its multiple uses and cost-effectiveness compared to other procedures, is shaping to be that treatment. And the gains Blagosklonny has hoped for may just be rooted in all that Rapamycin can do already.

Karl Heideck Takes A Deeper Look At Philadelphia’s Lawsuit Against Wells Fargo

Just as it was recovering from its previous legal drama of fake customer accounts, Wells Fargo has been hit with yet another legal scandal. The City of Philadelphia has filed a lawsuit against Wells Fargo & Co. for violation of the Fair Housing Act of 1968. The lawsuit comes two weeks after the Supreme Court of the United States gave Miami the green light to sue Wells Fargo and Bank of America for violation of The Housing Act.

A law expert, Karl Heideck, gave a detailed account of the lawsuit. Philadelphia alleged that Wells Fargo had been employing predatory lending approaches towards minority mortgage borrowers. The lawsuit against the bank was filed in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania on 15th May 2017.

Karl posits that the city is accusing the San Francisco-based bank for offering Black and Hispanic borrowers riskier loans with higher interest loans despite of them being qualified for lower-risk and lower-interest loans. According to the lawsuit, this situation makes it difficult for the borrowers to refinance their mortgages, leading to a high number of foreclosures in their neighborhoods. Investigations of data from loans for the past decade indicated that Blacks and Hispanics are more likely to receive higher-interest loans compared to their White counter parts. Karl contends that increased foreclosures in minority neighborhoods have led to lower property values, thus harming the City of Philadelphia economically. The City of Philadelphia is requesting for undisclosed monetary compensation and wants Wells Fargo Bank to stop its discriminatory lending practices against the customers.

About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is a Philadelphia-based contract attorney. The executive has unique experience in the field given that he has been practicing for more than a decade. His service focuses on compliance, risk management, product liability, corporate law, employment proceedings and commercial litigation. He is an alumnus of Swarthmore College where he graduated in 2003. Karl Heideck proceeded to Templeton University Beasley School of Law and graduated with a JD in 2009. Later, he secured a litigation license.

The professional litigator is highly skilled in settlement, dispute resolution, communication, and negotiations. In the course of his career, Karl Heideck has filed and responded to complaints for numerous clients. He has demonstrated a deep passion and professionalism for his work, which has helped him to deliver excellent results. The litigation process usually includes obtaining personal jurisdiction, pretrial stage and post-trial. Litigation can also include legal steps like filing motions and responses for clients, and making appeals. Karl Heideck is also a writer. He shares much information about law through his blog.

Why Imran Haque is highly Respected at Horizon Internal Medicine and North Carolina

Imran Haque is a celebrated medical doctor in North Caroline. Currently residing at Asheboro, Dr. Haque is stationed at the clinic of Horizon Internal Medicine where he is able to deliver quality medical and surgical procedures to the people of Asheboro. Besides Horizon Internal Medicine, Haque is also affiliated with Randolph Hospital. He is highly experienced in the medical field and his expertise stretches to over 15 years of professional practice. He is able to perform diagnosis and treatments pertaining to conditions such as diabetes and skin ailments. He is well known to be effective in various cosmetic procedures such as Botox, Dermal Filling, and Laser Hair Removal and more information click here.


Who is Dr. Haque?

Dr. Haque graduated from Universidad Iberoamerican with a Bachelor Degree in Medicine. He later went for an Advanced Degree in Medicine at the University of Virginia. In college, Imran Haque had it in him the passion to help people suffering from various serious health conditions. After college, Haque got his license and went on to practice in North Carolina. At Horizon Internal Medicine, he is able to provide medical solutions to patients based on ultrasound and laboratory test results. Many patients come to the doctor for specific treatments.

Why Dr. Haque?

Many patients in North Carolina prefer Dr. Haque and Horizon Internal Medicine because of the following reasons:



  • The clinic is conveniently located in North Carolina and provides medical solutions to patients from Asheboro and the surrounding.
  • The Doctor is committed to providing quality and outstanding results.
  • The doctor is accredited and certified.
  • Haque is able to do treat a variety of diseases such as diabetes and skin ailments and what Imran Haque knows.

Generally, Imran is a committed medical practitioner who is experienced in different medical genres. He is very conversant with diverse cosmetic procedures such as Botox and Dermal Filling. In North Carolina, the doctor is highly respected and sought-after due to his experience and high success rate and Imran Haque’s lacrosse camp.

