Rodrigo Terpins- The Rally Driver

Rodrigo Terpins is a popular Brazilian Rally driver, and a sibling to the high scholar and famous rally drive Michel Terpins. Mr. Rodrigo himself, a highly successful rally driver has accomplished five Sertoes rallies at the age of forty years. He began his ambitions for sports and high speed at a very young age. This can be attributed to him being born in a family of sportsmen. His father, Jack Terpins is also another fortunate basketball player who is recognized by many people and he is the president of Maccabi Latin American Confederation and Latin American Jewish Council.

This success in the family is what has motivated Rodrigo to pursue his driving career and making him a household name in Brazil rally championships. He has been able to trounce his opponent which has become a routine than luck. Rodrigo races for the famous Tea Bull Sertoes Rally Team, where his brother Michel Terpins is a figure to reckon with.

Rodrigo and his brother have been in the race for the last four seasons driving the T-Rex, a special vehicle that was specifically developed for them by MEM Motorsport organization. Mr. Rodrigo Terpins has another passion in the T1 prototype category which he admits has on various occasions made him to still retain his passion in rallies.

Rodrigo and his brother Michel successfully participated and completed the recently held 22nd Sertoes Rally championship that covered an overall distance of 2600 km which took them to more than two states. This included seven diverse and different courses that are specially made to test competitor’s physical agility as well as the ability for dynamics. Rodrigo and his brothers’ team finished on the third place in this race, and they were positioned eighth out of all the 38 competitors who took part in this race

Because of his inability to compete in the recently concluded Cuesta off-road championship, Rodrigo has vowed to his fans not to miss the next rally and hopefully he will team up with his brother to deliver a crushing win. He feels that his career is on the right track and he will try to balance between family and career and give out his best. Visit his Facebook page for more.

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