The Service of Goettl

The hot summer heat can be really difficult for dogs. That is why the Las Vegas-based Goettl Air Conditioning has put together a list of recommendations for keeping your pet cool. First, keep their paws off the heat absorbing cement, asphalt, and truck beds. Second, make sure your dog has his or her rubbed with a good coating of pet-safe sunscreen at least 30 minutes before going outside. Third, keep your pet groomed for maximum circulation. Fourth, make absolutely sure your pet has constant access to cool, clean drinking water.

Fifth, Goettl says to give them a doggie pool to help them both have fun, but also to stay both hydrated and cool. Sixth, hot summer heat often tends to make antifreeze leak from cars. Make sure to keep your pet from drinking it since doing so is detrimental to their health.

In general, make sure you keep Goettl’s tips in mind to keep your pets cool.

Goettl Air Conditioning was founded by Gust and Adam Goettl in 1968. In 2013, Ken Goodrich bought the previously Arizona-based company and moved its headquarters to Las Vegas, his hometown. It was here that Goodrich had been raised, assisting his air conditioner repairman father.

One of the many things his father taught him about air conditioning was a deep and abiding respect for the Goettl product. Mr. Goodrich also instilled in his son a life-long commitment to helping his clients both night and day. And it is this ethic that Ken has instilled in his company. It is a commitment to go beyond what even the clients expect from you. Its services include full installation of just about anything involved with the air conditioning and heating system. Goettl boasts great customer service, a guarantee of 24/7 response, and a guarantee of complete satisfaction.

Goettl Air Conditioning specializes in anything involving both residential and commercial HVAC services. They can make sure you are kept cool all throughout the hot summer months. They will do repairs, installations, replacements, and/or maintenance. But that isn’t all. They will also make absolutely sure you stay warm during those cold months, whether this means maintaining or repairing furnaces, heat pumps, or in-floor heating systems. They will also deal with the air quality in your home to ensure that it is free of disease or allergy inducing pollutants. To this end, is girded with all of the necessary equipment and services to accomplish this. This includes a full ductwork cleaning service that will inspect and repair any places in the ductwork that leak cool and warm air.

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