More Visit: https://www.sharecare.com/doctor/dr-imran-p-haque

SahmAdrangi’s Amazing career

SahmAdrangi founded Kerrisdale capital management in the year 2009; He serves in the firm as the chief investment officer. Adrangi is also a prolific author for short selling and publishing research and an activist. He has grown his hedge fund, Kerrisdale Capital, from one million dollars start-up to 200 million dollars investment house that is taking hedge fund activism into the social media age. Kerrisdale capital bet against companies and takes its case public.

Adrangi began his activist career by exposing fraudulent Chinese companies that found their way, onto the North American market by operating into already listed corporations. The fraud companies were the China Marine Food Group, Lihua International, and many others. Other Kerrisdale’s targets, include China Education Alliance and Education Corp, they became subject to enforcement actions by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Corporations recognize Adrangi for short selling and publishing research. Kerrisdale’s study investigates to correct broadly held misconceptions about fraudulent companies. Kerrisdale shares its research on its website and other social media platforms. Additionally, Mr. SahmAdrangi has focused the firm’s efforts on specific areas where Kerrisdale has improved expertise. The biotechnology sector, Kerrisdale has published research on development stage for Bavarian Nordic. Additionally, in the mining sector, Adrangi has called into an interrogation of the mining sights and market valuations of the First Majestic Silver and other resources companies.

Finally, Kerrisdale has published numerous reports on the telecommunications sector, sharing skeptical views on Globalstar. In 2014, Adrangi exposed weaknesses in Globalstar proposed Terrestrial Low Power Service in a live presentation, backed up by a series of articles. Over the years of Kerrisdale publishing research, Mr. Adrangi has taken an activist role in a lot of investments. He battled with Lindsay Corporation management to optimize the company’s cash deployment and capital allocation policies. Mr. Adrangi also started a substitute contest to succeed the directors of Morgans Hotel Group. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Yale University. His publications and research work have also featured in prominent media outlets such the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, the Washington Post and many other publications.

How Mark McKenna is Focused at Promoting Medical Aesthetic Care

The medical field is supplied with different personalities. Some of them have gone beyond the walls of medicine and maneuvered through the paths of entrepreneurship to establish brands that are transforming lives. Mark McKenna, the Founder and CEO of OVMI, an Atlanta based medical aesthetic Corporation, is an inspiring medical entrepreneur.

Looking at a recent interview he did with IdeaMensch, Mark laid clear everything about his journey in medicine and business. According to Mark, the dream to start OVMI was ideally conceived from his experience in the medical field. “The medical aesthetic sector is supplied with opportunities,” said McKenna in the interview. His typical day is a very normal only that what he does get to affect the lives of many.

He wakes up at 6:30 am and takes breakfast with his daughter. He arrives at the office at 8:00 pm and works till 6:00 pm before heading home for dinner. Mark enjoys meditation when at work and that’s how he is able to come up with business ideas. When asked in the interview of what excites him, Mark says, “Seen the smoking trends in America declining excites me.” Overall, Mark McKenna is a simple guy and real driver of the medical aesthetic entrepreneurial sector.

About Dr. Mark McKenna

Mark McKenna is an experienced medical doctor based in Georgia. He is licensed to practice medicine and surgery by the Boards of medical examiners of Georgia and Florida. Originally from the town of New Orleans, Mark went for his medical studies at Tulane University. After college, he joined his father to practice medicine as they also engaged in business simultaneously.

They launched McKenna Ventures, a real estate boutique firm. Mark steered the company to enormous growth. In 2007, he moved to Georgia and founded ShapeMed, a medical wellness firm. The company was bought by Life Time Fitness (LTF) in 2014 and Mark was offered a directors role. He worked at LTF until 2016 when she stepped down and founded OVMI in 2017.


Overall, Mark McKenna is an experienced medical doctor and business leader. Having founded and managed a number of firms, Mark is dedicated to making OVMI the best aesthetic consumer brand in the world.

His Twitter Profile: https://doctor.webmd.com/doctor/6271508/mark-mckenna-md-ratings

The Traveling Vineyard Gives New Meaning To “Wine Time”

We all need money, right? It’s how we survive. Typically, when we think of work, the word fun isn’t one of the first that comes to mind. For so many hard working adults, work consist fo the boring 9-5 grind, with minimal breaks and little room for advancement. But, what if there was a way you could still pay the bills, without the burnout?

