The Many Achievements and Accomplishments of Michael Zomber

Update on September 1st, 2016:
Rebecca’s Reads blog reviewed Michael Zomber’s latest book. She notes the historical accuracy, as well as interesting nature of the subject matter Zomber has chosen. Read the review for yourself here.

Michael Zomber has a long list of accomplishments including being a published author and documentary filmmaker. Above and beyond everything else though Michael Zomber has a definitive passion for being an antique weapons collector. Michael’s passion can be seen evidently throughout his published books as well as the documentary films that he has produced under his production company known as Renascent Films. Let’s take a closer look at some of the accomplishments and achievements Michael has obtained and received throughout his career.

As an author, Michael currently has five publications available in print and another one coming soon. The publications written by Michael Zomber that are currently available in print on Amazon, include “Jesus and the Samurai”, “Sweet Betsy That’s Me”, “Park Avenue”, ” Shogun Iemitsu” and “A Son of Kentucky”. His next publication that is in the works and will be released soon is titled “Soul of the Samurai”. This publication will take a journey through Einstein and Newtonian based physics and tell a story of six young individuals from countries around the world that are united by their passion for Zen Buddhism and the Samurai Culture.

Aside from being an author, Michael is also the owner and founder of Renascent Films. Michael along with his wife helped to create the production company back in 1998. Since inception, they have helped to support many different independent producers with not only technical expertise but also financing. Some of the productions made under the Renascent Films brand include “Literary Riot”, “Deep Sea Diving”, “LA Cucaracha”, and “Soul of the Samurai”.

Throughout Michael’s career, he has appeared regularly on documentaries and TV series spreading his knowledge and expertise surrounding ancient Samurai arms and armor.  Read more about Michael on CrunchBase.

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