Securus Technologies Providing New Solutions

Securus Technologies is known for providing answers, affording solutions and helping people. Many of the accolades they receive comes from their work with and service to such arenas as, corrections facilities, public safety departments and law enforcement agencies. This latest tool, ConnectUs, provides a more efficient and effective process for both administrators and corrections facility staff as well as the inmates they oversee.
The announcement of ConnectUs Automated Forms and Grievance Application, details many of the uses for this new platform. Inmate forms and grievance applications can now be processed using this Securus tool, which makes for less paperwork and quicker data entry among other benefits for Corrections facility staff.
Inmates can use ConnectUs to communicate with facility management and administration in a manner that is simpler, and more efficient. This should mean better response times and more efficiency in the communications process between inmates and the staff.
Once again, Securus Technologies finds a solution that benefits everyone involved, and proves that technology can be used in practical, everyday ways that make communication better, work flow more efficient and saves time. With more than 1 million inmates served by Securus, not including the benefits to their friends and families, and over 3 thousand agencies using Securus, this technology solutions provider continues to deliver.
Without ever sacrificing the security required in dealing with such industries as the corrections field, Securus has provided quality products that save time, money, energy and effort while creating newer and better ways to get things done. That is reflected in the ConnectUs platform, and is an example of Securus continually working to make life better, for everyone.

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