Now more than ever, many are venturing into the world of entrepreneurship. The endless possibilities and income potential matched with the freedom of being your own boss is unexplainable. With all of the business ideas out there, it can be hard to choose which one is best for you and your lifestyle. One of the most popular reasons people experience with entrepreneurship is freedom. With that being said, choosing a career that will allow you to both enjoy, and reward yourself is essential to your success as an entrepreneur and more information click here.

A great way to start the selection process when searching for a new career is to spend time deciding what you truly love. Passion is one of the most helpful tools a business owner can have. The amount of passion you have in your business will be displayed in your presentation, and will also help in establishing a clientele and resume their.

For the millions of wine lovers around the world, there’s a new business sheriff in town. Traveling Vinyard offers wine lovers and business professionals an opportunity to combine their love for wine and business savvy to generate income. Unlike most sales jobs, Traveling Vineyard actually helps their consultants earn a living sharing their product with other, instead of selling. By simply introducing friends, family and co-workers to the wines offered by Traveling Vineyard consultants have the opportunity to create a reliable stream of passive income, while doing something they truly enjoy and learn more about Traveling Vineyard.

Founded in 2001, Traveling Vineyard currently has more than 5,000 independent consultants or wine guides. For a one-time fee, wine guides receive a Traveling Vineyard Success Kit that contains everything needed to get started, including ten bottles of wine for their first tasting. Interested parties have the opportunity to book an event with a wine guide of their choice, who will host a free in-home wine tasting, and spread the love of wine from the vineyard, right to your living room and Traveling Vineyard’s lacrosse camp.

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Omar Yunes’ Remarks During the 2015 BFW

Omar Yunes is a Mexican business mogul, serving as a franchisee of the Sushi Itto. This is a Japanese food service network. Since joining the franchise at the age of 21, he has watched and played a vital role in making this food service network, become a household name in the food industry. His role and presence are felt in the 13 franchises units he runs, that are situated in Mexico City, Veracruz, and Puebla. These units make up 10 % of the Sussi Itto total units.

Passion and dedication to this franchise business, has seen Omar’s business employ over 400 employees. One thing that keeps it moving and he believes in, is the right treatment of his employees. Therefore, he uses the right strategies to remunerate them. Consequently, the employees contribute by making it the best eatery business in Mexico City.

The efforts of the Sushi Itto employees did not go unnoticed, as Omar gave credit and honor to them. It was as a result of their diligent work and innovative nature. This was during the Best Franchise of the World (BFW) award. In its 2015 edition, Omar Yunes of the Sushi Itto franchise emerged the winner. This event was held at the city of Florence in Italy.

The BFW event was graced by competing leaders, of over 34 countries including; Argentina, France, Mexico, and Italy, among others. The winners of the award are required to fulfill various parameters, based on their effect on respective networks. These include the franchisee influence on their network, the motivation strategy used on employees, and how much savings they have executed. Moreover, there are other gauging parameters used to assess.They include; financial development, consumer loyalty, cleanliness, and nature of the staff.

Through Omar’s win, it’s clear that he knows how to develop his business financially. Additionally, the fact that he outperformed all the other candidates shows his enthusiasm in running the franchise, which is seen in the 13 established units in a short time.

Visit his website: http://omaryunessays.com/

Talos Energy Contribution Towards Helping the Mexican Oil Sector

Mexico has recently shown intent in allowing foreign investors back into its energy industry. Three foreign companies Talos Energy, Sierra Oil and Premier Oil, began joint oil drilling activities in May. The three companies are from Houston, London, and Mexico respectively. This also marked the first time in about eight decades that a private company has sunk an oil well in Mexican waters. The joint venture is the first of its kind launched by a party other than the state-run Petroleos Mexicanos.

The new well (Zama) is located in Sureste Basin and is estimated to contain between 100-500 million crude oil barrels. This was according to Premier Oil’s statement. The company expected to spend $16 million on the drilling that was expected to take three months to complete. It was in 2015 that the three firms won prospecting rights after Mexico decided to bail out the collapsing oil sector. The ailing industry’s only way out was to hand it over to private investors.

According to experts, the new well takes center stage of its importance in the energy reform process that is taking place in Mexico. Based on the basin’s structure, the project can be described as one with a high geological probability of success. As it is Talos, Sierra and Premier hold a 35%, 40% and 25% stake respectively. The project is seen to be a momentous one in the oil industry this year.

