Susan Mcgalla; The Successful Corporate Woman

In the past days, almost everything that involved generation of income was in the arena of men. Women were supposed to service the domestic duties, take care of the man, and bring up the kids. That’s what encompassed a real woman. Her success was limited to her homestead. However, over time, things started changing, and women ventured into other activities including the business. Truth be told, it was not a walk in the park. They faced many challenges like pay inequality for similar jobs with men and also the lack of boardroom representation. Fortunately for them, their efforts were never put off. They struggled to climb the ladder and after long enough, they have partially achieved their dream thanks to the government and non-government organizations.


In the modern world today, there exist several women who can stand up and claim to have made it to the top in their careers. However, a great lot of them have not only failed to get there but also lack the practical know-how to succeed. There still exists significant challenges and drawbacks towards this initiative. Luckily, these nagging and recurrent problems have been previously addressed at length by relevant agencies.


Despite these drawbacks, some women have managed to keep focused as they climb the ranks of their careers. They are powerful and have defied all odds to get to their current positions. They have proven to be effective leaders who handle every big or minute challenge that crosses their paths to fulfillment. It is widely known that women possess unique personalities that allow them to exceed men by taking up varying roles at their places of work. With their aptitude for growth, some of these women are hallmarks in the world of the men, the corporate world. They have taken up leadership posts in large corporations and even built their own enterprises.


It is currently known for a fact that there now exist women with power in the business world and much more making their way up various career ranks. Business has been the battlefield for men for far too long now. However, the pendulum is now swinging the other way. Women are not only venturing into it but are also doing more and succeeding. Susan McGalla has been at the forefront in this transition. She stands out as a role model for many other women. She possesses unique and essential skills that enable her to be objectively effective in her managerial position.


Susan McGalla is excellent at creating meaningful business relationships and networks, a skill that has set her apart from the rest in the corporate world. Through this, she can inform, convince and persuade clients on her way to success. Her exemplary performance has made her earn trust, which is essential in every business.

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