Samuel Strauch Forward Thinking Real Estate Expert

Samuel Strauch is a dynamic and successful real estate expert based out of Miami Beach, Florida. He has extensive experience in successful real estate acquisition, brokerage and management. His ever curious mind contributes to his well rounded real estate perspective. While Samuel is a well versed real estate expert, he also has a wide variety of personal and professional experiences. These experiences allow Samuel to provide exceptional guidance and perspective to his clients.

Samuel Strauch began his career in banking, and later joined his family’s real estate company where he first developed his real estate skills. In 2002, Samuel founded a company with a focus on real estate in South America and Florida. In this capacity he learned valuable entrepreneurial skills and was also responsible for integrating a number of complementary platforms into his business. The business is still operational and profitable. For the last fifteen years Samuel Strauch has worked at Metrik Real Estate, headquartered in Miami Beach, Florida.

With a curious mind and a passion for learning, Samuel Strauch has also embarked on numerous endeavors, which contribute to his personal and professional success. He is an active investor in many web technologies. He founded a self development company, called, which is a social site that connects individuals to learning and self development. He has also invested in a number of restaurants.

In his personal life, Samuel Strauch has a keen interest in art work. He also considers himself to be an avid photographer. He is a health advocate who enjoys recreational cycling as well as personal meditation. Samuel is enthusiastic about living an active and engaging lifestyle and wants to use his many areas of expertise to supplement human growth and development. As he once said, “even the smallest actions have the potential to become the biggest sources of positive change”. There is no doubt that Samuel uses his actions, both big and small, to bring about enormous change in his many areas of expertise.

A master of many crafts, Samuel Strauch is a lifelong student with many year’s of real estate expertise. His many personal and professional accomplishments separate him from his peers and allow him to provide real estate advise that is well rounded and based on many levels of experience. He is a sought out industry expert, who will unequivocally provide valuable insight and experience into any real estate deal. Samuel Strauch has a positive record of successful experiences, which make him an asset to any real estate project.



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