About Talos Energy

Talos Energy is an American gas and oil exploration company that operates in the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast. It was founded in 2012 by current President and CEO Timothy Duncan. He founded Talos with an equity raise of $600 million from Apollo Global Management and Riverstone Holdings.

The company boasts of a workforce of 120 employees, 60 of these being field operators and the rest Houston-based professionals. Talos has been recognized as having one of the best workplaces in among the local small businesses. This is owed to facilities such as on-site day care and happy hours on Friday. Talos also has part of its equity in the hands of its employees.

Adam Milstein’s Philanthropic Activities

Adam Milstein is among the top pro-Israel philanthropists with his experience in the non-profit and for-profit for years. Adam is a native of Haifa born in 1952. Therefore, Israel is his roots and runs in his veins. He joined Israeli Defense Forces and took part in the Yom Kippur War. After his graduation from Technion with a BS in Business and Economics degree, Milstein and his wife, Gila, moved to the U.S in 1981 where he further studies at the University of Southern California in business school and more information click here.

Adam Milstein then established himself as a prominent real estate investment manager in Los Angeles. He worked as a sales agent at Hager Pacific Properties for commercial real estate properties. Years later after hard work, Adam Milstein became a managing partner of the company. Moreover, Milstein is a philanthropist who cares about the society. Therefore, the Milstein couple founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation to deliver charitable services to organizations that offer help to the community.

They also donate to organizations that work to give Jewish people self-determination and strengthen Israel and the US-Israel relationship. Milstein has built himself as a humanitarian which has increased his expertise in partnership development, consulting and supporting programs that advocate for Jewish education and Adam’s lacrosse camp.

The Milstein Foundation does not only donate cash but also give significant attention, time and expertise to the organization’s’ program and any project they have partnered with in business. Adam Milstein mainly focuses on life path impact, effective philanthropy, and humanitarian synergy principles to engage his target audience throughout their lives and his Twitter.

Through his love for the state of Israel and the Jewish people, Adam Milstein formed the Israeli-American Council where he currently serves as the chairman. The council serves over half a million Israeli-Americans in the philanthropic globe. The Israeli-American Council also helps the next generation Israelites in America link to their roots through studying their culture and learning Hebrew, their national language and learn more about Adam.

Adam Milstein has won many awards such as he was recognized among the 200 most influential philanthropists in the world in April 2017. Adam Milstein is passionate about helping the society achieve happiness and https://www.crunchbase.com/person/adam-milstein#/entity.

Rodrigo Terpins- The Rally Driver

Rodrigo Terpins is a popular Brazilian Rally driver, and a sibling to the high scholar and famous rally drive Michel Terpins. Mr. Rodrigo himself, a highly successful rally driver has accomplished five Sertoes rallies at the age of forty years. He began his ambitions for sports and high speed at a very young age. This can be attributed to him being born in a family of sportsmen. His father, Jack Terpins is also another fortunate basketball player who is recognized by many people and he is the president of Maccabi Latin American Confederation and Latin American Jewish Council.

This success in the family is what has motivated Rodrigo to pursue his driving career and making him a household name in Brazil rally championships. He has been able to trounce his opponent which has become a routine than luck. Rodrigo races for the famous Tea Bull Sertoes Rally Team, where his brother Michel Terpins is a figure to reckon with.

Rodrigo and his brother have been in the race for the last four seasons driving the T-Rex, a special vehicle that was specifically developed for them by MEM Motorsport organization. Mr. Rodrigo Terpins has another passion in the T1 prototype category which he admits has on various occasions made him to still retain his passion in rallies.

Rodrigo and his brother Michel successfully participated and completed the recently held 22nd Sertoes Rally championship that covered an overall distance of 2600 km which took them to more than two states. This included seven diverse and different courses that are specially made to test competitor’s physical agility as well as the ability for dynamics. Rodrigo and his brothers’ team finished on the third place in this race, and they were positioned eighth out of all the 38 competitors who took part in this race

Because of his inability to compete in the recently concluded Cuesta off-road championship, Rodrigo has vowed to his fans not to miss the next rally and hopefully he will team up with his brother to deliver a crushing win. He feels that his career is on the right track and he will try to balance between family and career and give out his best. Visit his Facebook page for more.