Why Aspiring Actors or Models Should Join Nine9 the UnAgency

Since 2003, Nine9 the UnAgency has been focusing on developing local talent. The company helps aspiring models and actors to succeed in the highly competitive entertainment industry. The company provides these emerging acts with tools, opportunities, and professional support to advance their careers.

Over the last 12 years, Nine9 Talent Agency has gained national recognition for its casting services. The company invites applications from talented individuals. After joining Nine9, you will benefit from the company’s state-of-the-art technologies and competent staff. Nine9’s professional team have over ten years of experience in building client relationships and booking. This team also treats customers with respect as a way of adhering to Nine9’s code of conduct.

Nine9’s staff also works tirelessly to ensure that new talents receive acting and modeling castings. The company is also affiliated with specialists in the entertainment industry. This affiliation enables aspiring actors and models to get opportunities. The opportunities revolve around promotional, music video, print, and runway castings.

Success Stories

Bobby L is one of the talented individuals who have benefited from Nine9’s talent management services. Before joining the company, Bobby was passionate about singing. He tried registering with casting companies with no lack. Nine9 saw his potential after he applied to join the company’s talent management program.

Steven H also got lots of acting gigs after he joined the company’s program. He got the opportunity to star in a local film. He was also featured as a host of a local TV show. Steven is grateful for Nine9’s talent management services. Just like Steven, Aliyah S also benefits from the services. As a model, the company has linked her to experienced photographers like Greg Daniels. She has also participated in several commercial photo shoots. These shoots have opened doors for her professional modeling career.


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