The Making of a Career: Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison is widely regarded as one of the best attorneys in the country. The former clerk to Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun has an academic background in both law and journalism, and has used her superior intellectual skills to build a successful career as a justice attorney. Though the road to her current success has been full of the ups and downs one would expect to accompany success of this magnitude, Morrison is known for her perseverance and willingness to complete the work she has committed to. This commitment has led to a career that has been described as one of the most successful and noble careers of any attorney in the political arena.

Helane Morrison began her career as a journalism major at Northwestern University. Morrison excelled as a student and soon put her journalism experience to good use when she was accepted to law school at the University of California, Berkeley. The law student used her journalism education to successfully operate as the editor of the University of California, Berkeley law review, which is a notable accomplishment for any law student. Morrison completed her law education with high accolades in 1987 and was admitted to the California state bar.

Morrison officially began her non-academic legal career by obtaining a coveted position as a legal clerk for the United States Court of Appeals. After excelling at this position, she was selected for the position of legal clerk for a Supreme Court Justice. During her time as a supreme court clerk, Morrison discovered a desire to work in a legal field that she believed would aid individuals who were faced with injustice or ineptitude. It was during this time that Morrison began to create plans to develop her own practice with the specific target of assisting with the needs of these individuals.

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